I Am Supreme

Chapter 1061 - Acting Is Hard Work

Chapter 1061: Acting Is Hard Work

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The outcome had been decided. The man who had been attacking aggressively was defeated, now dead. Meanwhile, the man who had been dodging all the time and was in a disadvantageous position had miraculously accomplished a counterattack.

The happy face of Hong Changtian turned pale in an instant while all the people of Cangwu Union had a dull look in their eyes as if they were struck by a thunderbolt.


The crucial first match was lost!

And it was mysteriously lost when the wind was at their back!

There could never be too much deception in war?

What kind of deception was this?

Hong Changtian almost coughed up a mouthful of blood.

At this moment, a light flickered in the arena.

The legendary benefit of resurrection had arrived as expected. Jiang Jingfei, who was dead with his body broken into pieces, came back to life in a flash. He stood there with a blank face, and suddenly roared after a few moments. “Shi Wuchen! Come over here!”

At that moment, Huo Yunfeng cried out from his high stand, “The outcome had been decided! Why are you still shouting there? Get out!”

When he heard that, Jiang Jingfei shivered all over, and his face turned deathly pale and bloodless. It was only after Hong Changtian had called him many times that he walked out of the arena, one heavy step at a time, as if he was dragging mountains behind him.

Huo Yunfeng sighed softly. “He’s a fool! How could he not realize that his opponent was deliberately giving the impression of weakness to exhaust his strength and energy? He deserves to be defeated! In fact, it would be weird if he did not lose.”

Shi Wuchen came back with a pale face as well, greeted by his fellow brothers’ eyes which looked concerned but were playful.

Luo Dajiang came up to him. “Ol’ second, it must be hard for you to act in this play, right?”

Shi Wuchen snorted and rolled his eyes. “What else could I do? This is Boss’s plan…I wanted to cut him down with one strike, but Boss didn’t let me.”

Ren Qingkuang laughed. “Ol’ second, as you’ve experienced it personally, tell us, what level is that Jiang Jingfei’s strength at?”

Shi Wuchen said with a snort, “He’s probably at the peak level of second-tier Saint. Had it not been because Boss repeatedly asked me to act according to the strategy, I would have turned him into ashes with one strike!”

They all laughed, and no one mocked him for blowing his own trumpet. Instead, they patted him on the shoulder and kept praising him. “Ol’ second, you’re one good Ol’ second!”

Shi Wuchen cocked his head and snorted. But then, he quickly turned to them, puzzled. “Why are you…not calling me Yi Tuo anymore?”

“How could we have the heart to call you that again when you’ve made such a great contribution by winning the first match and even acted so hard, Ol’ second? We just couldn’t have the heart…” Someone said sincerely.

He still felt something was not right. Scratching his head, he said, “No, I don’t feel right. You guys…”

At that moment, Yun Yang interrupted him by saying with a seemingly serious face, “The second match is here! Stop bothering with names.”

Shi Wuchen, “…”

The second match was the pinnacle of the battle.

According to the usual practice, it was fought between the top experts from both sects.

At this moment, Jiang Jingfei was kneeling before the stand belonging to Cangwu Union, unwilling to stand up no matter how others persuaded him. His face was covered with tears, and he did not speak a word.

Hong Changtian had spoken a few words to him as if to comfort him, but he still refused to stand up like his knees were rooted to the ground.

No one from Cangwu Union could change his mind.

Shi Wuchen sighed softly. “He’s a tough man. I feel a little sorry for him…”

At that moment, an old man in the opposite camp stood up with a sword in his hand, his whole body erupting with copious mystical Qi as he leaped off the stand mightily.

“Stand up, Jingfei, and watch how I win back a match for you.”

The old man had grey hair, a hale and hearty face, skinny frame, and an unusual height—he was over eight feet tall!

When he stood up, he looked like a straight bamboo pole.

He walked gracefully while his blue clothes fluttered against the wind, and he was within the arena in the blink of an eye. “Cangwu Union has lost the first match,” he said coldly. “Now, which expert from the Residence of Nine Supremes will fight in the second match? My name is Gao Danyun, and I will be your opponent!”

Yun Yang rose to his feet and was about to answer when Luo Dajiang said, “Boss, why don’t you let me fight this match?”

Yun Yang halted and considered for a brief moment before nodding. “Yes, this will be more in line with the established strategy.”

Luo Dajiang laughed, obviously very proud of himself.

While frowning, Ren Qingkuang said, “Boss, this match is the pinnacle of the battle, and according to the usual practice, is fought between the strongest experts of both sects. Gao Danyun should be Cangwu Union’s number one expert, but as divine senses are isolated here, we can’t find out his actual strength, making it the greatest uncertainty in this match. If Dajiang wins, then so be it, but if he loses, the following path will be tougher for us to tread. Even if we eventually win this battle, we would have lost the opportunity to continue challenging.”

A hesitant look immediately appeared on Luo Dajiang’s face when he heard that. After all, Residence of Nine Supremes’s goal was to seize a higher-class Celestial Luck Banner, so they could not afford to make any careless mistake in all the matches.

They must win all the matches!

The playful look on the faces of Lan Ruojun and others was gone as well, replaced by seriousness.

Sure, Shi Wuchen had made a good start, but it might be because his opponent knew nothing about his true strength. The old man was obviously Cangwu Union’s number one expert, and if his strength was stronger than their estimation and he managed to defeat Luo Dajiang, who was weaker, their journey would end here.

Yun Yang was the only one who still looked relaxed. “Don’t worry, Dajiang, I guarantee you will not lose. This old man’s strength is far weaker than yours.”

“Are you sure?”

“Why would I lie to you? I’ve seen it with my own eyes!” Yun Yang laughed.

Luo Dajiang was in high spirits once again. “In that case, I’ll fight him now.”

“Go ahead.”

Carrying his saber, he jumped into the arena.

“I’m Luo Dajiang, the Supreme Saber of Residence of Nine Supremes. I’ll be your opponent!”

A sibilant murmur pervaded the stands on both sides.

“Another one from the Demiurge-Flawed Ten? This Residence of Nine Supremes is pretty interesting!”

Huo Yunfeng could not help but laugh. “Two of the Demiurge-Flawed Ten have shown up. I wonder if more of them are here? Could it be that this Residence of Nine Supremes is the home for the famous whetstones in Bound of Universe?”

“Don’t underestimate the Demiurge-Flawed Ten, Boss,” said Ding Buke. “They have been whetstones for many years, and yet none of them died. This alone is already a rare story. Moreover, they not only have an astonishing strength that is not below the top fighting strength of the sects with lower-class Celestial Luck Banners, but they are also armed with an extremely rich fighting experience. When they are gathered together in one sect, they become a fearsome group. This has been proven by the first match. I think that once the Residence of Nine Supremes gets the Celestial Luck Banner, it will surely soar rapidly.”

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