I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 218 - "Tower Climber"

The gamblers on the first floor were still silent until Ainsley finished collecting the coins and directly left with her people, advancing to the third floor. 

Since she had hit the limit, she couldn't stay any longer to rip off the gacha game. If she could, she would have drained every single coin inside the machine! 

Once Ainsley went to the elevator and vanished from everyone's sight, only then these gamblers broke into a clamour. 

"Who is that baby?! How come she's so awesome?" 

"Her username is 'The Godtoddler! I just checked the gacha machine's record...and she's only 3!" 

"Oh my...her luck is simply too heaven-defying! I have never heard of such a reward...10 times of the initial investment! Damn!" 

"You see how she poured only 100 coins? If she poured all 500 silver coins, she would already pocketed 5000 silver coins. That's already past the limit of the fourth floor!" 

"Fck. Leaping two floors at once...isn't this bizarre?" 

The true gamblers of the casino view climbing the tower through gambling as a sort of achievement. 

The casino itself also recorded one's achievement when they climbed the rank purely through gambling. 

One couldn't top up silver coins and climbed the rank to enter the casino's honoured hall that recorded such achievement. 

They had to climb the rank purely by using the silver coins gained from gambling. 

These kinds of people were called tower climbers. Tower climbers were the true-blue gamblers and the casino highly respected these people. 

Good at gambling was also a skill that many mafia families would like to possess since gambling at a casino was like a luxurious hobby for the mafia families. 

Becoming a good gambler would always be something remarkable in the eyes of these high-class mafia families. 

The elite mafia families would always try to poach the tower climbers to work for them and gain face for the family through gambling. 

Becoming a gambling expert in a mafia world wasn't something shameful, but something sought after instead! 

Usually, tower climbers would climb the floors one by one, and they would need several days to do so. 

After all, no one ever suffered no loss when gambling. It's just illogical for one to continue to be lucky and never lost to anyone. 

However, who would have thought that someone became a skipper the first time they came here?

A skipper referred to those elite tower climbers that could directly pass several floors through their excellent gambling result!

But only 1 among 10 tower climbers could be a skipper. 

That's why, when a newbie became a skipper and was also so young that she could be everyone's granddaughter, the shock was immense. 

A 3-year-old skipper tower climber! 

The first floor' customers instantly burst in excitement, and the gamblers even forgot to continue to play. 

"It's my first time seeing a tower climber! Fck!" 

"Goddammit. That baby is so young she can be my granddaughter, and she's not only a tower climber but also a skipper!" 

"But can she continue to be lucky? Remember, even the tower climber can drop floors…" 

Someone voiced their doubts toward Ainsley's freaky luck. Maybe she had used all the luck accumulated throughout 18 lifetimes just now? 

Indeed, the tower climbers could rise and also could fall because of gambling. When the amount of coins inside their card hit the bottom line of that floor, they would drop floors. 

For example, when someone on the second floor only had 400 coins left inside their card, they would be forced to go down to the first floor because only those with more than 500 coins could enter the second floor. 

Normal gamblers would just top-up their card to avoid falling floors, but the pride of tower climbers prevented them from doing so. 

After all, the coins accumulated inside their golden card could only hold their gambling result and not from the top-up. Every time someone top-up their card, there would be a record of it stored inside the card. 

Once a tower climber got this record, they would never become a tower climber anymore. Instead of topping up more silver coins, they better drop floors! 

Thus, the gamblers on the first floor thought that Ainsley might run out of money and soon would drop floors or get forced to do a top-up. 

Nonetheless, no matter what these people said, Ainsley already advanced to the third floor. Without her knowing, the data inside her storage card was already updated. 

Name: The Godtoddler 

Age: 3 

Family: Helos 

Gambling record: 1 match. 1 win. 0 loss. 

Unique status: Tower climber, skipper. 

Tower climbing status: 3'rd floor (one-strike) 

When a gambler started to gamble, whatever the game they joined or whatever approach they took, either private gambling or open gambling, as long as they did it in the casino, the casino could record their gambling history. 

Because even when someone joined private gambling, they still needed a casino staff to be their witness to prevent the other party from going back on the bet or refusing to pay. 

Thus, the so-called gambling record existed, and the tower climbers took pride in maintaining a high winning rate. 

At the moment, Ainsley had only gambled once and won once. But she didn't know what sort of history she would create soon…

3'rd floor. 

"Milady, this is the third floor. Are there any games you want to play?" Jevon politely guided Ainsley as he looked at the mini map on his handphone. 

Just now, he downloaded the Billios Casino app and got this minimap from the application. 

The mini-map would show the entire map of the casino tower, but only when the owner could enter the certain floor. 

Else, the other maps would still be locked! 

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