I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 4 - "Bleak Future"

Chapter 4: "Bleak Future"

7 elders, 3 guardians and 5 buds? Sounds like an organisation name bestowed to a few elites. 

Ainsworth gulped. She kept her ears perked up despite not understanding those nicknames.  ​​

'Anyway, Sloan Family, huh. So this body's family name is Sloan. But then...what kind of family is it?' 

Actually, Ainsworth had a hunch about the identity of the family, but she was too scared to admit it. 

Yes, there's no way it is true. 

She denied it until she heard the calm man's voice inside the room. 

"It can't be those three. They are not eligible to be the new boss. Shouldn't the new boss be the heiress, our young miss Ainsley?" 

! Ainsley! 

Ainsworth finally knew this body's name, which wasn't that different from her name. Thus, she hurriedly adopted the name to be her name from now on. 

Ainsley, Ainsley Sloan. She's the heiress of this family. 

Ainsworth, which was now Ainsley, smiled at the information she just got. 

Hm, this body is around 3 years old, and she's already an heiress? Isn't this a good start? 

Ainsley, who was leaning to the wall was giggling at the good news when the voice inside the room crushed her hope. 

"Are you insane? When the family is on the brink of extinction, you want to place a 3-years-old toddler to be the family head?" The voice of the woman rang in the room. 

Her voice sounded so cold and sarcastic that even Ainsley couldn't help but flinch. 

What? The family is on the brink of extinction…? Is this a minority race or something? Why would a family fall just like that? Or maybe there will be a rebellion?! But I doubt this family is an aristocrat! 

Ainsley bit her lower lips. Her rosy face slowly turned pale at the mention of her family. 

Isn't this bad? I just transmigrated, and the family is going bankrupt or something? Heck! And they also said that the boss is gone. 

Is the boss...my dad? Since I'm the heiress...does this mean my father is gone? And they said he might be kidnapped? 

Ainsley felt like the world was crumbling fast. She couldn't hear the rest of the conversation since her heartbeat was so loud that she couldn't hear anything. 

Ha...isn't this the worst? 

Just when Ainsley thought so, the people in the room debated again. 

"Can't we get the mother to act as the young miss' guardian? Then, we can appoint her to be the family head without worrying about her age." 

"Did you forget that her mother is just a surrogate mother? She's long gone! Young miss is alone now." 

"Damn. So we have to appoint one of those elites to be the family head? But isn't that going against our tradition?" 

"Can't we just appoint the elites as the young miss' guardian and raise her as the family head?" 

"Oh, good. The authority will still belong to the heiress, but until she becomes an adult, the guardian will be doing the role of the family head." 

"Yes, that seems plausible. If we don't appoint the head soon, the other mafia families will target us. This is the best solution." 

"Good. Then, tomorrow, bring the 7 elders and the five buds. The three guardians can wait until the young miss can trigger their bloodline." 

The voices inside the room gradually died down, and the sound of people' footsteps echoed. The people inside the room slowly approached the golden door. 

Ainsley didn't have time to think too much about the last few conversations. She hurriedly ran back to the corridor where her room was located. Once she arrived, only then she managed to sigh in relief. 

"Ah. This is a mess." Ainsley plopped down on the floor and sprawled. The girl looked up at the ceiling, which seemed so tall for her tiny body. 

Let's organise the information. I heard too much. 

First, strangely, I can hear people's voices inside a room even though it shouldn't be possible. Let's just assume that this is my innate ability. 

Second, this family, the Sloan Family...is a mafia family. That man, in the end, said that they're a mafia family and it's in crisis. 

Third. My father, the former boss, is missing. My mother is just a surrogate mother. 

Fourth. Tomorrow, I'll be crowned as the heiress while getting someone to act as my guardian. This person will be the one leading the family instead of me. 

In other words, I'm just an empty puppet until I'm an adult. 

Ainsley closed her eyes and sighed. She had read a lot of novels and manhwas with the protagonist having a hard time when they just transmigrated in, but none was the same as her current situation. 

It sounded ridiculous, especially when her body was only 3 years old. 

Unlike other protagonists who got a teenager or an adult body, she got a toddler's body. In other cases, the protagonist entered a baby's body, but they were rarely in this situation. 

There were only a few cases where the protagonist's father tried to kill them when they were a baby, but then it failed thanks to their cuteness. 

'But for me...I am not in immediate danger. Still, it means that I'll live as a puppet if my guardian isn't a good person. There will be a lot of people coveting the place of my guardian.' 

That will make them lead the family. Even though this family is in crisis, they still seem wealthy. The new guardian and the leader might be a corrupt one. 

That will be bad. 

The future looks bleak. 

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