I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 25 - I Dare You Not Run

Chapter 25: I Dare You Not Run

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Rong Yi received the sword which he even couldn’t tell what kind of shape it was, so he couldn’t help complaining, “Ew! It’s so ugly!”

“Your son made it.” Said Yunyi.

“Don’t tell him I said that.” Rong Yi was embarrassed.

Yunyi then said urgently, “I promise I won’t tell him. Just show me how to enchant it.”

Rong Yi found a place where the surface of the magic weapon was relatively even and generated spiritual power in his right palm. Then a purple red spark showed up in his palm.

Taoist Yunyi stared at his palm without even blinking his eyes.

Yin Jinye put down the teacup and moved quietly toward Rong Yi.

Rong Yi explained when he was placing his hand on the magic weapon, “The reason we need Mutant Thunder-fire Spiritual Root is because it is hotter than either Thunder, or Fire or Gold Spiritual Root. I will melt the surface of the magic with fire, then input my spiritual power into the thunder power, and enchant my rune onto the surface of the magic weapon. Next, I will recover the shape of magic weapon with fire qucikly. There are three steps though, actually they have to be done simultaneously. Only in this case, the original power of the magic weapon could remain undamaged…”

It was easy for him to say. It was truly hard to do. Take melting the surface with fire for example. If the surface was melted over 0.001mm, or the one who did it was not skilled enough, the magic weapon might be ruined.

Yunyi and Yin Jinye saw a rune show up where his right palm touched. It was easy for him to do as if he was wiping the sword.

“It’s done.” Rong Yi gave the enchanted weapon back to Yunyi.

Feeling the rune on the sword, Yunyi was amazed and impressed, “you did enhance its power. This is unbelievable.”

Yin Jinye was impressed too, with a flash of astonishment deep in his eyes. He could tell the magic weapon was much more powerful than before. The weapon had had no level at all. But now it could be as powerful as level-one weapon.

“I only used the most basic enchanting skill.” Rong Yi wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

“Are you saying that there are more powerful enchanting skills?” Yunyi was eager to know.

“Yes. What I did was only enchanting the rune, which only could enhance its attacking power, defending power, its toughness and speed. If I had proper ingredients, I could enchant more features to it, such as adding poison, or changing its fixed form.”

“Can you do that? Could you do it one more time for me?” Yunyi was amazed.

“No. I can’t do it now because I am not powerful enough.”

Judging from the sweat on his forehead, Yunyi could tell Rong Yi had already exerted himself to enchant the magic weapon just now, “Take a rest. I will come again to discuss with you about enchanting next time.”

Actually now he already couldn’t wait to show the enchanted weapon to other Spiritual Weapon Masters.

Once Taoist Yunyi left, Yin Jinye immediately said, “You shouldn’t tell the skill to a man you barely know.”

This was kind of mysterious arts the whole world was craving for. It might incur big troubles since he told someone else so easily.

“People will find out it eventually. Unless I don’t use it in all my life. Now that I told him, he owes me a big favor.” said Rong Yi, sneering. Of course he understood what he was talking about.

Even though there were a lot of cultivators who owned Thunder-fire Spiritual Root, it still wouldn’t work if they didn’t have his rune and enchanting skills.

Yin Jinye kept silent as Rong Yi read the situation very well. He ordered Rong Su to serve a cup of spiritual tea for Rong Yi to recover.

“Did you throw away all the makeups in my room?” asked Rong Yi.


Rong Yi blew onto the tea satisfactorily to cool it down. When he was about to take a sip, Yin Tao shouted excitedly outside, “Mom-daddy, mom-daddy, I am back.”

Straight after, a Cuju (a kind of ball people used to play in ancient China, quite similar to today’s football. If you are interested, you can google the pictures and see what it really is.) hit Rong Yi on the back of his head. His nose directly inserted into the hot tea. He screamed out of the burning pain and threw the cup away.

Knowing he made a mistake again, Yin Tao giggled and ran away.

“Damn it! I definitely hate kids for a reason!” Rong Yi rolled up his sleeves angrily and pulled a branch of flowers out of the big vase next to him and chased after the kid, “You silly kid, I dare you not run! I swear I will give you a good beat today, or I will change my surname!”

“Then you can change your surname after daddy.” giggled Yin Tao.

“Damn kid!”

Watching Rong Yi chasing after the kid around holding that clumsy body, Yin Jinye’s lips curled up, which was really a rare scene.

At this time, Xing he quietly came by his side and whispered into his ear, “My lord, are you happy hanging out with Lord Rong?”

Yin Jinye’s mother especially told Yin Jinye to get along with Rong Yi before they came here. Otherwise, Yin Jinye wouldn’t have agreed to go shopping with Rong Yi so easily.

Yin Jinye gave him a look and didn’t say a word, but went back to his yard.

“Is he happy or not? He neither said a word nor got mad. Maybe I can take it as he is happy?” Looking at Yin Jinye, Xinghe took a piece of paper out of his storage ring, giving it a thought, and then wrote, “His lord and master Rong are having a good time.”

“Hmm. Her ladyship should be very happy.” He folded the paper into a shape of dragonfly which flew out of the mansion with the help of his spiritual power.

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