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Chapter 1017 - The Residence of Nine Supremes’ Competence That Was Making Headway

Chapter 1017: The Residence of Nine Supremes’ Competence That Was Making Headway

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Faced with disciples who were all-out in training, what Yun Yang had to consider instead was to prevent them from overstraining and hurting themselves. He could not encourage them to diligently cultivate like that any longer…

As time passed, Yun Xiuxin’s position as the eldest senior sister was validly secured. Her method of showcasing her powerful influence was very simple – one order and everyone would move in together, holding Hu Xiaofan down before beating him up!

All of them actually took action together. Even Cheng Jiajia who was usually gentle would stealthily kick the boy… It was obvious how much the boy was despised by everyone.

Nonetheless, the overall capability of Yun Yang’s Central Peak was growing at a terrifying speed.

It was not only Yun Yang’s mountain, actually, but the other peaks were also developing at an alarming speed after returning from the mission as well.

For example, the Ninth Peak’s Bai Yexing had advanced directly to the Heaven Mystic after coming back while Ling Xiaorou had forged on to the Earth Mystic three days after Yun Xiuxin did.

Due to the members’ consecutive breakthroughs, the lower level of the Heaven, Earth, and Jade Mystic training facilities that Qian Duoduo had set up earlier was damaged at various levels. The battering only grew worse each day. They were only slightly impaired on the previous day — still usable after a quick repair — but would be destroyed on the second day…

Qian Duoduo complained to Yun Yang with a long face, “Boss, this can’t do. Even if we’re rich and can afford it short term, how much more do we have to spend to sustain this expenditure when these disciples are so savage…”

“Rubbish. Change the equipment to new ones quickly, change them to stronger ones. Ones that they won’t be able to move or damage!”


It could be a fantastic cultivation environment and sufficient personal labor. The ones who achieved a breakthrough after the toughening of mind were not limited to those whose cultivation bases were initially weaker like Yun Xiuxin and Hu Xiaofan. The newly crowned first disciple of the Residence of Nine Supremes’ top ten disciples, Sun Mingxiu, had progressed directly to the level of Immortal Mystic on the fifth day of their return, becoming the first among the Residence of Nine Supremes’ pupils to step foot into the rank of ace cultivators!

The second disciple Yu Chenghang too, had pushed on to Heaven Mystic pinnacle. He would be able to ascend to a higher realm with serendipity.

In fact, every disciple of the residence was cultivating wholeheartedly. The Qi of Dao, the Qi of vitality, and the Primordial Qi of Amethyst that was flowing around the Residence of Nine Supremes were slowly but surely transforming the children’s foundation and talent, swiftly aiding them in their cultivation speed!

Each elevation of their physique would bring forth a leap in their cultivation base, and each newly awakened chakra would result in a difference as wide as the distance between the heavens and earth alongside the waterfall wash of spiritual Qi through it.

The situation felt like an eye-opener to Dong Qitian. Was he supposed to pick kids lacking talent when he was to select his disciples in the future? Was he to watch them better themselves step-by-step, improving leaps and bounds each time?

The so-called prodigious disciples in his memory did not seem to make such swift headway. This felt like soaring right into heaven in a step, it was never before seen… What was going on?

Speaking of Dong Qitian, his ‘convenient’ trip home was like what Yun Yang had guessed.

No one knew where his old house was. The small valley he originally resided was now a small town. The change was incredibly fast and it was not even like having different people in the same place… As for his family members, who knew where they were now? Who would know if he had an heir…

Despite Dong Qitian’s temperament, he was still crestfallen for a long time.

“Maybe they’re still alive – have just switched to another place and live in seclusion while waiting for you…” Yun Yang tried to comfort him.

Dong Qitian did not reply.

What Yun Yang said sounded fair but it was only a lie to himself. It had been more than four thousand years. Who would be able to give an account of what had happened and how things had progressed?

His cultivation base was formidable, and he could live for such a long time. However, there was no one at home with a similar cultivation base when he had left back then… After so many years, they were now most probably in the soil…

Ten days later, the Residence of Nine Supremes struck for the second time.

This time, the Demiurge-Flawed Ten only took two disciples each. The rest of the children were left to cultivate and practice in the sect.

Their targets were ten human trafficking organizations. They were to wipe them out, and no one was to be an exception.

Bringing only two protégés along, the seniors could maximally train the combat skills of both children in addition to saving them at any given time, ensuring no accident. Such an arrangement was foolproof!

The official battle of the Celestial Luck Banner was now only five months away.

The atmosphere in the Residence of Nine Supremes turned more tensed instead because a new round of matches among the peaks would be held once more after a few days.

Furthermore, the residence did not prohibit challenges between their members during this period of time.

‘If you think that your capability has surpassed your senior sibling, you can challenge them!’

‘If you win, you’ll be the senior sibling now, and you’ll be able to bask in victory!’

‘If you lose… Sorry, but your allowance and benefits this month will wholly belong to the person you’ve challenged!’

Almost everyone who was ranked upfront was in danger. Below them, kids were lining up to challenge them. The sparring field of the Residence of Nine Supremes was now occupied most of the time!

Even Yun Xiuxin had gone to challenge Sun Mingxiu.

“I don’t hope to win you now but I’d like to know how far away I am from you.”

Yun Xiuxin’s cultivation base was in Earth Mystic intermediate when she had said this. The process was simple and short. The girl lost within three exchanges. Aside from her devastating loss, she had to pass up her month’s worth of allowance.

In spite of it, Yun Xiuxin had achieved another breakthrough on the eighth day after the challenge. She had leaped to Earth Mystic pinnacle and was only one small step away from the Heaven Mystic.

Sharing the same thought as Yun Xiuxin were many other disciples – they did not want to win the stated opponent, they only wanted to know their difference.

The current state made the Residence of Nine Supremes’ eldest senior brother, Sun Mingxiu, feel like a piece of meat swinging in front of a pack of famished wolves. He felt very much like crying out loud, “You guys can find Yu Chenghang if you want to know the difference between our levels… Why must you come for me! Do you know that I have to be very careful when I fight all of you? I’ve to reel myself in and control my power. It’s tiring!”

“Yu Chenghang is about to keep up with me now that I’m being delayed by all of you. For an expert to be slowed down by you bunch of non-experts is a huge burden, don’t you know that?!”.

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