I Found A Planet

Chapter 491 - Total Metamorphosis

Chapter 491 Total Metamorphosis

Soon, Chen Jin arrived at the designated mission venue after beheading several spirit beasts with Foundation-level cultivation and successfully obtaining the moon mountain stone. At the same time, he had also obtained medium-grade magical artifacts. It could be considered that he had completed his mission.

“I can finally leave the Zone of Trials ground, that pool at the cliff feels like a lifetime ago,” Chen Jin could not help but sigh ruefully.

When Chen came out of the Zone, he once again encountered the disciple in charge of the Zone.

“Greetings, fellow brother,” Chen Jin turned towards the other party and slightly cupped his hands in obeisance.

“I, Xie Yumeng, have been standing guard here for more than three years. I have seen more than thousands who have entered the Zone of Trials. It is not an easy thing for most to return safely. Not only have you returned safely, but your cultivation has also improved slightly. It seems like you are someone with great fortune, “Xie Yu click his tongue in wonder.

“Heh heh, fellow brother, you might not know but I had many a narrow escape. It is only because of Heaven’s blessings that I managed o escape unscathed, I will live nine lives. I simply retreated from the sky to get rid of my whole body. Now, I have reaped a few rewards, but they are nothing to brag about.” Chen Jin forced a laugh and said, “I got some medicinal herbs from the Zone; I’ll just give them to you, I hope you won’t look down on them. ”

As Chen Jin spoke, he took out one strand of Dragon’s Beard from his storage sack and handed it over.

Xie Yumeng’s eyes suddenly brightened, he said, “Pardon my greed” and took the herb.

“Since you are so generous, as your fellow disciple, I can’t be stingy. I have a set of tips on breaking through the Foundation phase. Take it as a gift for our first meeting,” With a wave of his hand, a handwritten letter flew towards Chen Jin.

Chen Jin gave this thanks and grabbed the letter with a stretch of his hand. He put it into the storage sack.

After a short period of effort, Chen Jin returned to the mission office for the external disciples.

“Fellow brother, I’ve come to submit my task,” Chen Jin cupped one of his fists in a sign of respect to the youth.

“Ah, you’re not slow at all. You’ve completed the task in such a short time. It seems that there will be another genius among the ranks of the inner disciples,” the young man said while helping Chen Jin submit his task. The youth also instructed the servant to take out a set of garments for the inner disciples which he handed to Chen Jin.

Chen Jin took the inner disciples’ garments and said, “It was just a fluke.”

The two of them exchanged a few words briefly before Chen Jin left the mission office for external disciples and returned to the stone house.

In the ordinary course of events, Chen Jin could move to a better place to live since he was now an inner but Chen Jin didn’t care about it. After all, he just didn’t pay much attention to where he lived before registering for his new status.

“Nuwa, has the practice method been created?” Chen Jin counted the time, three days had already passed and the practice method should have been created.

“Master, it has been created,” as Nuwa spoke, the information was uploaded to Chen Jin’s chip through quantum entanglement technology.

“Hmm, not bad.” Chen Jin did not go through the practice method but said, “Go to the base and expand the output of the spirit stones. I have a severe shortage of spirit stones on my side.”

“Yes, Master,” Nuwa was in the palm-sized transmission device, and it was very convenient to go back to the base.

Chen Jin had a good night’s rest. The work during the last few days had been too intense. He would collapse without rest.

Chen Jin got up early the next day. He got the robots to bring an exquisite breakfast from the base. Chen Jin absent-mindedly ate a little and started cultivating.

Nuwa had mixed numerous cultivation practice methods to created one set of methods. This practice method that resulted from the amalgamation of various practice methods suited Chen Jin’s cultivation very well. To others, this practice method might have varying levels of defects, but it was suitable for Chen Jin.

“Let’s try it!”

As he ran the practice method, his magic power slowly nourished his physical body with the help of both heavenly and earthly spiritual energy. At the same time, the magic in his body was also slowly increasing. The magic that was dispelled was fed back into the body. Although the two aspects were working on two different tasks at the same time, they did not interfere with each other.

Grr grr grr

Spiritual energy was increasing in his body, and it gradually formed a stream of air which flowed along Chen Jin’s sturdy meridian channels. Like a current of water, the spiritual energy trickled all over the body’s acupuncture points. The actions of the magic power could be likened to mending a bridge. The magic filled all the gaps and overcome the weaknesses in the body where the spiritual energy had flowed through but could not precisely correct or repair in time.

The time taken for this process was not very long. About an hour later, after Chen Jin had been infused with spiritual energy and magic at the same time, his muscles and bones were fully tempered, like how pig iron was forged into steel. The changes were tremendous. However, his skin had become gleaming and translucent, emitting a jade-like glow.

The magic flowed through his body for an unknown number of cycles. His body shook, and Chen Jin felt as if he had broken through a bottleneck, then he felt a wave of relaxation.

Looking inward, he found that a mass of magic without the attributes of any element had been created in his lower abdomen, this new mass of magic was right beside the seat of the magic that was aligned to the wood element. According to Nuwa, it was a type of magic that was the closest to the original power of the immortal world. Although it was very weak for now, it was still much stronger than other types of magic of a similar level. Moreover, even though this magic power had just been cultivated, its purity was in the ranks of the top-grade magic. Compared to his previous magic power, it was so much purer.

After his introspection, Chen Jin opened his eyes and felt extremely uncomfortable. His skin was sticky and it was accompanied by a faint stench that was emanating from his body. He didn’t know when this happened, but he was covered from head to toe in a layer of jet black and viscous filth–the toxins expelled from Chen Jin’s body. This was a metamorphosis inside and out.

The Earth Chen Jin was no stranger to total metamorphosis. He had already experienced it once. Perhaps it was because this Chen Jin was a newborn body, which was the reason why the effects of this metamorphosis were not so obvious.

Smelling the stench and looking at the dark layer of filth, Chen Jin couldn’t bear it any longer. He went to the newly renovated bathroom and turned on the warm water. He sighed in relief while taking a bath.

“It seems that my ideas work. By amalgamating the strengths of hundreds of schools of thought, the resulting practice method is incomparably powerful. The results from cultivating according to the method that is customized for me cannot be compared to the universal practice methods meant for everyone to use.” Chen Jin was somewhat gratified. At the same time, he was proud of his wise decision, “Hehe, when the other me was cultivating my Qi, I was never so powerful. The other me was wiped out after some having sex with Guo Yan just a few times.”

Soon, Chen Jin had finished cleaning himself up. It was only now that Chen Jin discovered how his muscles were as sparking and translucent as jade and as smooth and shiny as a mirror. The dark circles from not sleeping for the past few days had disappeared. At this point, it was like he had returned to the moment when he had just come out of the nursery room. His skin was even smoother than it was before.

The two masses of magic, one large and one small, were no longer colliding as fiercely as they did in the beginning. Although they were still very distinct from each other, they could get along quietly, like the yin-yang fish intersecting with each other.

If this scene was witnessed by outsiders, they would be astounded. The magic cultivated by everyone was a murky mix. Even the top-grade magic powers were mixtures of several attributes. Unless the cultivator possessed a celestial root, which had pure attributes from only one element; only then would the cultivator have magic with pure attributes. But even for those with a celestial root, they could only cultivate one type of magic with its corresponding pure attributes. They had no qualities to cultivate the second type of magic power.

Also, the magic created by Chen Jin, according to the cultivation practice method customized by Nuwa, had no attributes and was not aligned to any element.

This was the scariest thing.

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