Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 239: A fun and painful night

Chapter 239: A fun and painful night

When the first rays of sunlight hit him. Noah breathed a sigh of relief.



To his side, there are two ladies who are soundly asleep. One of them took hold of his right arm while the other one hugged his head with an arm on his chest.


With his body tightly bound by the ladies, he couldn’t move freely as the feminine touch caused waves of stimulation across his mind.

Their breaths were near his neck. Their silver and golden locks are strewn across his body. Any healthy adolescent male would find it hard to sleep in such a stimulating environment.

He used his sheer focus to endure the night and he is now mentally exhausted.

If it wasn’t for the Astar Mark on him, he would have run out of mental energy hours ago.

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The two ladies were ignorant of the anguish they inflicted on this healthy male’s psyche. They sandwiched his body under the sheet.

Julie treated him like family but she still has her modesty. Meanwhile, Lilith looks gutsy but she isn’t open enough to sleep in the same bed as a man she just knew for 3 days.

This happened because Julie and Lilith couldn’t afford to lose him in this informal competition. The two threw caution to the wind as they latched onto Noah.

“I don’t know what I did but I don’t deserve this punishment.”

He mumbled out loud as the two foreigners continued using him as a pillow.

He used many methods to distract himself.

Julie is still ok but Lilith’s body is enough to make him go mad.

Noah passed the night with various mental practices.

By the time Sarah arrives, he would probably be in trouble as her lady is currently latched onto him like a leech.

Noah had one last option.


Noah pleaded.

“Wake up, it’s morning already.”


Lilith knitted her brows.

Then, she shifted up and into Noah’s face.

His blood pressure rose with this movement.

Noah might just snap.


He tickled her belly.

“Wake up!”


Lilith moaned as she slowly opened her eyes.


She yawned while rubbing her eyes. She identified Noah before asking him.

“What? Noah?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

Noah said.

“Lilith, let me go.”


Lilith noticed her current position. Instead of flying away, she teased him with a grin.

“Are you happy to see me?”


He took his arm out from her divine valley.

This violent movement rubbed against the tips of her divine mountains. He was sure he touched something perky during the process.


Lilith moaned again. She collapsed down on his chest.

Noah apologized.

“S-sorry about that.”


Lilith woke up after this commotion.

He held his breath as the blanket protected Julie’s garden from his gaze.

Lilith’s back is still exposed to him.


He already knew she had a good figure but this girl is just too curvy for her own good.

Noah turned the other way.

Except, he forgot one thing. Julie is over there and her head is near his shoulder.

He almost kissed her when he turned around without looking.


Julie smelled him and she subconsciously hugged his arm tighter.

She also leaned forward.

He dodged her lips just in time.


Lilith watched this unfold with amusement.

“I wonder if something interesting might happen if I wake her up now?”

“Stop trying to raise hell, missy.”

Noah said.

“I am tired.”

“Ara now isn’t the time to be tired.”

Lilith beamed at him.

“I need you to accompany me.”


Noah asked.

“What was that?”

“Don’t make me repeat myself.”

Lilith got off the bed with a blanket as her robe. She gave him an ambiguously sly smile.

“It’s a special place for me.”

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