I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 5 - "Charm"

Chapter 5: "Charm"

Ainsley just thought of the worst case possible. She had to do that if she didn't want to be in danger later. Being naive and too trusting would be a problem, especially when this family was a mafia family. 

"Aish. Why is my fate so harsh? Is this a trial to be a protagonist?" Ainsley murmured sarcastically as she covered her left eye.  ​​

Her chuunibyou disease flared up again, but it didn't mean she couldn't think normally. In fact, she was one of the best students in her college. 

Her IQ shouldn't be questioned. She's quite capable of solving her problem. 

"Hm...anyway. I'll have to pick a good guardian tomorrow. That's the only thing I can do to ensure my safety in the long run." Ainsley rolled around and placed her face on the floor. 

She will pick a guardian, but it doesn't mean she will let this person rule over the family without her knowing. At least, she should be a shadow leader while her guardian acts out her wish. 

Ainsley tugged her lips, forming an evil smile. 

Geheheh. It's time to show my effort all this time. If I can know more about this world and learn from my surroundings, I'm sure that I can lead my family out of this crisis. 

Ainsley clenched her fist tightly. She cast aside her wish to be surrounded by a hot dad, kind brothers, and a destined male lead. 

It's already a lucky thing that she doesn't have any brothers. Else, there might be a bloodbath to get the leader's seat. 

"Hm, hm. I also have a strange ability with my sensitive ears. I have to use this well to eavesdrop more!" 

Ainsley took a deep breath and stood up. She hurriedly climbed her cradle and laid down. Eh, why did she lay down? Of course, it's to sleep! 

She could just eavesdrop tomorrow when those people pick her up to get a guardian for her. At that time, there would be tons of information flooding in! 

"But first, I'll have to act like a toddler. I think I'll have to change the way I speak." Ainsley had an evil smile on her face as she thought of various baby's language she could use. 

Yes, she would pretend to be a typical toddler so that others wouldn't suspect her. 

"One thing I think is good. I have actual power. Isn't this a fate? U think I'm really a protagonist!" Ainsley soothed her heart by remembering this fact. 

Yes, I'll use this power properly and be the best protagonist! 

That day, Ainsley slept well without having nannies or other people around her. She would occasionally cry, yet there was no one coming to get her. 

From that incident, she vaguely felt that the position of an heiress wasn't that magnificent. 

'Is it because I'm a girl? They might have prejudice. But to think no one comes here to change my diaper or something. Where's the maid I last saw?' 

Ainsley rolled around on her bed while one maid changed her diaper when it's already 8 in the morning. The maid had a poker face and didn't look nice. 

Not only that but...Ainsley didn't get her breakfast in time. 

'This is a mess. Scum. Absolute worst.' 

Ainsley endured hard not to frown or anything. Once more, the girl used the same uniform as the one she used yesterday. It's as if she didn't have any other uniform despite her family being wealthy. 

Is this the common troupe 'girl haters' world? Ah, ah. No gender equality? Won't that be hard? 

Ainsley grumbled as the poker-faced maid fed her a bowl of porridge. The porridge was cold, and it didn't taste that yummy. 

Ainsley, who was in high motivation yesterday, gradually felt exhausted. Not only her body demanded her to sleep a lot, but the treatment of the people around her was also a factor. 

There weren't a lot of people coming to see her and even if there was, they weren't friendly. The only kind one was that maid last time, yet she didn't come here until now. 

"Done. Let's go." 

While Ainsley was in deep thoughts, the poker-faced woman lifted her up and carried the toddler in her arms. She then walked out of the room and headed to the golden door which Ainsley visited last time. 

'Is this time? I'll get to pick my guardian, right?' 

Ainsley's heart beat faster as the maid brought her to the golden door. The toddler tried hard to look as innocent as possible, but once the door was open, she couldn't keep her calm. 

The first thing she saw was a large wooden table. The table was a round one, and it could fit 20 or more people. At this moment, dozens of adults in a black suit were sitting around the table. 

All of them had a solemn face as the maid brought Ainsley inside. 

"The heiress is here." The maid slowly brought Ainsley to the centre of the table and just placed her down in the middle. She was left there just like an antique ready to be studied by these people. 

'Fck. Why am I here? Can't they give me a baby chair instead of placing me on the table?!' 

Ainsley broke in a cold sweat. She could feel the eyes of each adult here. Since her body was small, these adults' towering body put pressure on her. 

If she were a normal baby, she would have cried. But who is she? 

I'm the protagonist of this world! I won't back down! 

Ainsley raised her head and slowly flashed the brightest smile she had. 

First step. Show off my charm. 

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