I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 289 - "Not A Treasure"

When Ainsley saw Jake, the girl immediately approached him together, with the mother raptor following behind her. 

"Uwncle Zwack!" Ainsley nodded at the young man, not noticing Jake's face already turned white. 

"Uh...uh, yeah, hello." Jake nodded at Ainsley stiffly, but his eyes were on the ferocious-looking raptor monster behind the baby. 

He suddenly didn't know where to look. The raptor monster or the baby? Their body size is just too different! 

"This...is this your monster, Godtoddler?" Jake suppressed the urge to call the security as he asked Ainsley with a twitching lips. 

It wasn't his first time seeing a low-level monster with a strong attribute like this monster, but it was his first time seeing such a huge monster roaming around his casino….

Why didn't the guards and the security forbid this baby?! 

If the guards knew that Ainsley secretly summoned out her monster once she passed the checkpoint, they would also cry. 

We don't know anything, ah! It's all this baby's fault! 

Ainsley tilted her head and looked at the mother raptor's glistening metallic scales. "This monstel? It's not mine…" 

"Huh? Not yours? I thought you're also a monster tamer...so is it one of your people's monsters?" Jake looked at Jevon and the others. 

He guessed it should be Jevon's monster since he's the only one who carried around a high-level baby monster with him. 

But then, Ainsley shook her head once more. "This raptol is ownerless!" 

Jake almost got a heart attack. 

Ownerless?! This is a wild raptor monster?! Fck! Where's the security? Guards! Guards! 

Jake almost wanted to use his ability to kill the mother raptor. With his abilities, he should be able to prevent the monster from destroying his casino and scare away his customers…

But first, let's interrogate the culprit who brought the monster inside. 

"Ownerless...wild monster? Why do you take it inside, boss? I thought it's forbidden…" 

Jake called Ainsley as his boss without even feeling shameful. As a successful merchant, his face was already as thick as the raptor's scales.

Bootlicking a baby isn't a big issue. 

"Ah, I want to use this laptol (raptor) as my betting chip at the 51st gambling hall! I heald that we can only use tleasules…(treasures)" 

Jake was once again dumbfounded. 

You want to use a wild raptor monster as a betting chip? Who would want that? 

Only a monster tamer would be interested, but they also had to tame the raptor first, not ensuring a 100% successful taming. 

Also, if the wild raptor would ever go rampant...that'd be against the casino rule! 

Jake could already imagine his dear casino getting wrecked by this thing. 

Ahhhh...it was a good thing he visited this gambling hall to see this baby. If not, he would never know about such a case! 

"Boss, a living, wild monster can't be considered that valuable...only monster tamers can tame it, and it's also not really an attractive offer…" 

Jake decided to tell Ainsley the truth. 

Plus, even if the raptor monster was a mother and had other kids as well, it's not as if the raptor could be easily tamed. 

From the looks of it, the raptor had awakened a rare metal attribute and was quite intelligent. 

It should be a mutant. 

Then, the difficulty of taming it would be higher than before! 

"I think not a lot of gamblers at the 51st gambling hall are monster tamers…" 

It means that with such an unwanted betting chip, Ainsley couldn't play as freely as she wanted. 

"How about you change your betting chip, boss?" Jake offered once more. He didn't care about Jevon and the others' strange gazes when looking at him. 

The bigshot only focused on befriending Ainsley. 

Unfortunately, Ainsley shook her head. "It's owkay. Thank you for your offel...I'll still use this raptor as my betting chip!" Ainsley then turned around and walked into the gambling hall. 

She ignored the staff's shocked gaze when looking at the enormous raptor monster behind her. The baby walked straight to the hall with her chin held high. 

The toddler had just entered when the gamblers inside noticed her presence. 

As someone popular among the gamblers, her arrival attracted countless curious eyes. 

"She's here! The Godtoddler is here!" 

"Oh, my, finally! I was tired of waiting for her." 

"Good, good! Let's challenge her to a game!" 

"Duh. I wanna see what betting chip she prepared...what kind of heavenly treasure will it be?" 

"Right, right. But...wait a second. What's with that monster behind her? Is it her monster?" 

"A monster? Hissss what a huge raptor!" 

The gamblers' attention shifted from Ainsley's arrival to the raptor monster behind her. Not to mention that the raptor brought along a baby raptor…

Is that a mother monster? Wow, this Godtoddler is so rich! She's only 3 yet already obtained a low-level mother monster that's about to ascend to mid-level. 

As expected, the toddler is an ability user already! 

A 3-year-old ability user, furthermore a monster tamer...so cool! 

The gamblers thought that the monster belonged to Ainsley, and it served as her bodyguard. 

Who would have thought that the next moment, the baby would shout out, attracting the gamblers' attention. 

"Whoever wants to gamble against me, line up! My betting chip shall be this mother raptor monster along with her 5 cubs!" 

Her bold statement of gathering gamblers to challenge her invited gasps after gasps from her surroundings. However, the last part almost made the pro-gamblers spurt out blood. 

What?! You're making that living monster as your betting chip? Is it a joke? 

Who would want a monster that already had an owner?! That's useless for us, ah. 

You can't say that's a treasure! 

The whole hall went silent. 

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