I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 9 - It’s You!?

Chapter 9:  It’s You!?

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

The Ten Fortunes Shop was the biggest shop in Haishan City. It covered the most varieties of goods and also had the biggest auction house in the city. Haishan City was located under the mount foot of Nine Void Sect, the biggest cultivation sect in the state of Zhonghai Prefecture. It was also the biggest city within 2,000 kilometers radius around. That’s what makes it in an endless stream where cultivators come and go.

Rong Yi had to squeeze through the crowds while protecting his belly at the same time and finally made it upstairs.

The goods on every floor were different. The higher floors, the more expensive the goods were. The higher the floor was, the less cultivators who could afford things there.

Rong Yi came straight up to the fourth floor which was also the top floor where rare herbs, ingredients, high-grade elixirs and spiritual runes were sold.

He planned to make a fortune on someone rich so that he wouldn’t be worried about his living situation anymore.

On the fourth floor, a lot of decent-looking cultivators were slowly and carefully selecting the ingredients they needed, while some guardian-like cultivators were guarding beside the stairs.

Rong Yi panted heavily as he supported his big belly with his hands, leaning on the stairs. “What the heck! This belly should weigh at least 10 kilos. It nearly kills me!”

The guardians beside gave him a look.

He finally caught his breath and had a moment to observe everyone in the room while he was tidying up. Those people were bought things here looked either super rich and super arrogant or as cocky as a cock. None of them looked accommodating. It was impossible to make bit money out of them.

After walking around those cultivators, a tall man in black attracted his attention. Although he couldn’t see his face as that man backed to him, he was attracted by his tall, imposing and elegant figure, not to mention his knee-length black hair and long and good-looking fingers.

According to Rong Yi’s experience, that man must be very generous to real talents as long as he was satisfied with what he got.

Rong Yi walked toward him and saw the items in his hand. It was a purple ulu knife which was hollow in the middle and had sharp cutters on the outer edge.

The shopkeeper introduced to the man, “Sharp eyes! This magic weapon is made from pure seven-grade ingredients by a level 7 magic weapon forger. It is incredibly sharp and aggressive, and it can break all sorts of defensive formations. Thanks to its seven-grade fire, it can melt any magic weapon or evil beast lower than seven-grade.”

“Seven-grade?” the man was apparently not satisfied with a seven-grade weapon, judging from his deep and a little bit hoarse tone.

Rong Yi was glad to hear it because it was his chance. He walked forward and said to the man, “it is actually a great weapon. But if you could enchant it, it can be as powerful as a grade eight or nine magic weapon.”

In the modern world, he was a top enchanter. In order to strengthen his own magic weapons, he had put a lot of time on learning the enchanting skills that the ancestors left him and finally created his own unique enchanting skills.

But now he was not powerful enough to enchant superior weapons to him. But he could share the method and the man could have an enchanter refine it.

“Enchanting?” The man turned around as it aroused his interest, “what is that?”

How come? He didn’t even know what enchantment is? Or is there no such enchanting skills in this world? That’d be super awkward!

When Rong Yi saw the man’s face, his eyes were wide open. He couldn’t believe it. “It’s you!?”

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