I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 625 - What's Going on?

Chapter 625: What’s Going on?

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Ao Qing, who had been reborn, had a disgusted look on her face.

With a gentle wave of her hand, the endless clouds gathered together and sealed Dao Yan tightly.

These clouds did not seem to have any destructive power, but they contained an intense corrosive power.

In just a few seconds, Dao Yan felt that his current physical body was slowly melting away.

“Damn it! Karma Transfer!”

Dao Yan gritted his teeth and immediately used the Karma Transfer Technique to forcefully transfer his body away.

What made him a little shocked was that his predictions didn’t seem as sharp as before.

His mind also seemed to have become slow.

Can you imagine it? A cultivator who was good at divination actually felt that he was a little slow.

There was also the fact that he had overestimated himself.

He thought that by relying on karma correction, he could control everything and lead things in a direction that was beneficial to him.

But in reality, Ao Qing hated this attitude the most.

As a heaven’s pride that had fallen from the previous era to the present, Ao Qing was extremely proud.

Unless she was facing an opponent of the same level, she wouldn’t even take a second look.

Dao Yan, on the other hand, appeared to be holding a pearl of wisdom in his hand.

Therefore, after Ao Qing was reborn, she immediately made his move.


However, what made Dao Yan even more desperate was Zhou Feng’s sudden appearance.

The Physical Dao pierced through the sky, and Zhou Feng’s physical body exploded with gray light.

His fist was like an ax, fiercely cutting through heaven and earth.

“Cloud Dream Incarnation!”

As a last resort, Dao Yan could only use his trump card. His body turned into a dream cloud and dodged Zhou Feng’s attack.

“It’s really not that simple!”

Upon seeing this, a trace of pity appeared in Zhou Feng’s eyes.

He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to see if he could directly kill Dao Yan.

Because according to his guess, the real secret treasure in the Dragon Palace should be in Dao Yan’s hands.

In the past few days, Zhou Feng had searched everywhere in the Dragon Palace, but he couldn’t find the Dragon Palace’s secret treasure.

In other words, someone had found the Dragon Palace’s secret treasure ahead of time.

And that person was very likely Dao Yan. As for Ao Qing, who had been forming a new body, she obviously didn’t have the time.


Ao Qing looked at Zhou Feng and snorted.

In Ao Qing’s eyes, Zhou Feng’s actions were simply a provocation to her.

Dao Yan was now her target, yet Zhou Feng dared to make a move.

“Just in time to test your strength!”

A terrifying aura began to rise slowly.

Ao Qing’s hands made a sword gesture.

Instantly, that enormous Azure Dragon’s body was refined.

The Azure Dragon’s backbone turned into countless longswords in the blink of an eye, and the soaring sword aura seemed to be able to pierce through the skulls of everyone present.

“They’re finally fighting!”

Seeing that Ao Qing’s attention was finally attracted by Zhou Feng, Dao Yan could not help but let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

Although the process was a little tortuous, everything was finally proceeding according to his plan.

After this matter was over, he would have to hide and enter closed-door cultivation.

“This state of the Five Decays of Heaven and Man is really too terrifying!”

Dao Yan finally experienced the consequences of the karmic backlash.

Previously, he had been using the Seven Star Island to avoid trouble, so he didn’t have a specific understanding of the karmic backlash.

Now, he could be considered to have experienced it properly. This kind of decline from the body and soul was really terrifying.

Under this state, a cultivator was no longer an extraordinary immortal but a mortal who was slowly becoming stupid.

This was too cruel for a cultivator.

At the thought of this, Dao Yan began to feel slightly regretful. He regretted possessing Old Man Seven Stars and being too confident back then.

Ao Qing slightly made a sword gesture, and countless sword lights flew like snowflakes, enveloping Dao Yan and Zhou Feng.

Zhou Feng raised his eyebrows, looking very relaxed as the aura of longevity enveloped his entire body.

He threw another punch, and the pure power poured out like surging waves.

And this also enveloped Ao Qing and Dao Yan together.


At this time, three question marks appeared in Dao Yan’s head.

What was going on?

The Indestructible Sword Qi was no threat to Zhou Feng. Before it even got close to his body, it was crushed by pure power.

Zhou Feng’s attack did not pose a threat to Ao Qing either.

The endless clouds dissipated all the power.

Only Dao Yan was struggling in the middle, looking miserable.

‘What kind of method is this!?’

The doubt in Ao Qing’s heart did not diminish as she looked at Zhou Feng, who was recovering rapidly from his injuries.

She boasted that she was knowledgeable enough and had seen countless geniuses and monsters, but at this moment, she really could not see through Zhou Feng.

He was clearly cultivating the Physical Dao, but the way he used it was very crude.

Every time he used the laws of the Physical Dao, he almost crushed his body but quickly recovered.

Other than that, there were also all kinds of great Dao laws that intertwined with his body.

‘That aura! This seems to be an Invincible Avatar? He has condensed an Invincible Avatar!?’

‘So powerful!’

After the simple exchange, Zhou Feng immediately felt Ao Qing’s terror.

Although Ao Qing looked like a goddess with fair and tender skin and a peerlessly beautiful face that made people unable to help but be immersed in it, the aura she displayed made one feel they were in an endless purgatory with countless pools of blood and mountains upon mountains of bones.

Zhou Feng could even faintly hear the howls of countless races.

Ao Qing had definitely killed countless creatures. What goddess was this? She was clearly a witch from purgatory.


Just as Ao Qing and Zhou Feng were confronting each other, Dao Yan immediately used the Seven Stars Escape Art.

Borrowing the power of the seven stars, he fled a thousand miles!

Dao Yan really didn’t want to be caught between the two of them. If this continued, he would probably be slowly tortured to death.

Therefore, he had no choice but to use another great divine ability.

His karmic debt once again increased by a lot!

Although this escape art could allow one to travel thousands of miles, it was very taxing on star power.

If one overborrowed star power, they would have to bear the karma of heaven and earth.

The power of the stars in the sky were not lent to one for free.

Now, a small part of Dao Yan’s karmic debt came from this.

It was the excessive use of star power to cast all kinds of divine abilities, resulting in the heaven and earth karma being too large.

However, he couldn’t not use it. After all, he cultivated the Dao of Karma, and his battle prowess was lacking. If he did not use star power to fight, he would be waiting to be savaged by all kinds of enemies!


The moment Dao Yan disappeared, Zhou Feng also immediately used the Longevity Steps.

Because he was burdened with the problem of karma, he had a special connection with Dao Yan, so Zhou Feng directly followed.

“Don’t even think about escaping!”

Ao Qing was naturally unwilling to be outdone. She used her draconian might to travel between heaven and earth!

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