I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 432 - Hard To Forget (2)

432. Hard To Forget (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Yin Jinye nodded, “Yes, mom, it is true.”

“No wonder, no wonder…” Old Lady Yin couldn’t believe it, “No wonder he didn’t tell me what he had done. Every time he would have been away for many years. I thought he had gone to look for Lord Shan Ze, but never expected that he had become the head of the Tong family.”

Yin Jinye slightly narrowed his eyes, “I guess he really went to look for Lord Shan Ze at first, later he found out that we controlled the Yin family, and he couldn’t turn the scales, so he quietly fixed his eyes on the position of the head of Tong family. It would be the best if he could get the Yin family under his control again, then he could control two big families. The worst scenario is he still has Tong family. Either of the result is acceptable to him.”

“Yin Houyao is too good at calculating.” Old lady Yin felt that in this life, the biggest mistake was marrying Yin Houyao. She was too young and kind of bewitched by his appearance, plus that Yin Houyao was really good for her, so not long after, they got married. But after a thorough understanding of each other, she found this man was good at calculating. He’d do calculations before he did everything. Gradually, she became more and more disappointed of her husband.

Now thinking it back, the reason Yin Houyao was so good to her should be because of her her talent of elixirs refining.

Old Lord Min was so and, “So a hundred years ago, it was he who won my Nine Yang Soul-regaining Elixir? Son of a bi*ch! Did he take me as his father-in-law or not?”

Fortunately his daughter had seen Yin Houyao through early enough, otherwise who knew what Yin Houyao would do using his daughter!

Yuan Yingying, “…”

Min Liangying, “…”

Yin Houyao was really a horrible person!

A hundred years ago, before Old Lady Yin had fallen out with him, he had already treated his own father-in-law like that, making the Old Lord Ming depressed for a hundred years and slight his cultivation. Otherwise, he would not have gone into his day of doom so early.

Old Lady Min sighed, “It’s good to have exposed him, or no one knows what he will do behind.”

The atmosphere turned a little dull.

Min Pinjie tried to switch the topic and asked curiously, “Cousin Yi, where did you pick up this little monk?”

Rong Yi looked at the little boy playing with the children and wondered, “Yesterday he came back with little Cherry himself. How come one one hasn’t sent the little monk back? Didn’t you find his senior brothers?”

The guard who was sent out yesterday replied, “We have sent someone to check it out, and the monks of the Buddhists all say that there is no child called Buddha Heart, and they would never bring such a small child to attend the centennial meeting”

Rong Yi felt strange, “then did you find any family that has lost a child?”

“No, we haven’t heard of anyone who’s lost a child.”

Rong Yi, “…”

Min Pinjie went to hold up the little monk, kissed on his pink little face, “this kid is really cute.”

The little monk immediately got his face reddened, and he said while putting his palms together devoutly, “Amitabha, my benefactress, please don’t do such a thing that oversteps the etiquette.”

Everyone was amused by his serious but mild-mannered tone.

“I just wanted to kiss you. What’s wrong with that?” Min Pinjie deliberately teased him, then puckered his lips trying to kiss on him, the little monk tried to break free from him and hid behind Jiang Mu.

Min Pinyou laughed, “This little monk is really funny. He knows that strange men and women shouldn’t have any intimacies! And he keeps calling me benefactress.”

Rong Yi laughed and said, “I am sure that he is definitely a Buddhist, and then check his background thoroughly and send him back, or his shifu would be worried. Oh right, you can send someone to ask Lord Lu if anyone has lost a child in his place.”

“Yes, master.” The guard turned and left.

Old Lady Yin said, “After Yin Houyao’s thing, I also shouldn’t go out, otherwise it would only invite in more gossip. You can go out to see if there is anything you like and want to bring back.”

Old Lady Min then said, “As Yin family’s in-laws, it is not good for us to go out again. If we meet relatives and friends, they’d ask us this and that. So, we will stay at the inn before the end of the meeting.”

Old Lords Min and Min Liangying nodded in agreement.

“Let those young people wander around on their own,” Yuan Yingying said.

Rong Yi had bought what he wanted, so he had no interest to go shopping again, and during the meeting, the biggest harvest was having exposed the identity of Yin Houyao. It would be best if they could catch him!

Unfortunately, Si Ze knew about divination, so they would avoid any possible dangerous place.

Those Yin Jinye sent out last night came back with no clue, and Xunyi Cabinet also had no news of Si Ze and others.

“Master Rong…”

Pacero, who had gone out with Logus early in the morning, came back, looking both happy and tangled.

Rong Yi doubted, “What’s the matter?”

Pacero looked around and signaled they he could not speak it out in public.

So Rong Yi and he went to a place no one was around.

“We met people of our own world,” He said in a low voice.

Rong Yi got slightly dumbfounded, “How do you know?”

“They have the same hair color, eye color, and facial features as we do. By the way, they dress exactly like the sorceresses and wizards of our world. I’m sure they’re from the same space as us, and Logus has gone to track them down.”

Rong Yi, “…”

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