I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 10 - It’s just Middle-aged Spread Coming Ahead

Chapter 10: It’s just Middle-aged Spread Coming Ahead

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

This man was handsome. He had imposing eyebrows, sharp eyes, tall nose, and thin lips. He wore a black onyx headpiece on his forehead, bringing out his noble and decent quality.

Wasn’t it the gorgeous man from ancient times he saw from his second elder brother’s phone?

Rong Yi was blank in a shock. How is it possible the man from the picture appear here? Does it mean his having transmigrating in here has something to do with this person?  Is it possible he could get out of this world through this man?

By the way, he had never seen such a good-looking man before. He was not as girly as his second elder brother or the original owner of this body, nor too masculine or tough like any other men. He was more like a handsome man you could see in a traditional Chinese novel, with that kind of magnificent temperament. Even Rong Yi couldn’t keep his eyes off him.

“You know me?” asked Yin Jinye as he was looking at the young man who was even prettier than a girl before him who he was pretty sure he had never seen before. Finally his eyes lay on his swollen belly.

That low but nice voice made him walking on clouds. In women’s words, with that voice alone, one could already get pregnant (an idiom in Chinese, an exaggerating way).

The shopkeeper who was standing at the counter coughed to hint these two men: one is staring at a swollen belly while the other was preoccupied with the other party’s face.

Then Rong Yi came to his sense and said in haste, “Sorry, I took you for somebody else.”

Fuch! It never occurred to him that he would stare at a man without even blinking like his second elder brother.

Yin Jinye, “…”

But it didn’t look like he mistook him at all.

As Yin Jinye still stared at his belly, he held his belly and smiled awkwardly, “It’s just middle-aged spread coming ahead.”

Yin Jinye couldn’t help but smile gently at his explanation. He then raised his eyes and looked at him, “what is enchanting?”

To win Yin Jinye’s credit and stick with him and stay with him to find the way back, Rong Yi had to explain, “Enchanting is a magic skill that is to improve the magic weapon’s attacking or defending power through attaching something on the surface of the magic weapon or inscribe runes on its surface. With the enchanting, the magic weapon would enhance by one or two levels or could possess one or a few more magical skills.”

The shopkeeper looked at Rong Yi as if he was looking at a fool. Why on surface of the magic weapon? Isn’t it simple to add it to the magic weapon when it was forged? And since the magic weapon was forged, would it weaken its power if inscribing something on it? Besides, the high grade the magic weapon was, the harder it was, which means it’d be very difficult to inscribe something on it, unless by using a higher grade magic weapon to carve it. But in that way, it was already very lucky not to degrade, let alone one or two grades higher?

If it was really so easy as this young man said, many people would have already tried and succeeded by now. This young man was being ridiculous.

However, the shopkeeper couldn’t judge him because he still wanted to do business. It didn’t matter to him if the magic weapon was broken or not after it was sold.

“People tried before, but failed.” Yin Jinye had the same thought as the shopkeeper.

He himself also tried a lot before but all failed.

“That’s becauseyou used the wrong method.” Said Rong Yi with a confident smile.

Wrong method? Yin Jinye looked at his pure and bright eyes like he wasn’t bragging. He looked like he really knew how to enhance magic weapons.

Then Rong Yi introduced himself to cotton up, “My name is Rong Yi. And you?”

“Rong Yi?” Yin Jinye glimpsed at his swollen belly again and then said flatly, “Yin Jinye.”

“If you don’t mind, I want to make friends with you. I live at…live at…” Rong Yi was kind of upset. He had no place to go. Even if he went back to the house where the original owner of this body lived, he didn’t know the exact address. But it was a little impolite to ask where Yin Jinye lived.

Yin Jinye kind of guessed that he forgot where he lived, so he said to him meaningfully, “Yin Mansion, Tonggu Street.”

Rong Yi was surprised, and then forced a smile, “OK then. I will drop by and teach you the enchanting skill when I have time.”

Yin Jinye nodded and left after he ordered his guardian to pay.

Rong Yi then looked around, trying to search another cultivator who might be a chance he could make money out of. But on second thought, he couldn’t lose the trace of Yin Jinye. He was the only clue he could transmigrate back. Although that guy gave him his address, what if it is a fake one?

Thinking of this, he went downstairs holding his big belly and stalked Yin Jinye and his guards carefully. Too bad that his spiritual power was too weak and he had no auxiliaries to cover his trace. Soon Xinghe, Yin Jinye’s guard, scouted him tagging along, “master, that young man is stalking us.”

Yin Jinye didn’t say a word.

Having serving the master for so many years, Xinghe knew he could ignore that man behind if the master didn’t say anything.

Rong Yi followed them all the way to Tonggu Street which looked quite familiar to him. It seemed that it was the same street as he left the original owner’s house. When he saw the Yin Mansion, he felt even more familiar. It looked quite like the house where the original master lived.

When he left the house, he was in such a hurry and never thought he would come back, so he didn’t have a chance to look at what was written on the plague above the gate.

Xinghe knocked on the door and later somebody answered.

The moment Rong Yi saw the man who answered the door, he was shocked with his eyes wide open, “What the hell?! Isn’t he Rong Huan?”

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