I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 626 - Caught in the Middle!

Chapter 626: Caught in the Middle!

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Ao Qing instantly turned into a dragon and disappeared on the spot with a dragon’s roar.

After Dao Yan used the escape technique, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Moreover, after he was far away from Zhou Feng, he felt that his slow head was slowly recovering.

As expected, it was because he was close to Zhou Feng, the person who was entangled by karma, that he became a little retarded.

After understanding this point, Dao Yan’s expression became somewhat ugly.

Clearly, nothing went according to his expectations.

“Time! I still need time!”

Dao Yan was even more anxious because the Seven Star Compass was still being refined.

In order to avoid any accidents, he needed to continue stalling for time.

He absolutely could not let Zhou Feng get close to the refining location of the Seven Star Compass. Otherwise, under the entanglement of karma, the refinement of the Seven Star Compass would inevitably fail.

This kind of thing had happened before. The previous Sect Leader of the Seven Star Pavilion had experienced this kind of thing.

When the time came, not only would all the refinement materials disappear, but he would also have to shoulder another portion of karmic debt.

This was simply a loss that he could bear.

“He came so quickly!?”

However, just as Dao Yan heaved a sigh of relief, his pupils immediately contracted because he sensed Zhou Feng’s aura.

Zhou Feng appeared in front of Dao Yan in the blink of an eye.

What made him even more desperate was that Ao Qing’s aura also followed closely behind.

That kind of insufferably arrogant aura descended from the sky.

Ao Qing glanced at the expressionless Zhou Feng and Dao Yan, and her expression became a little more serious.

The sound of a sword resounded through the sky, and the sword aura full of vitality turned into a cage.

All of a sudden, Zhou Feng and Dao Yan were trapped.

“That was fast!”

Although it seemed easy for Ao Qing to catch up with Zhou Feng and Dao Yan, she almost could not keep up with Zhou Feng.

When Zhou Feng disappeared, it was extremely sudden. Other than the Longevity Steps’ backlash, their effect were no different from teleportation.

If she had lost him just now, then she would have lost a lot of face.

Therefore, in order to prevent such a situation from happening again, Ao Qing chose to strike first.

She immediately set up a sword formation!

The incomparably sharp Sword Qi seemed to have turned into tens of thousands of azure rays of light, shining in all directions.

Zhou Feng was the first to bear the brunt, and Dao Yan seemed to be doing it in passing.

‘This kind of vitality…;’

Zhou Feng raised his eyebrows. He actually felt astonishing vitality from this sharp Sword Qi.

This kind of vitality seemed to be somewhat similar to the longevity substances.

However, he did not say much. With a sweep of his fist, he directly used pure power to shatter everything.

Dao Yan suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

That was because Zhou Feng’s punch just now was directed at him.

The most fatal thing was that this kind of physical power made Dao Yan’s illusion avatar useless.

It clearly looked like Ao Qing and Zhou Feng were fighting each other, but at this moment, it looked like the two of them were ganging up on Dao Yan.


At that moment, the only thought in Dao Yan’s mind was to run quickly.

He could see now that neither Zhou Feng nor Ao Qing intended to let him go.

Moreover, the most desperate thing was that he did not have the ability to resist these two people at all.

They were pure monsters. He could not afford to offend them.

“Seven Star Escape Art!”

Dao Yan’s eyes were bloodshot as he formed a dao seal with his hands.

A blood-red star quietly appeared in the nine heavens, and a blood shadow hovered in the sky.

Dao Yan was forced to use the escape technique forcefully. He even burned his own blood essence for this.


Zhou Feng followed with a relaxed expression.

He took a Longevity Step, and the longevity substances forcefully pulled his body.

Ao Qing’s face darkened.

Compared to Dao Yan and Zhou Feng, her moving technique was not that outstanding.

Most importantly, these two had a way of restraining their auras. When they concealed their auras, she could only rely on her powerful spiritual sense to barely catch up.

“Damn it!”

At this time, Ao Qing had already discarded the contempt in her heart. She absolutely could not continue playing.

Dao Yan used the escape technique twice and forcefully came to the bottom of the sea.

“This time… there shouldn’t be any problems, right!?”

Without waiting for him to heave a sigh of relief, Zhou Feng immediately followed.

However, he looked extremely miserable; his body was in tatters.

Even though the Longevity Steps were powerful, the side effects were also very serious.

When crossing space, he didn’t consider any other problems. He only considered the speed and distance.

Zhou Feng’s Immortal Golden Bones were completely exposed, but Zhou Feng didn’t seem to care.

After all, although this side effect looked serious, it was just that.

With such injuries, he didn’t need much time to recover.


Dao Yan didn’t expect Zhou Feng to catch up so quickly.

He didn’t even take a breath, and Zhou Feng caught up? How was this possible!?

He had directly fled thousands of miles away!

Even if Zhou Feng had some special senses, it was impossible for him to catch up in such a short period.

Originally, Dao Yan’s plan was to stall for time first and then slowly think of a countermeasure.

Zhou Feng did not say a word. His right hand, which was shining with golden light, was under terrifying pressure.

The laws of the Physical Dao had descended!

Half of Dao Yan’s body was instantly crushed.

It was a good thing that this attack had triggered the passive Bleeding.

Dao Yan had just reconstructed his shattered flesh and blood when his body began to bleed uncontrollably.

The Yin-Yang Jade continued to shine, wanting to protect Dao Yan’s body, but it was futile.

After suffering Zhou Feng’s heavy blow, Dao Yan’s unlucky moment was not over yet because Ao Qing had also caught up now.

A dragon’s roar resounded throughout the clouds again.

And this dragon’s roar was directed at the soul. In order to end this farce, Ao Qing did not hold back.

She directly used the Eight Notes of Heavenly Dragon!

Zhou Feng’s brows were tightly furrowed as blood continuously flowed out of his seven orifices.

As for Dao Yan, he was even more miserable. His brain was a mess from the roar.

If it weren’t for the protection of the great karmic power on his body, he would have already died here.


At that moment, the only thought in Dao Yan’s mind was to quickly run away from these two monsters.

Being sandwiched between these two monsters was simply suffering.

However, Zhou Feng didn’t give Dao Yan the slightest chance. A large hand forcefully grabbed onto Dao Yan.

A second dragon’s roar sounded!

In an instant, the entire sea started to shake. The impact from the soul was even more obvious.

Dao Yan’s physical body had already been reassembled several times.

Zhou Feng grabbed Dao Yan with one hand, and his physical body began to charge upward explosively.

When he had just rushed out of the sea, Ao Qing was already blocking his way. She was looking down from above.

A jade-like hand reached down.

This was to crush the two of them to death.

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