I Am Supreme

Chapter 1018 - A Fools’ Camp

Chapter 1018: A Fools’ Camp

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Time slipped fast.

In a blink of eyes, the Residence of Nine Supremes had done four missions now including the first one with the frequency of one execution every ten days.

It meant that forty days had passed. Three months and twenty days left to the Celestial Luck Banner battle.

The disciples were no longer satisfied with tailing their masters and combating weaker targets. Gradually, they became the first to attack and many of them succeeded. The younger ones, especially, were indomitable when faced with experts of the same level; their confidence was developed bit by bit and was beginning to bloat.

The atmosphere in the residence slowly became livelier as interaction increased on the daily.

“I’ve killed two people today.”

“What does it feel like…”

“Scary. I still can’t eat for now. It’s nauseating… like someone is behind me every time I turn…”

“It’s alright. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine when you kill a few more people.”


In the three consecutive quests after the human traffickers, there was no longer any casualties among the seventy-five pupils of the nine peaks’ first generation disciples. Furthermore, these seventy-five children were much calmer and collected than they were. Even the youngest kiddos were indifferent when they battled.

Ending lives, wielding sabers, and killing people while unsheathing their swords were no longer something new. The psychological barrier in doing such a thing was no longer present. As the children grew tougher, Yun Yang was shocked to notice a good number of fools among them.

To illustrate, Hu Xiaofan was sparring with another disciple. Both of them stood facing each other with wind breezing through them.

“I, Hu Xiaofan, was enlightened at three years old, had begun practice at six, have eight innately awakened chakras, killed five people at the age of seven, wiped out three sects at the age of nine, and have become accomplished in swordsmanship at the age of ten. This sword I wield is forged by refined steel. It’s two feet and seven inches long, three catties and nine taels in weight. It’s not a notable blade but it’s precise when it comes to killing.”

“I, Meng Yiran, was enlightened at the age of four and began practicing at the age of seven. I was a vagabond, wandering from place to place. I began killing at nine years old and mastered the saber forms at ten years old, becoming the disciple of the Residence of Nine Supremes’ Second Peak. This saber is made of divine refined metal. It’s two feet and five inches long while weighing five catties and two taels. It’s not a magical weapon but it’s a treasured saber.”

“Great saber!”

“Wonderful sword!”

“Please, let’s learn from each other!”


Just as both of them engaged in a fight, Yun Yang was thoroughly speechless.

He honestly had no idea where these two learned nonsense like this. They had yet to master anything but they could really act. This was all achieved without anyone teaching these things to them and yet, their pretense was unbelievably natural and spontaneous.

‘What did they mean by “accomplished in swordsmanship”? And “mastered the saber forms”? Please, do not disgrace the terms accomplished and mastered based on your terrible skills!’

On the other side, there were Yun Xiuxin and Ling Xiaorou.

“Junior Sister Ling.”

“Senior Sister Yun.”

“Junior sister is alluring as usual despite our last meeting.”

“Senior sister is as gorgeous too after several years of separation.”

“Would you like to have a bout when you come over this time?”

“I wish to learn from senior sister, let’s fight to see who’s the bull.”




They carried their swords while cupping their palm over their fist before dealing their first strike.

As Yun Yang watched the duels among the disciples, he was utterly exasperated.

‘Several years of separation? Excuse me, which day have you two not meet each other? How is it several years of separation?’

‘Fight to see who’s the bull even… Both of you, you’re girls, what bull?’

‘Alluring like usual, gorgeous… You two, don’t blaspheme the adjectives alluring and gorgeous okay? You babies…’

Perhaps the Residence of Nine Supremes was still lacking in many aspects compared to the other schools but on the standard of being posers, the members were top of the Bound of Universe; they were unparalleled, totally the top ten – top five, top three, basically. Yun Yang sighed.

Since when had the sect’s mannerism gone astray? Why did he not notice it? Not even a hint?

“Junior Brother Yu!”

“Senior Brother Sun.”

“You’ve achieved a breakthrough!”

“Senior brother has sharp eyes.”

“Would you like to engage in a duel?”

“No thanks. I won’t be able to beat you, no need to battle in vain. I shall exchange wisdom with you on another day.”

“Have a good journey, junior brother.”

“You’re too courteous, senior brother.”

“Do be on your way.”


These fools… Yun Yang wondered if they could still speak like a normal human being.

Fortunately, he found the source quickly.

Shi Wuchen was seen landing graciously with an excellent technique while Luo Dajiang walked over, bearing an imposing manner like a mountain.

“Second elder brother!”

“Third younger brother!”

“Second elder brother has improved again.”

“You too, third younger brother.”

“Second elder brother, you’re captivating as usual.”

“Third younger brother…”

As both of them turned, they saw Yun Yang.

“Big brother!”

“Big brother is captivating as usual…”

“Big brother is dazzlingly handsome…”

Yun Yang turned away swiftly covering his face and sprinted back to his hall. He palmed his forehead and let out a long sigh, not knowing what to say for a long time.


‘These drama queens!’

‘The Residence of Nine Supremes used to be amazing. How did these troublemakers transform it into a fools’ camp!’

Yun Yang could not figure it out no matter how hard he thought about it. When did it become what it was now? Why? It had been normal!

Summoning and questioning Little Fatty, Little Fatty was stunned and blurted another question instead of answering him, “Didn’t you suggest this?”


“It was after the last sect match that you suggested it, mentioning that everyone’s already a teacher, a role model. Whenever and wherever, one must act and educate exemplarily…”

Little Fatty stared back at Yun Yang weirdly in confusion, as if saying, “How could you forget it when you arranged it?”

“Everyone’s exerted their all to be able to act it out. Why are you flipping out instead, boss? This is illogical…”

Yun Yang hugged his head, refusing to reply.

I – illogical?

‘Heck, I want you guys to be role models in educating them, be exemplary, but not this way.’

‘What examples are these?!’

Leaving this nonsense aside, there were still happy and comforting occasions that had happened in the forty days, like the amazing stage the Residence of Nine Supremes’ younger generation disciples had achieved in their progress.

Yu Chenghang and Sun Mingxiu had respectively gone to the second tier of Immortal Mystic. Other than the secure placings these two boys had grabbed onto, the ranking of the other top ten disciples was shuffled almost every ten days.

A slight slack in effort made it possible for the junior siblings behind to keep up and override them. Once they lost, the senior brother would become the junior brother and the senior sister would become the junior sister.

The rank change was exciting. Hence, everyone cultivated insanely and tried their hardest to improve due to their competitiveness…

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