I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 24 - He Is Also Your Senior Brother Apprentice (2)

Chapter 24: He Is Also Your Senior Brother Apprentice (2)

Rong Yi frowned. Yunyi was so anxious that he had a reason to doubt if the original owner did something wrong to offend the old man.

“Rong Yi, you are so dead. Now that you mess with Taoist Yunyi, even your father can’t save you this time.” The man who called Rong Yi a wanton pointed at him, “Taoist Yunyi, Rong Yi is here.”

Yunyi’s eyes sparkled as he heard him. He jumped into the air, flew over the crowd and then landed in front of those disciples.

All Nine Void Sect disciples were dying for a good magic weapon that Taoist Yunyi made for them. It was the right time to suck him up. Before Yunyi threw his punch at Rong Yi, they all flattered, “did this sissy upset you? Just say a word and we will teach him a lesson and he will never mess up with you again.”

Even Bai Yunchen thought Rong Yi made a mistake and offended Taoist Yunyi. When he was about to ask mercy for Rong Yi, Yunyi grabbed Rong Yi’s hand excitedly, “it’s you! Yes! It’s you! Cherry resembles you. I can tell you are father-son the moment I see you.”

As soon as Yin Tao told him that his mom-daddy inscribed the rune onto the sword, he already couldn’t wait and rushed to Yin Mansion but was told that Rong Yi wasn’t home.

He was so desperate to know more about the rune, so asked almost every servant in the mansion and finally got to know that Rong Yi came to Ten Fortunes. So he hurriedly came.

The disciples were all shocked because they thought Yunyi was here to reproach Rong Yi. But what is this all about that Yunyi is looking at Rong Yi so amiably?

Judging from the old man’s expression, it didn’t look like he was here to make trouble, so Rong Yi asked, “Is the Little Cherry you mentioned my son Yin Tao?”

“Yes. Yes. It’s him. This is not the right place to talk. Let’s go.” Speaking of which, Yunyi tried to drag him away.

How could Rong Yi bearing such a big belly move fast? So he said, “Please slow down. I can’t move fast.”

Yunyi looked at his big belly and said sullenly, “Why are you gaining middle-age spread at such a young age?”

Rong Yi sulked, “I am not. I am pregnant.”

Yunyi, “…”

People told him that he gave birth to Yin Tao but he didn’t expect it to be true.

“Someone also told me that he is having middle-age spread yesterday.” Yin Jinye’s lips curled.

“I am four-year pregnant.” Rong Yi gave him a hard stare, gritting his teeth.

He was giving him the look of it-is-you-who-impregnated-me-and-now-laughing-at-me, which made Yin Jinye grin wider.

Yunyi became cautious as he heard Rong Yi and slowed down, “be careful. Watch your steps. Be slow. Be slow! No rush.”

He expected to learn from this man how to inscribe runes. If something bad happened to him, he would have no one to turn to.

All the disciples dropped their jaws at how Yunyi treated Rong Yi cautiously while he helped Rong Yi walk. For ages they had known Yunyi, he had never been so kind to anyone and the chief had never enjoyed such preferential treatment.

They only came to senses until Yunyi and Rongyi were out of their sight.

“Is…is that really Yunyi? Is he a fake one?”

The crowd, “…”

After Rong Yi returned to the mansion, Yunyi introduced himself first and then told them what he was here for, “I am Yunyi, Little Cherry’s master Shifu. Actually today I am here to inquire about the magic weapon making.”

“Magic weapon?” Rong Yi was confused, “What’s wrong with it?”

“You inscrived a rune on Little Cherry’s sword, didn’t you?”

Yin Jinye who was drinking tea signaled Xinghe and others to back off.

“Yes. It was me. Any problem?” Rong Yi nodded.

Yunyi said excitedly, “how did you do it? How did you inscribe the rune onto the sword?”

“I used Thunder Fire Arts.” Rong Yi didn’t hide it.

“You used arts?” Yunyi didn’t believe it, “People tried before but all failed.”

“I didn’t inscribe it. I enchanted it. You said people tried before. Did he have the mutant Thunder-fire Spiritual Root?” explained Rong Yi.

Yunyi was a little startled, “No.”

“Only cultivators with mutant Thunder-fire Spiritual Root can enchant it.” Rong Yi gave it a second thought, “No, actually those with Thunder or Fire Spiritual Root can make it too. But the chances are small for them. It’s already good enough if one could make it once out of ten. And and the quality if the rune they enchanted is not so good, maybe only 10% of its original power.”

That was why cultivators with  Thunder and Fire Spiritual Root wouldn’t waste their time on learning enchanting arts in the world where he came from.

As Yunyi didn’t saw how Rong Yi enchanted the rune with his own eyes, he couldn’t believe it, “Can you show me how to do it now?”

“Sure thing.”

Yunyi gave him a magic weapon that he made for practice.

Judging from the spiritual power of this magic weapon, Rong Yi could tell it had more than level-seven power.

“Right now I am only at level-one Qi practicing and don’t have enough spiritual power. I only can enchant non-level or level-one magic weapons.” Rong Yi explained.

“Is spiritual power needed too?” Yunyi was surprised.

“It’s the same thing as magic weapon making or elixir refining. The higher cultivation level you are at, the higher quality of the magic weapons or elixirs you make.” Rong Yi rolled his eyes at him.

Yunyi thought it made sense. So he took out the magic weapon Yin Tao made at school and handed it to Rong Yi.

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