I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 203 - "The 7 Sacred Families"

It's normal for Alvaro not to know about the 7 sacred families because they're less 'popular' than the 7 great families, and he was still young. 

However, all strong forces, including this butler, would definitely know about the 7 sacred families, especially those from the 7 great families!

Seeing that a subordinate from the Sloan Family didn't even know their roots, the butler laughed out loud once more. 

"Hahaha! To think that the Sloan Family fell so low that they forgot their origins!" The butler's voice was quite loud until Ainsley, who was inside the carriage, heard it. 

She couldn't help but ask the Godfather spirit. 

[Uncle, what does this bastard mean? We don't know our origin? How is that so?] Ainsley almost flew into a rage until she didn't bother to use her baby language to act cute. 

She had seen the Sloan Family's historical books and definitely knew about their origins! 

Wasn't their family previously in the top 20 families in the whole mafia world? But what's with these '7 sacred families'? 

There's only the '7 great families', right? 

Alas, the Godfather suddenly put on a cold face as he looked at Ainsley with eyes full of conflicted emotions. 

To think that the Sloan Family newer generations didn't know about this...did the old generations erase a part of their history to avoid their shameful past? 

The Godfather actually didn't want to tell Ainsley the truth because it was still too much for the baby. But then, thinking about the baby's origin as a transmigrator, he changed his mind. 

[Mmm...not many know about the 7 sacred families and always thought that they're simply high-ranked families, but this family exists.] 

The Godfather took a deep breath and sighed. 

[Do you know that the title of the 7 great families doesn't represent the 7 strongest families in the mafia world?] The Godfather finally threw a bomb at Ainsley. 

[Huh? They don't? But I heard only the 7 great families could have a fairy as their protector!] Ainsley gasped in shock. 

The fairies are arrogant and will only want to help strong humans. If those families aren't the strongest, then...are the more powerful forces in the mafia world? 

The Godfather saw through Ainsley's thoughts and shook his head. 

[Your thinking is too simple. Indeed, the 7 great families are strong, but that doesn't mean there are no other forces on par with them.] 

The Godfather's eyes turned cloudy as he recalled the past. 

[One of the forces on par with the 7 great families is the 7 sacred families.] 

[Why are they strong? Don't tell me they also have a unique creature as their protector?] Ainsley started to guess something, but she didn't dare to be sure. 

[Mmm. The 7 great families are the only families that can have a fairy as their protector. But the 7 sacred families...have the sacred guardians!] 

Ainsley's heart suddenly jumped to her throat. 

[What?! Then doesn't that mean our Sloan Family…] Ainsley's eyes were wide awake. She looked at Cellino, who was lying next to her. 

The Sloan Family had three sacred guardians. Then...doesn't that mean their family is actually so strong? 

[Hum. That bastard butler didn't say it wrong. Indeed, you guys were once at the top of the 7 sacred families protected by sacred guardians.] 

The Godfather nodded at Ainsley's words. 

[A family can only receive one kind of protector. So, the 7 great families rely on fairies while the 7 sacred families rely on the sacred guardians. These two forces can't stand each other!] 

It was why it's nearly impossible to make the fairies acknowledge someone from the 7 sacred families and vice versa. 

This was why Finley wanted to snatch the Sloan Family's sacred guardians in the past but failed to get their recognition. 

This was why the Walter family betrothed Finley with Blair...because the Aretha Family was a part of the 7 sacred families on par with the Walter Family! 

The balance was maintained well until Aetheria surprisingly acknowledged Blair, someone from the 7 sacred families under sacred guardians' protection. 

The moment Blair got both a fairy and a sacred guardian, the balance fell, and the Walter family suffered. 

It was a historical moment that Aetheria would never forget. At that moment, she regretted choosing Blair. She regretted contracting the lady only because of the lady's special origin. 

Aetheria broke the balance between the two forces! 

But those were things in the past. Now, none of that happened yet. The 7 sacred families were also low-key and let the 7 great families take the limelight while they lurked in the dark. 

The Sloan Family was once ranked third among the 7 sacred families and was on par with the 7 great families thanks to the three sacred guardians. 

They even almost became the first rank, but the first family head died of old age. 

From then on, the Sloan Family deteriorated until 10 years ago, their '7 sacred families' title was stripped. 

Actually, if this year none could contract the sacred guardians in the Sloan Family, once Ainsley became an adult, the sacred guardians could choose to leave her. 

And that's what happened in the past. The sacred guardians left, Finley got them, but then, in the end, they all fell into the Aretha Family's hands. 

This was why Evan said that the Sloan Family used to be on par with the 7 great families, not one of the 7 great families. 

The Aretha Family was second only to the Walter Family in a mafia world, but they're also not part of the 7 great families. 

Normies might sometimes mistake the powerful Aretha family as one of the 7 great families…

But they're of different factions!

And the Sloan...was once such a great faction. 

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