I Am Supreme

Chapter 1062 - One Strike!

Chapter 1062: One Strike!

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“Well, that does make sense,” said Huo Yunfeng. “But, doesn’t that mean Lead Supreme Yun Yang is not the strongest expert in this newly established Residence of Nine Supremes? According to the information in our hands, he is a genius who ascended from the lower realm, but his cultivation base is not too strong, at least not a match for any of the Demiurge-Flawed Ten. If that is true, doesn’t that mean he’s only working for others? I don’t believe that.”

You Buneng said, “Certainly not! Generally, the leaders of sects with a long history are all experienced and prudent people, and they don’t need to have an outstanding cultivation base. But, as the founder of a sect, he must be an extraordinarily gifted man. He would never work for others.”

“I agree with Old You. As a genius who ascended from the lower realm, Yun Yang would not be so short-sighted as to be used by others,” Ding Buke added. “Moreover, although newly established, Residence of Nine Supremes had defeated five hundred sects and seized the qualification to fight for the Celestial Luck Banner. It is not an easy thing to accomplish, and definitely not something that the Demiurge-Flawed Ten could achieve.”

With a deep look in his eyes, Huo Yunfeng said, “It seems that this Residence of Nine Supremes is really interesting, and it is too early to say who will win the battle.”

You Buneng chuckled. “What goes around comes around. I can already see the sixty pieces of supreme-grade spiritual jade smiling at me.”

Huo Yunfeng’s face darkened when he heard that, and the profound look on his face disappeared in an instant.

In the arena…

Gao Danyun rested a hand on the hilt of his sword and said in a cold voice, “Between us, my sect is the senior. So, I will allow you, the challenger, to strike first!”

Luo Dajiang gave a loud laugh and did not speak, but just took a long stride. Meanwhile, his body seemed to have doubled in size.

His frame was large and tall to begin with. In fact, he was not shorter than Gao Danyun, and even burlier. And now with his body doubled in size, he moved like a great mountain with an imposing momentum, seeming unstoppable.

As he ran for his opponent, a crisp noise rang out—the gold band that bound his hair suddenly broke, causing his long hair to wave fiercely in the air. Three steps later, he leaped and the saber in his grip abruptly swung down like a thunderbolt descending from the heavens!



His aura shook the heaven and the ground!

At this moment, Gao Danyun felt a chill rose from the bottom of his heart as if he was plunged into a freezing river. He could not move or even think, and he just stood in place like a stone!

He felt like he was a little lamb on a grassland, and in front of him was a prehistorical beast running wildly at him, eager to slaughter him.

He was completely locked down.

He could not escape.

He could not avoid it.

Flickering like a thunderbolt, the saber struck down at him.

But Gao Danyun was, after all, the strongest expert of Cangwu Union. At the critical juncture, he finally came back to his senses. Letting out a roar, he slashed out his sword while putting all his strength in it. Meanwhile, he bolted backward in an attempt to defend himself. Clearly, he was not confident that he could ward off the attack.

Even then, the saber came, and the blades of both weapons collided head-on. But, what seemed to create an explosive clash produced only a soft sound.

The sword of Gao Danyun, the number one expert of Cangwu Union, was hacked in two, seeming vulnerable like paper. Without even slowing down, the saber continued to move down and cut into the crown of his head, went through his body and came out of his crotch, then hacked into the ground. A loud rumble rang out from underground, the noise caused by the powerful force of the saber smashed on the ground with.

The rumbling echoed incessantly among the nearby mountains and valleys. The skinny body of Gao Danyun was cut into two equal parts by the saber, falling to either side and looking like two thin sheets of paper drifting helplessly in the wind.

The match ended so quickly that it was beyond the imagination and expectation of everyone, causing a dead silence to reign over the audience for a very long time.

All eyes grew wide in disbelief, including that of Huo Yunfeng and his two fellow brothers.

Wasn’t this the match between the number one experts of both sects? Even if the match was not fought fiercely and intensely as everyone had expected, the two men should have exchanged a few rounds of attacks before one side was defeated by the other with an amazing move. If not, the match should have also been filled with plots or secret spells that were bizarre or unpredictable, surprising everyone.

But in the end…

Although the outcome was equally unexpected, it was over even before a strike was completed.

Was this a joke?

At the sight of this, the people of Cangwu Union jumped to their feet, their bodies stiffened as they stared fixedly at the arena like they were seeing ghosts.

‘The challenger strike first.’ They had just heard their Grand Uncle-Master said like a gentleman. Then, the challenger struck, and the next thing they saw was their Grand Uncle-Master hacked in two.

At this moment, not only were the spectators surprised, even Luo Dajiang was stunned. Blood was still dripping from the blade of his saber, but he had a baffled look on his face.

At the beginning of the match, he was under great mental pressure. It was probably due to the risk of losing the match his fellow brothers were talking about and the fact that he could not probe his opponent’s strength here.

And when that was coupled with his opponent’s imposing manner, the way his opponent confidently allowed him to strike first, the pressure grew even more tremendous. As a result, he struck out with all his power, for he feared that he might lose.

But, he did not expect that his opponent, who was supposed to be the number one expert of Cangwu Union and acted like one as well, was killed by him with only one strike…

How did this happen?

Luo Dajiang was still in a state of confusion when the cheering of his brothers and disciples erupted behind him. He still could not figure out how that had happened. Scratching his head, he muttered, “It…ended just like this?”

Huo Yunfeng’s voice, which sounded like he was having constipation, came from high above. “Residence of Nine Supremes won the second match of the challenge!”

His heart was twitching when he said that.

‘Damnit! My 120 pieces of supreme-grade spiritual jade are about to fly away…’

‘Is this even real? I never expected this!’

The chair beneath him was already shattered by the mystical Qi leaking out of him. Although it looked intact right now, it was merely because his mystical Qi had kept it in shape. Once he stood up or retracted his mystical Qi, it would crumble immediately and turn into ashes.

At this moment, his heart was filled with rage.

‘Cangwu Union, do you even know that you are a sect who has owned a Celestial Luck Banner for over one thousand years? And over the years, no other sect except Wild Saber Sect could shake your foundation? Damnit! Why did you fight so poorly? Are you trying to make me lose?’

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