I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 217 - "A Face Slap"

"Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!" 

Along with the triple congratulation, the machine's screen flashed, and a huge number appeared. 


The moment this number appeared on the screen, the previously lively spectators suddenly went quiet. 

The noisy area near the machine instantly became as silent as a cemetery. One could even hear a pin drop as clear as day. 


A few seconds after the silence was everyone's various reactions. 

The elderly almost stumbled and fell. The youngsters dropped their jaws faster than they dropped their pants. The women gamblers covered their mouth and their eyes already popped out, ready to jump away. 

….what? What the heck? What is going on? 

The 30+ spectators felt like time just slowed down, even freezing. The huge '10×' on the game's screen was the only thing that they could see. 

They blinked once, and the number was still there. Blinked twice...there's no change. 

They even rubbed their eyes, thinking they saw it wrong, but the black number flashing with golden glitter was still there, standing tall and mighty. 

That '10×' display residing inside the machine's screen suddenly became an eyesore. 

10×...it means the reward is multiplying the coins this baby inserted by 10 times! 

When these spectators realised what just happened, every single of them sucked in the cold air. Some even hissed like a frightened cat. 

10 times! Oh my God! 

The spectators were so speechless that they couldn't speak for a few minutes. Even the casino staff that were hanging around the machine to see a show broke in a cold sweat. 

Is there an error, or what? How come we have that kind of reward in this machine?! 

The casino staff hurriedly issued some people behind the 'stage' to check the machine, to see whether it's broken or not, but they discovered no anomaly. 

Not to mention that they also saw the format of the game did have this ridiculous reward, but the chance to win it was even more challenging for someone to be a shaman and also became a multi-ability user on top of that. 

It's a one in a million chance! 

Whoever operated the gacha machine that day instantly felt like handing their registration letter. 

How could they not know this kind of reward would appear when it had never appeared before because they manipulated it? 

How come it suddenly popped out today? 

It's the first time in the whole

1000+ years of the casino's history! 

The commotion from the gacha machine attracted other gamblers on the first floor as well because that triple congratulation announcement was so loud that the background music playing inside the venue ceased to exist. 

A lot of gamblers approached the machine, and when they peeked at the screen, they also froze on the spot. 

The heck? 10× reward? Fck? 

Even worse, the gacha machine showed how much money Ainsley poured into the machine. 

Betting chip: 100 silver coins 

Reward: 100 × 10= 1000 silver coins 

Right after the game machine gave this report, it suddenly poured out a massive amount of silver coins to the reward box at the bottom of the machine. 

Cling! Cling! Cling! 

The loud noise of these silver coins clanging and bumping into each other echoed throughout the first floor, becoming melodious music to the gamblers. 

However, these people couldn't afford to close their eyes to listen to the sound of money. 

Their eyes instantly turned green as they saw the waterfall of silver coins disappearing into a 3-year-old toddler's casino card. 

Ainsley only had to swipe the golden card to store the silver coins, and the silver coins would directly rest well inside this card-type storage tool. 

The baby's action of calmly storing the huge amount of silver coins made almost all the gamblers on the first floor, including the staff, to think of her in a new light. 

Who is she? How come she's so calm despite winning such a jackpot? That's 10 times the amount of the silver coins you invested! 10 times! 1000 coins! 

You already hit the limit of the first and second floor...you can directly leap to the third floor! 

Some veteran gamblers of the first floor could never accumulate more than 500 silver coins to enter the second floor. 

They might win big money sometimes, but some losses were inevitable. 

The biggest jackpot someone ever made on this floor was only 600 or 700 silver coins, enough for them to enter the second floor. 

No one had ever seen someone instantly hitting the limit of the second floor by just playing one time. 

But it happened now! And the culprit was a brat still wet behind the ears. 

It's a brat! A toddler! 

The gamblers felt their heart aching so badly that they wanted to die. Their faces were burning from the face-slap. 

Veteran gamblers? Are they worthy of this title? They're no more than losers that can't climb the casino tower! 

Compared to this miraculous baby…

When the gamblers compared themselves to this super-lucky baby, they felt like crying. 

Why did we mock this baby previously? Who said that she's a newbie? Didn't someone say that a newbie's luck was often heaven-defying? 

How could we look down on such a newbie? 

And who the fck said that this tiny gambler was a spoiled brat? Look at how she calmly collected her first win. 

Such a huge amount of money was enough to make these low-level gamblers kneel on the ground and kiss the floor! 

But the baby treated it as if this was something normal, something as normal as eating a baby porridge or drinking powder milk. 

What kind of family could nurture such a calm toddler? Is it the mafia family's 7 great families? Or is it other mysterious factions? 

This baby is too freaky! 

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