I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 290 - "A Bigshot"

The gamblers looked at Ainsley with hanging mouths. They suddenly didn't know what to say. 

Should we tell her that her contracted mother raptor isn't even worth a penny in this hall? Like...it can't be seen as a treasure, okay? Even a no-star treasure is better than that! 

Of course, what they meant by no-star treasures are treasures belonging to the low-level category that one could find in the market, such as precious herbs, monster cores, and other things. 

Thankfully, the limit of the 51st floor to the 60th floor was around no-star treasures to 3-star treasures. 

3-star treasures were things like low-level potions or 5-coloured energy crystals as big as one's thumb. 

One could also offer their services here as a betting chip that should be as valuable as treasures. 

For example, a beast tamer helping the opponent to contract a beast if they lost the gambling…

Mercenaries could offer their service to guard the gamblers in exchange as a betting chip...of course, their reputation should be good and trustworthy to be worthy as a betting chip. 

However, what Ainsley offered was truly useless for the gamblers here. 

Once a monster got contracted, it wouldn't serve another person no matter how much the master commanded it. 

That's why, when Ainsley brought the raptor monster, it's as good as bringing nothing! 

The gamblers were clearly disappointed. They looked at Ainsley with eyes full of pity. 

She's still a child, after all. Maybe she doesn't know that her contracted monster is useless if used as a betting chip…

Despite that, the gamblers still respected Ainsley's fame and skill. Thus, they didn't dare to rebuke her but also didn't want to play against her only to get a contracted raptor monster if they won. 

The gamblers could only groan in silence. 

Can't someone tell this baby that what she brought isn't a treasure? You, that monster tamer behind the baby, aren't you her people? Can't you tell her, ah?! 

Jevon, the monster tamer that the gamblers noticed, also vaguely guessed what the gamblers thought at the moment. However, he also could only smile bitterly. 

Don't look at me like that. This raptor is actually ownerless, okay? But you guys won't believe me if I told you that! 

Because the mother raptor and its cub were surprisingly docile. They followed around Ainsley obediently and also did her commands perfectly. 

Who would think that they're ownerless? Even Jake didn't think like that at the beginning. 

Seeing the hall was silent with no gamblers wanting to play against Ainsley just for a useless monster, Jake let out a long sigh. 

Huft...should I give my treasure to this baby? 

I think my brooch can be considered a treasure...it is the eye of a high-level gem-type beast...highly valuable and can boost one's energy by 2% as long as the brooch is near the user. 

Jake already looked at his oval-shaped ruby brooch with an exquisite golden frame and was about to take it off for Ainsley when someone in the crowd suddenly raised their voice. 

"Are you serious? Using a contracted monster as a betting chip...do you think this place is full of morons, or what?" 

The person's voice sounded childish to the ear, yet the tone was full of mockery. 

Even what the person said was unpleasant to some gamblers there, moreover Ainsley, the person being rebuked. 

The baby couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as she looked at the crowd. "Who are you? If you don't want to gamble against me, it's your choice. There's no need to defame me!" 

Ainsley vaguely felt familiar with the voice of the person mocking her. Thus, she couldn't help but retaliate harshly. 

Indeed, the person who rebuked her slowly appeared from the crowd. The crowd was also tactful enough to make ways for the person. 

The way they opened a path for the person resembled a river being parted into two. 

Tap. Tap. Tap. 

From within the crowd, a boy not older than 15 years old slowly walked out with his chin held high and hands behind his back. 

One could see a hint of disdain residing in his eyes as he strode over to Ainsley's place, not looking nervous at all. 

From the maroon silk suit and the gold emblem that he wore, he seemed to be someone from a good family! 

When Ainsley saw who was the one mocking her earlier, her pupils shrunk. A glint flashed through her ruby eyes. 

"It's you!" 

"Yeah. It's me. I didn't think the Godtoddler was actually you." The boy didn't bother to be polite and casually snorted. 

He puffed up his chest, showing off the gold emblem on his left chest. 

Only then the gamblers could see the logo on the emblem. 

It was a unicorn and a pegasus looking at the left and right side, respectively. 

A pegasus and a unicorn...the only family that could use those two legendary beasts as their family logo….

"Ah! The Aretha Family!" One of the gamblers finally recognised the emblem. He couldn't help but inhale deeply. 

The Aretha Family! One of the families on par with the 7 great families. They're from the 7 sacred families...the families that had sacred beasts protection! 

When that gambler mentioned the boy's family name, they also gasped simultaneously. 

"Someone from the Aretha Family? Is he the direct descendant, or not?" 

"He should be a direct descendant. Only the direct descendants are allowed to wear that gold emblem with gems and polished stones!" 

Other family members could only wear plain silver emblems and not one decorated with gems and precious stones like the one this boy wore. 

The one this boy wore is special. 

He's a bigshot! Possibly someone with a high rank in the Aretha Family! 

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