Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 238: The golden and silver ladies

Chapter 238: The golden and silver ladies

Noah tried searching for the Units on his phone but he couldn’t find anything on the organization.

He somehow expected this outcome but he is disappointed nonetheless.

“As expected, operating in an unfamiliar world brings unforeseen challenges.”

He could use Fairy Tail’s fame and intel network in the old world for secrets.

However, he is alone in this world. He has neither the background nor the resources to leverage.

If he wants secret intel then he needs to dig them up himself.

“Do I have to hack the national database again? I think I would only get a list of general info.”

Noah mused to himself.

“Maybe I can get help from Lilith?”

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Lilith is the principal investor behind Dawn Organization. He reckons they would have the reputation and network to get the intel he needs.

Noah suppressed his emotions and went back to the dorm.

Alas, he won’t get the chance to do so.


Inside the lavish room, a tense mood started spreading.

Noah’s eyelids twitched when he saw the scene.

Lilith is also troubled by the intruder.

“I didn’t think you would be so adamant. Looks like I gave you less credit than you deserved.”


In a white shirt, the silver-haired lady hugged a pillow while dripping wet. It seems she just bathed and came here straight away. It is as if she is preemptively trying to stop an event.

“Even if I am not his Duo, I won’t let you have the right to sleep with Noah.”

Julie repeated.

“Hey, Noah.”

Lilith sighed.

“Can you fix this?”

Who’s fault do you think it is?

She is the one who let her mouth run loose. She is also the one who provoked Julie.

Noah smiled at Julie.

“Julie, did you tell Imari you’re coming here?”

“Imari said if Julie is here then Noah won’t do anything funny. She said I am fine just by myself.”

Julie tilted her head.

“Noah, what did she mean by funny things?”

“Something you shouldn’t know for now.”

Lilith teased her.

“Imari said that?”


Julie recalled something.

“Also, Imari said she’s not talking to Noah because she is angry with you.”


Noah stayed silent.

“Well, what do you want?”

Lilith got annoyed.

“We only have one bed, are you going to barge in on us?”

Noah noticed this problem too.

Lilith changed the bed to a large one but it still isn’t enough for the three of them.


Noah raised his voice.

“There is only one bed, how are we going to sleep?!”

“Ara, like we did yesterday, under one sheet.”

Lilith thought this was a non-issue.

“You’re my Duo, I will allow you the special privilege of getting in bed with one more.”

“No, not needed”

Julie’s ahoge stood straight as she growled.

“Noah sleeps with me!”


Lilith denied.

“He’s my Duo, he’s coming to the bed with me.”

“Then I am joining!”

Julie said.

“I am joining you guys in bed!”

Noah and Lilith finally understood why she brought her pillow.

She expected this outcome.

The night descended.


Julie tugged his sleeve.

She kept reminding him like an animal that is eager to eat.

“It’s time to sleep.”


Noah smiled.

“It feels like I am about to go on death row.”


Julie tilted her head.

“I don’t object to your presence.”

Lilith sipped the milk in her cup. She is in her pajamas.

“But, that doesn’t mean I am letting you have him.”

Julie ignored Lilith. She continued tugging Noah’s sleeve while using her puppy eyes on him.


Noah sighed while rubbing her head.

“What am I going to do with you?”

Julie turned red while letting her excitement known.

“You spoil her too much.”

Lilith mumbled before emptying her cup.

“Anyway, it’s time to sleep. I have things to do tomorrow.”

Lilith started stripping.

Yes, she immediately undid her pajamas.

“Hold up!”

Noah almost jumped up from the bed.

“Lilith, what in the world?!”

Julie also blushed when she saw Lilith’s birthday suit.

Lilith is the one who didn’t understand their astonishment.

“What? I am getting ready to sleep.”

“Why did you strip?!”

Noah yelled.

“I said it before.”

Lilith explained.

“I can’t sleep if I am in bed with clothes on.”

Lilith’s porcelain skin and luscious back and behind attracted his eyes.

She was well-developed for her age and she exuded a feminine charm like no other.


Noah tried to dodge this by gazing in Julie’s direction. This turned out to be a mistake too.

Julie also undid her shirt button. She was already naked by the time he looked at her.

Julie said.

“I can’t lose.”

This is going to be a sleepless night. Noah knew that instinctively.

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