I Am Such An Expert; Why Do I Have To Take In Disciples

Chapter 441 - Eight Years of Seclusion, Seventh Saint in the World

Chapter 441 Eight Years of Seclusion, Seventh Saint in the World

Lu Xiaoran did not care much about Wang Cai’s words.

After all, his soul body was far superior to Pangu’s. It was also reasonable for him to easily comprehend a cultivation technique that Pangu found very difficult to comprehend.

The Primordial Supreme Art had already allowed his cultivation to break through to the perfected tenth level of the Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm. He was only a step away from stepping into the Primordial Chaos Limitless Golden Immortal Realm.

He was even more confident in resisting Patriarch Hongjun.

However, Patriarch Hongjun had been planning for hundreds of thousands of years. Who knew how many methods he had?

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran was also careful.

He sensed that Lige and the others were also about to break through to the Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm.

Luo Yang and the others, who were originally from Jie School, were also about to reach the Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm.

Lu Xiaoran wanted to let them advance after he became a Primordial Chaos Limitless Golden Immortal.

However, at this speed, they would probably advance before he did.

This was because even if his talent was much stronger than theirs, it was still not as easy for a Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven to advance to the Primordial Chaos Limitless.

The reason why Lu Xiaoran wanted them to advance slower was mainly because he wanted to take back the mark that belonged to them in the Six Paths of Reincarnation. In this way, they could better advance to a stronger realm in the future.

After all, according to Wang Cai, if there was an existence above Pangu, then a Primordial Chaos Limitless Golden Immortal cultivation might not be enough.

However, just as Lu Xiaoran checked his body, he discovered two more purple lights in his body.

“What are these two?”

“Master, this is the Primordial Purple Qi.

“The Primordial Purple Qi is an existence that surpasses everything in the three worlds. There are only two ways to cultivate the Primordial Purple Qi. One is to cultivate the power of chaos, and the other is to cultivate the power of laws.

“The two paths are completely different, but they all lead to the same goal. The power of chaos and the power of laws were the same. The power of chaos exists in chaos. For example, Patriarch Yang Mei, Lige’s previous identity Rahu, and even Hongjun’s previous body had cultivated the power of chaos. After Hongjun fused with the Heaven Dao, he began to cultivate the power of laws. Moreover, in the three worlds he controlled, everyone that wanted to cultivate to the Saint Realm also had to cultivate the power of laws.

“As for Master, because you have become a Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, you also cultivate the power of chaos.

“However, in the end, you will still have cultivated Primordial Purple Qi.

“This is the source of everything in the world.

“It has a lot of uses and simply surpasses your imagination. Back then, Patriarch Hongjun had separated six Primordial Purple Qi which turned into the six Saints of the three worlds!

“Based on this, you can see how powerful it is!

“Moreover, the Supreme Primordial Art Master cultivates is the most suitable to cultivate the Primordial Purple Qi.

“If you were given a certain amount of time, it would also be easy for the Primordial Purple Qi in your body to surpass Hongjun.

“At that time, you can even use the Primordial Purple Qi to increase my quality and the quality of the other Dharma treasures and turn them into Chaos spirit treasures or even Chaos cardinal treasures.”

“Is there an even stronger existence above the Chaos cardinal treasure?”

“Yes, that’s the Primordial Treasure! The Primordial Pearl!”

At this point, Wang Cai’s tone clearly became very solemn.

“That’s the strongest Dharma treasure within the three worlds. It’s said that it’s built from Primordial Purple Qi and is the source of these three worlds.

“However, even Pangu has never seen the Primordial Pearl. Or rather, no one in history has seen the Primordial Pearl!”

“I see.”

Lu Xiaoran somewhat understood the rules. To put it simply, Wang Cai was already about to reach its limit. However, the Supreme Primordial Merit it gave him allowed him to reach a higher level and then nourish it.

It had to be said that Wang Cai was really smart. This was simply a win-win situation.

If it fought Hongjun or the Jade Creation Butterfly formed by the 49 Heaven Dao power alone, it definitely wouldn’t be able to win.

Instead, if it found someone to nurture to a higher level, it could perfectly resist Hongjun or the Heaven Dao.

However… why did he feel that the Primordial Pearl was somewhat familiar?

It was as if there was a vague memory in his mind.

However, when he wanted to think deeper, he discovered that his memories were blank.

“Could it be that my main soul is related to the Primordial Pearl?”

“Master, what are you muttering about?”

“No… nothing.”

Lu Xiaoran brushed it off. Before he was sure of this, he did not want to trouble himself too much.

“Wang Cai, open the gift box first.”


In the past year, the cultivation of the disciples had increased a lot. Although Lige and the others had not increased to a higher level and were still stuck at the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm, Li Changsheng and the others had already broken through to the peak of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm.

Therefore, Wang Cai had still accumulated a lot of gift boxes.

Power of Chaos x9999.

The power of chaos Lu Xiaoran had previously absorbed was all extracted from the world and was not pure Power of Chaos.

With the power of chaos, his cultivation speed could increase, as he could directly refine it.

However, with the Supreme Primordial Art, the power of chaos was actually dispensable to him.

However, it was still very powerful for the disciples.

Power of Chaos X2200.

Power of Chaos x1500.

The following rewards were basically all power of chaos.

Lu Xiaoran also understood that this was basicallyost Wang Cai’s limit.

Above the power of chaos was the Primordial Purple Qi.

Moreover, the Primordial Purple Qi was so precious that even Wang Cai had only obtained thirteen of it after accumulating it for so many years.

It was probably unwilling to give it to him, right?

Primordial Purple Qi x2.

Just as Lu Xiaoran was thinking this, two Primordial Purple Qi actually appeared in the last gift box.

This made Lu Xiaoran stunned.

“Wang Cai, don’t you only have thirteen Primordial Purple Qi? Why did you give me two?”

“It can’t be helped. After all, Master is too weak now. If I don’t give Master two more Primordial Purple Qi, what if Master gets killed?”

“You brat.”

Lu Xiaoran shook his head and smiled speechlessly.

However, a warmth surged in his heart.

There was no need to say anything about their friendship. He naturally knew.

“I was originally prepared to live ignobly for ten years, but now it seems that it’s probably too late. Wang Cai, how’s your preparation for your immortal body?”

“Master, your immortal body has already absorbed all the merit. You can choose to advance to the Saint Realm at any time.”

A firm expression flashed in Lu Xiaoran’s eyes.

“Alright! In that case, let’s begin!”


After taking a deep breath, Wang Cai immediately activated Lu Xiaoran’s immortal body and began to transcend the tribulation to become a Saint!

At this moment, a world-shocking aura instantly made the entire three worlds tremble.

The existence in the Purple Cloud Palace was the first to sense this abnormality.

After all, almost 99% of the entire three worlds was under his control. Therefore, he sensed this aura immediately.

“What’s going on? Someone’s transcending the tribulation to become a Saint? Who’s transcending the tribulation to become a Saint?”

He immediately calculated with his fingers and immediately understood.

“A disciple of Tongtian? I didn’t expect Jie School to encounter such a huge opportunity. There’s no such arrangement in the Heaven Dao! Could it be him?”

However, he quickly shook his head. “That’s not right. If it’s him, it’s impossible for me to investigate. Moreover, this guy is indeed a Saint under the control of the Heaven Dao and not a Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. I only need a thought to crush him.”

“Perhaps it’s because the Heaven Dao had yet to completely control the three worlds and is a little lacking and incomplete, causing this outcome.

“However, it is not a bad thing to have an additional Saint.

“After all, with every new Saint, my control of the three worlds will become deeper!”.

Thinking of this, Patriarch Hongjun flicked out a decree and closed his eyes again.

The other party was completely under the control of the Heaven Dao, so he did not have to worry at all.

After all, if the other party had any ulterior motives, he only needed to think about it to destroy the other party.

On the other side of the Purple Cloud Palace, School Master Tongtian exploded on the spot.

“Damn! This brat has already become a Saint? No way? No way, no way? How long has it been?”

It had not even been ten years!

“I gave this brat ten years. No matter how monstrous his talent is, he shouldn’t be this abnormal, right? It’s already not bad for him to cultivate to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm in ten years. How did he become a Saint in the blink of an eye?”

At this moment, School Master Tongtian was completely confused and stunned on the spot.

It had to be known that the reason why he created Lu Xiaoran was only to revive Jie School. In the end, he did not expect this brat to directly ascend to the heavens.

Previously, his thoughts were also very simple. Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation was very low. If the other party was given ten years to cultivate to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm first, the other party could save his life. After that, he could slowly cultivate and also seize territory to revive Jie School.

Even if he was given a hundred brains, he would never have thought that Lu Xiaoran could actually become a Saint in eight years!

This brat was not human!

He was too abnormal!

At the same time, the two of them were not the only ones who were shocked in the three worlds. Almost everyone in the three worlds was shocked.

Be it the strong or the weak, at this moment, as long as they had the ability, they would all risk their lives to go to Golden Ao Island.

They all wanted to witness this new Saint transcend the tribulation to become a Saint.

Almost in a few breaths, countless Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals from various Daos arrived around Golden Ao Island.

Sensing the powerful aura that was constantly emitted from Golden Ao Island, everyone could not help but widen their eyes and stare fixedly, their eyes revealing endless yearning!

Becoming a Saint was everyone’s dream, but it was also everyone’s hope!

Now, a Saint who was about to appear was in front of them. Who wouldn’t look forward to it? Who wouldn’t be excited? Who wouldn’t worship it?

Even if this Saint was not them!

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