I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 9 - "Another Ability"

Chapter 9: "Another Ability"

"Maybe, she's just lucky." Another person responded. 

The whispers among the people grew louder that Ainsley with her keen hearing could hear it. As the old man walked down the corridor, the little girl's heart grew wary.  ​​

A curse? These elders can't get close to a child? Is this why they don't have any children or grandchildren? Then why am I fine? Is the curse delayed or what? 

Ainsley gulped. Her eyelashes shook, yet no one saw it. Even the blue-eyed elder didn't notice anything. He just kept walking and finally found Ainsley's room, isolated from the other rooms in the building. 

Once he arrived, the elder placed Ainsley on her cradle and left her alone. He didn't have any intention to wake her up. 

"Sleep tight, our future hope." The elder left behind these words as the door was closed. This time, the door closed tightly, leaving no gap. 

Ainsley held her breath and didn't move even after the elder left the room. She sharpened her hearings and waited until the sound of the footsteps disappeared. 

Only then the kid abruptly opened her eyes and exhaled. 

"Whew. That was so nerve-wracking. I have a feeling that the elder is strong." Ainsley puckered her lips as she assessed the blue-eyed elder. 

What kind of ability he has? If this world is really the one with ability, then….the will be a lot of ability users. Or maybe it's an ordinary world, and only I have such power. 

Of course, Ainsley chose to believe the first. Even though she was full of herself, her chuunibyou sixth sense told her that this world was filled with ability users. 

"I'll have to find out," Ainsley swore as she put her head on the baby pillow. 

By now, she had unlocked two abilities. She had to know whether it's normal or not. She also had to be exposed to a lot of knowledge from this world. 

"But first, let's gain a good guardian that I can control. Through this guardian, I shall be exposed to a lot of information. Then, I can use her to lead the family in the dark." 

Ainsley had a cunning smile as she recited her plan. She had to do so several times. She didn't want the body to forget her goal. She was now in the body of a toddler. What if she became an entirely ordinary toddler? 

That wouldn't be good. Hence, she had to keep her mind sharp even though this body would shackle her. 

"Yes, let's be patient. I should check the limitation and the rule of my two abilities." Ainsley started to experiment and ponder deeply, not knowing that the seven elders just held a separate meeting. 

"All of you notice that the young miss has awakened her ability. Am I right?" The blue-eyed elder with dazzling gold hair scanned the other elders around the circle table. 

Yes, the other elders also knew that Ainsley subconsciously used her charm ability. They thought that the baby couldn't control it and didn't even know it existed. 

"Yes, leader. She's only three, and she already awakened one ability. Isn't she a genius? I don't understand why the boss isolated her since her birth?" The only woman among the elders spoke up. 

Who would be so foolish to isolate a genius? 

"Hmmm, when she was born, it's determined that she's a failure. We hope for a son, and when the expert checks her potential, they said that she's a trash." Another elder with short green hair stroked his similarly green beard. 

"Right, right. I was also present there. This is why the five buds, the geniuses of our family think that they will be the one taking over the family in the future." 

The elder with black eyes who first noticed Ainsley nodded at his friend's words. 

Then why is the girl suddenly becoming a genius when the expert doomed her to be trash? 

These questions swirled inside the seven great elders' minds, yet they couldn't find an answer. 

"Hm. Also, I think she doesn't only have one ability." Amidst the silence, the blue-eyed elder spoke softly. 

The others instantly looked at him with wide eyes full of disbelief. 

"What do you mean? She has multiple abilities?" One elder with blood-red eyes questioned. His long, white hair only added a sense of mystery to his overall appearance. 

Some people might think that he's a vampire. 

"You know that we are cursed, right? In exchange for our power, we can't face children. All children below five years old will die once they see us." The elder who had blue eyes spoke solemnly. 

He had a dark face and frustration bored deep inside his serene eyes. 

The other elders soon sunk into a deep silence. All of them had the same face as the blue-eyed elder. 

It was the face of regret and contempt. 

"But the young miss is fine when she meets us? Is this why you suspect that she has another ability?" Another elder with emerald green eyes and black hair inquired. 

The reason why Ainsley was placed at the centre of the table was so that she wouldn't see the elders, who were behind her. 

But who would have known that she noticed them yet wasn't affected? Back then, they were too fascinated by the baby's charm. Thus, they temporarily forgot about the curse.  

"Yes, that baby…she should have another innate ability. What is it?" 

The Elder with dark blue hair and golden eyes squinted his dragon-like pupil. The elder looked similar to a western dragon in the form of a human.

His question resonated with other elders. 

What kind of ability does the child have other than the charm? 

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