I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 202 - "Offending Someone"

Seeing the guard didn't try to uphold justice at all, Alvaro was finally enraged. 

What a corrupt guard! 

Actually, Alvaro already knew that the guards would take a safe stance and just let the visitors solve their problem on their own. If they started fighting, the patrol team would be the one eliminating these visitors. 

The guards would just watch the commotion without risking their current job. 

Alvaro already witnessed such a thing before, but he didn't think his family would one day receive the same treatment! 

The young man gritted his teeth as he looked at the arrogant butler floating in the air. This butler should have wind-related ability or the same flight ability as Ethania. 

However, Alvaro's focus was on the butler's words. 

He wanted to swap their carriage position. Is it possible?

Not believing it, Alvaro puffed up his chest and sneered. 

"You said your family wants to swap our carriage's location? Can you do that, though?" Alvaro deliberately provoked the butler even though deep down, he had a hunch that this butler's family could do it. 

But to swap one's location, wouldn't they need a space-related ability? That's a super rare thing! 

Space-related ability is even rarer than shamans. Only one among 10 people could be shamans while a space-related ability user...only one among 100 had the chance! 

If this butler's family could really swap their carriage's location, he must have come from a formidable family. 

Either a mafia family or other factions outside of the mafia world. 

However, with the mafia world occupying 80% power in the Godlif country, there's a huge chance that this butler came from a mafia family. 

Once Alvaro questioned him, the butler's small eyes squinted. He looked at Alvaro as if he's a country bumpkin. 

"Didn't you see my family's emblem on my chest? Tell me if we can't swap your carriage's location or not!" 

When the butler said so, Alvaro finally paid attention to the red emblem on the butler's left chest. It had the symbol of blood tarantula as red as rubies. 

The only family in the whole Godlif country that could take on a super rare blood tarantula as their family symbol…

It's the Loiza family, one of the 7 great families in the mafia world!

Alvaro's face instantly changed. He lost all his demeanour as a proud genius. 

Loiza family! Ranked 7 among the 7 great families of the mafia world. They're famous because they once contracted a rare fairy that could use a tenth of space-related ability. 

The fairy could swap things' locations as long as they could see it with naked eyes. 

Legend said that the fairy became Loiza's family greatest protector and was always handed down from generation to generation. Once this fairy didn't acknowledge the family head, the Loiza family would fall from their status. 

However, 100 years passed by and up until now, the fairy was still satisfied with Loiza's family heads. The current family head also got this fairy's recognition. 

"Loiza family…" Alvaro gritted his teeth as he looked at the butler. The butler already raised his chin high and was acting like a proud peacock. 

Even though this fairy could only utilise a tenth of the real space-related ability and was actually a subordinate of the real space fairy, he was enough to crush lots of other mafia families with his power. 

As Aetheria's subordinate that was lucky enough to get a fragment, ah, no, a leftover of her ability, this fairy had the right to be arrogant. 

And the Loiza family protected by the fairy also had the right to be arrogant! 

Alvaro knew that only the Walter Family with a more powerful royal fairy could easily curb this Loiza family since their protector fairy wasn't a match for the royal fairy protecting the Walter Family. 

But...what's that has to do with their Sloan Family? The Walter Family was high above the clouds, and their Sloan Family was in the muds! 

Alvaro truly got his tongue stiffened for a moment. He couldn't respond to the butler, but he also didn't want to back down! 

Seeing Alvaro's conflicted face, the butler snorted. 

"Now you know? Our Loiza family will give you resources for this loss. Can you quickly exchange your position with us?" 

The butler became impatient. He didn't know where Alvaro came from, and even if he knew, he wouldn't care. 

As long as they're not from the 7 great families, who cares? 

But Alvaro was also a hot-blooded youth. Even if he's the calmest one, he didn't want to lose face for the cute little family head inside the carriage. 

"Even if your Loiza Family is nobler than our Sloan Family, we won't exchange. No matter how much resources you will give us." Alvaro didn't budge and firmly refused. 

This is not about benefits. It's about pride! Even if the Sloan Family fell from the clouds, they couldn't let just anyone trample on them. 

If they let the Loiza family trample them like this, God knows how many other families would be delighted to attack the Sloan Family? 

The Sloan Family had no choice but to keep a solid facade to protect their empty shell! 

Alvaro thought that the Loiza family would at least give them a face because even if the Sloan Family was weak now, they were once a great family. And they were also the Walter Family's ally. 

Well, an ally isn't the same as a sworn ally and can be replaced anytime, but at least they had the Walter Family's name protecting them. 

But who knows that once Alvaro mentioned his family name, the butler would burst into laughter instead. 

"Hahaha! The Sloan Family? The fallen family of the 7 sacred families?"

This response startled Alvaro. 

7 sacred families? What's that? 

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