I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 10 - "Dolphin"

Chapter 10: "Dolphin"

"I suspect that she has a neutraliser ability, or…" The blue-eyed elder wanted to say 'good luck', but he paused. If the baby survived with luck alone, how strong was her luck? 

It could even prevent a curse from harming her. Isn't that unbelievable?  ​ ​

"Anyway, let's observe the young miss. Those old foxes in the family might persuade her to choose them as her guardian. If the young miss picks the wrong guardian…" the blue-eyed elder expressed his worry. 

Their young miss would be a puppet leader. But then, they couldn't just be the baby's guardian. It would expose her hidden ability, and who knows what kind of people might target her. 

This Sloan Family didn't look as peaceful as it seemed. 

"I hope she chooses a good guardian that can save the family. At this rate, even the 7 of us can't do anything to solve the Sloan Family's trouble." The only woman in the great elder's position sighed. 

They might be strong, but they aren't that capable of solving money and business trouble. If only the boss is here, he can solve the family's crisis. 

"Yes, let's believe in that baby. She's unlikely to be an ordinary baby. We should expect her to grow just like the five buds." The elder with deep black eyes closed his eyes. 

If only the five buds aren't so competitive and greedy to take the leader's spot. They might be able to save the family rather than coveting the leader's throne. 

Alas, the young miss is bound to face these geniuses if she takes over the family head when she passes 15 years old. 

While the elders discussed with each other, the news that the young miss needed a guardian spread throughout the main family. Even the one at the family branch heard about the news. 

They knew that whoever became the young miss's guardian would be the true leader of the Sloan Family. 

The eyes of greedy tigers and foxes shone as they sent various family members to attend tomorrow's meeting. 

Their number might even touch 1000-ish, and this wasn't all the members yet. The branches sent only the best people while the main family selected the members. 

All of them provided only the best members that might catch the young miss's eyes. They picked those who could deal with children, had a good appearance and had a strong special ability. 

Only some members didn't look like they could handle children. Still, they were chosen thanks to their pure power. 

Just like that, various people gathered at the great hall of the Sloan Family's main mansion. All of these happened overnight. Ironically, the one who caused this didn't know the great burden she would have to bear. 

The next day. 

Ainsley woke up to the maids gathering around her. Unlike the cold treatment yesterday, the maids today have a smile on their faces. They were gentle and warm. 

If this were a normal baby, they would feel greatly loved and pleased. Yet who is Ainsley? As someone who reads a lot of anime and manhwa, her view is different from the others. 

'What is this? Their warm treatments look ominous to me.' 

Ainsley held back her distorted face. She put on an innocent and pure look of a baby as she allowed the maids to attend to her needs. These maids whose face she didn't even remember started to dress her up like a princess. 

Today, they put on a red one-piece and a small black fur crop top jacket to adorn the little princess. The little girl's purple hair was tied into a small bun, and the maids attached several red rose hairpins. 

They didn't forget to give the toddler a small silver necklace with a blue pendant. The pendant had a symbol of the Sloan family– 

A curled up dolphin. 

Yes, the Sloan Family's symbol was surprisingly a curled up dolphin. It didn't look like a symbol of a mafia family and looked like a magician family symbol instead. 

Ainsley lifted her left eyebrow as she observed the pendant dangling around her tiny neck. The girl didn't do anything and just stared at the pendant while the maids put on black fur boots despite today's hot weather. 

Hmmm, a curled up dolphin. Is this a code or something? Mostly, in manhwas that I read, something like a family's symbol holds great meaning. It's often a key to a particular quest. 

Ainsley touched the blue pendant of the curled dolphin, and the cold air of the pendant seeped to her skin. The pendant was obviously made out of an unknown mineral. 

It wouldn't be a simple iron. 

Is this pendant...special for the boss' descendant? Somehow, it feels special….

Ainsley was trying to figure out the pendant on her own when one of the maids in black and white frilly uniform spoke to her. 

"Done, young miss." The maid smiled gently and slowly pushed Ainsley to go out of her room. 

Once the toddler was out, the maids followed behind. They were even patient enough to match their walking pace with the baby. 

Sensing this, Ainsley grumbled. She trotted over the long corridor on her own, and it was inwardly exhausting. 

Why don't they just hold me and walk faster? 

Ainsley wanted these maids to carry her and brought her faster to the great hall, but she suppressed her desire to ask for help. 

There must be a reason why these maids don't carry me. Is it to show the other members the dignity of the heiress? 

Or is this a form of bullying? These maids serve me but silently bully me behind my back? 

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