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Chapter 490 - Inheritance Stele of Fuel and Fire

Chapter 490 Inheritance Stele of Fuel and Fire

“Not good,” Chen Jin said softly. The expensive and scarce Dragon’s Beard instantly covered the entire submarine. Chen Jin and that small amount of sludge were also covered by the Dragon’s Beard.

In the end, it was the robots who cleared the Dragon’s Beard and pulled Chen Jin out.

Chen Jin scrutinized the Dragon’s Beard in his hand while he pulled out the Dragon’s Beard that he found beside the pool. Good fellow. The Dragon’s Beard grown from the sludge was more than five times larger than the ones he found beside the pool.

Although he still didn’t know what this sludge was, at least he knew that its effects were much stronger than spirit soil. With this sludge, he wouldn’t have to fear that he would run out medicinal ingredients. As long as he had the seeds or even a root, he would be able to cultivate a large number of plants using this sludge. Besides the excessive use of spirit stones, the advantages of this sludge were obvious.

Chen Jin made up his mind that he would get his hands on all the sludge.

“If you could not bear to sacrifice your child, you wouldn’t have a chance of trapping the wolf.” Chen Jin gritted his teeth and threw all the top-grade spirit stones from his storage ring into the sludge at the bottom of the pool. But the spirit stones that fell into the mud were sucked dry in an instant and turned white. More than 20,000 top-grade spirit stones and he still couldn’t see a wisp of spiritual energy remaining.

There was no other way. The spirit stones were still far from enough. Chen Jin could only remotely control the robots to return to the base at Haierfa and fetch all the spirit stones.

He saw a small mountain of spirit stones appearing on top of the sludge with a loud rumble. According to the robots’ report, there were more than 200,000 top-grade spirit stones. He had no other way if this was still not enough.

Because there were too many spirit stones, the speed at which the sludge absorbed the spiritual energy was slower than before. The mountain of spirit stone gradually turned white. After about six hours, the last spirit stone had been completely absorbed. Chen Jin cleared away all these junk spirit stones and the sludge was revealed again. Although it did not suck up spiritual energy like the little amount of sludge did before, it also would not cleanly absorb the spiritual energy instantaneously like in the beginning. The sludge did not even absorb spiritual energy from the two medium-grade spirit stones that Chen Jin threw into the water. The sludge only absorbed the top-grade spirit stones that were thrown on it and at a slow rate.

It seemed that it was not dangerous anymore. Chen Jin operated the robotic arm to carry the sludge, scoop by scoop, into the submarine. After a while, the jelly-like sludge was piled up across half of the submarine. The weight of the sludge seemed to be in the range of tens of thousands of tons. Chen Jin raised his hand and collected all the sludge into the storage ring. This was a rare treasure, but when Chen Jin thought about the two or three top-grade spirit stones that he was left with, his heart couldn’t help but cramp in pain. It was fortunate that the scale of the production of spirit stones at the base had expanded a lot. It should be possible to produce the number of spirit stones he had used today in a year or two.

After emptying all the sludge, the land that was covered by the sludge was exposed. There was an incomprehensible pattern on the ground and in the middle of the pattern was a sign. The sign was not part of the pattern, it was a plaque that was embedded into the ground.

Soon after, Chen Jin lifted the plaque and scrutinized it. It was not made of gold or wood and it looked light and graceful, but it was really heavy. Chen Jin was struggling to hold it up.

It was not a weight brought about by a dense volume; the weight was a responsibility entrusted by the meaning on the plaque.

The plaque instantly sent a message to Chen Jin, “It’s so heavy because you don’t know what kind of responsibility it is. Once you understand, it will be the weight of responsibility that you feel.”

The “Inheritance Stele of Fuel and Fire” did not need to be understood. When Chen Jin understood the words on the front of the plaque, the weight of the plaque disappeared without a trace.

It turned out that this tiny plaque was a stele. Chen Jin turned over the “Inheritance Stele of Fuel and Fire.” The back was engraved with a dense and endless script. The text was extremely small, like micro-carvings. He used all his eye power and looked closely at the script, which was an article of cultivation method.

This script was not part of the current texts that existed in the immortal world, it was something that Chen Jin had never seen before. But since the “Inheritance Stele of Fuel and Fire” had passed a message onto Chen Jin, he could now understand the text.

This was a cultivation method for cultivating “wood” attributes. The cultivation method was completely different from the mainstream cultivation method used in the immortal world. It was simply unimaginable. He could use various plants to cultivate his magic power, immortal power, his soul, and even his body. After cultivating to a very high level of success with this method, his body and soul would have powers of recovery and regeneration just like plants. His magic power and immortal power would also be able to regenerate like a plant, even reaching a point where they were inexhaustible. When he had cultivated to a perfect stage, he could even revive himself by dripping blood.

What shocked Chen Jin, even more, was that there were five such Inheritance Steles of Fuel and Fire. He had the one for cultivating “wood” attributes but there were others for gold, water, fire, and earth. There was a cultivation practice method on each stele. One could even cultivate using all five practice methods at the same time, allowing one to reach an incredible state.

Chen Jin calmed his emotions, and the submarine rose under the control of the built-in intelligent system. Chen Jin began to cultivate using this method.

This exercise method was called the Five Elements of Certain Survival or Execution of Wood Circulation. He had to swallow raw elixirs as he was cultivating, then run the essence of the wood properties in the elixir in his body according to the practice method for one cycle. Then, he had to swallow the elixir and run the cycle back and forth.

This was a practice that got more and more costly towards the end. In the early stages, swallowing some low-end elixirs was sufficient. In the later stages, he would need to swallow some heavenly elixir for the effects to occur. Fortunately, the only quantity was required, varieties did not need to be taken into account, which made things much easier for Chen Jin.

After taking a mouthful of the Dragon’s Beard, Chen Jin began to cultivate. He didn’t need to absorb spirit stones. He could only get the essence of the plants to transform himself all around. As he ran through the practice method, Chen Jin felt the power of the plant flow into his limbs and bones. After one cycle of running the method, the Dragon’s Beard that he had consumed had been thoroughly digested without a remaining trace in his stomach.

Seeing that the transformation effects of the Execution of Wood Circulation were so obvious, Chen Jin quickly and efficiently ate a whole Dragon’s Beard plant. He ate until his stomach swelled and he could eat no more, then he started cultivating.

After running the cycle for few more times, Chen Jin’s belly flattened. His Qi cultivation that was at the fourth level was imbued with a slight spiritual power that had a wooden nature. Although his cultivation level did not increase, the purity of his magic power had increased a lot.

Originally, Chen Jin’s magic power could only be regarded as “condensed” but not pure. Now the purity of the magic power in Chen Jin’s body had reached the medium grade of magic powers.

Magic power was divided into three grades – top, middle, and lower. The lower class magic power was the most spotty. The magic power cultivated from ordinary grade practice methods was a lower grade. Those cultivated from mortal grade practice methods were medium grade, those cultivated from land grade practice methods were top-grade. Lastly, only by cultivating using a heavenly grade practice method could one’s magic power be considered perfect. As for the Magic Power of Heavenly Law in legends, no one had ever cultivated it.

The submarine ascended as Chen Jin slowly cultivated.

The submarine was extremely fast when it descended, but it was much slower when it ascended. Chen Jin surfaced after three days.

He exhaled a stale breath and fiercely took in a breath of fresh air. The stuffiness of these past few days was too much. However, despite the difficulty, Chen Jin felt that it was worthwhile. His Qi cultivation had reached the fifth level. Besides leaving one Dragon’s Beard plant for other purposes, he had consumed all of them. His body’s recovery ability had been greatly improved. His healing speed was much faster than before. His previous magic power was about to be completely transformed into magic power with “wood” attributes, and its purity level had reached the peak level of medium grade magic power. Expending a lot of time and resources also meant that the rewards were huge.

Chen Jin took out the recording tool and prepared to collect some treasure to complete his task. Then, he could go back.

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