I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 431 - Hard To Forget (1)

431. Hard To Forget (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

The ‘patriarch’ quietly came to some inn in the north of Liancheng, pushed open one of the room window and jumped in, pulled off the skin mask on the face and revealed an incomparably beautiful face, and he was the master of Qi family—Qi Lan!

He sat down and waited for a cup of tea’s time, then two more men in black robes jumped in through the window, and also pulled off their robes and skin masks.

Rong Yi exclaimed, “Damn it! We still let them escape!”

Qi Lan heated the water in the kettle with a fire rune and poured two cups of tea for them, “Didn’t you try to stop them?”

“Yes, but they escaped through the underpass of the inn.” Rong Yi took a sip of the hot tea angrily, which immediately burned his tongue.

Yin Jinye hurriedly opened his mouth and checked, “It’s OK.”

Watching them being so intimate, Qi Lan frowned.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Rong Yi held back his tongue and asked, “Should I tell my mom about this?”

Yin Jinye said, “Early in the morning tomorrow, she will know everything.”

Qi Lan asked, “How do you know that the head of Tong family is Yin Houyao?”

When he watched Rong Yi compete with Jian Ku, Yin Jinye sent him a message saying that they had found Yin Houyao, also told him the plan of how to kill him, finally gave him some magic weapons, a skin mask and some shapeshifting water.

Then, Rong Yi and Yin Houyao brought people to assassinate Yin Houyao. If someone jumped out to help him, he should bring people over to support. So those wearing red masks were sent by him. If Yin Houyao still got saved, he’d disguise as the patriarch of the Tong family to expose his true face. They could never let Yin Houyao keep staying in Tong family to strengthen his own forces.

Rong Yi asked, “Do you still remember Yao’er dad?”

“Too impressive to forget.” Qi Lan threw a stare at Rong Yi, he clearly remembered that this bastard stole others’ kid and let him be the scapegoat.

“It was he who told us that he had been following Yin Houyao in order to find his master, as a result, discovered such a big secret. Unfortunately, he was saved.”

Yin Jinye squinted his eyes, “It should be Si Ze who saved him.”

Rong Yi wondered, “Why would Si Ze help him?”

“Either they are mutually beneficial, or Si Ze has something in Yin Houyao’s hands.”

“I don’t know when we’ll find them again.”

Qi Lan took out the sword of the patriarch, “Why do you have the same sword?”

Yin Jinye explained, “I refined it last night, actually you’d notice the different if you observe it closely.”

Rong Yi said, “Senior brother, it’s getting late, you’d better go back and sleep early. Besides, it’s not good if people see that you are staying with some ghost cultivators.”

Qi Lan hooked his lips, “Are you worried about me?”

Rong Yi said yes in a perfunctory way.

“Well, I’ll go back then.” Qi Lan stood up happily.

Rong Yi picked his eyebrow. Why was this guy so cooperative this time?

As Qi Lan walked to the window, he stopped suddenly, looked at the bed behind the screen, then turned to ask, “Are you guys sleep in the same room?”

“Yeah, is there a problem?” Rong Yi had shared one room with Yin Jinye since they came to Guiling. No one didn’t know they were partners. Of course they would sleep together.

Suddenly, Qi Lan’s face sank, and he picked up the ‘patriarch’s magic weapon and threw it at the bed.

There was a loud crash and the bed was smashed to pieces.

Qi Lan jumped out of the window with a cold face and left.

Rong Yi, “…”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Rong Yi felt sullen, “What is wrong with him? A moment ago, he was still smiling, in an instant, he   wore that bitter face. Is it because I grabbed his junior brother away from him, so he’s show me his face every time he sees me?”

“…” Yin Jinye didn’t think so.

“Master, master, are you all right?” The guard outside heard the noise and rushed by the door, shouting.

Yin Jinye said with a deep voice, “It’s thing. Go down.”

A peaceful night… Early in the morning the next day, everybody was surprised on hearing such a huge secret—the patriarch of the Tong family was actually disguised by Yin Houyao head of the Yin family for hundreds of years! And the real patriarch of the Tong family had already died.

At first, no one believed it, but the news was released by Xunyi Cabinet. They had never spread false news.

Instantly, it shocked the whole cultivation world. Yin Houyao had been in control of two large families for hundreds of years. It felt so horrible even by thinking of it.

Once the news was out, people of Tong family no longer had the face to stay, for in such a huge family, no one had noticed that their patriarch was a false one! And the one who disguised as him was the head of Yin family who was about to climb above them! So, early in the morning, they left, and posted the WANTED for Yin Houyao to the whole cultivation world. Only his head could ease their anger!

After hearing the news, Old Lady Yin could not get back to her sense for a long time.

“Ye’er, is it true? You…Has Yin Houyao really been disguised as the head of the Tong family for hundreds of years?”

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