Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality

Chapter 8

This Husband Of Hers Is Steel

“Thank you for the trouble, Director Luo.” Zheng Qingshan hoped fervently that he would quickly forget about this incident, especially her blunder. “Miss Xia, take Director Luo there. It’s okay if you arrive a little late for the rehearsal.”

In an instant, Zheng Qingshan’s gaze on Xia Bohe softened considerably and even showed a kind of eagerness.


It seemed that it would all depend on this child to turn around Director Luo’s bad impression of this batch of students.

Shouldering such high expectations, Xia Bohe could only bite the bullet and nod her head.

She gestured to the man. “… After you.”

However, right after stepping out of the room and into the corridor, she sensed the scent of winter grass coming behind her in cool waves, and her shoulders were instantly gripped by a powerful palm.

Her view shifted in a blur, and with a bang, she was hauled by the man into the emergency stairwell like a chick being captured.

Her back was pressed onto the mottled wall in just one second!

Looking up, she could only see the man’s strong jawline, devoid of stubble, but full of angular aggression.

The lights in the stairwell shone alarmingly white and bright.

Xia Bohe swallowed.

The man had propped his arm on the wall, directly confining her whole body in the corner.

As he leaned down, her face was immediately showered with his grassy scent.

“I hope this was not the surprise you’re giving me for our third wedding anniversary.”

His voice was deep and radiated a coldness.

Xia Bohe almost blacked out.

It was their anniversary today?

Oh my, no wonder the man was so furious and divorced the original host the next day in the novel.

“How long have you not been home, eh?”

His next sentence brushed against her ears, sending chills down Xia Bohe’s spine.

The original host had greatly resisted being together with this man.

Not only did she only go home once a month, but she had always chosen the days to do so when he was away for business trips.

This month further gave her an excuse to prepare for the final play assessment, and she did not go back at all.

“Cough… cough!”

Recalling this, Xia Bohe felt that she was so wronged.

The original host’s husband, Luo Tianlin, was the hidden Big Boss in the plot. As the head of the Luo family, he possessed unrivaled status and power, but he did not have many parts and only appeared as the hero’s uncle in the story.

Luo Tianlin’s biggest part was probably during the original host’s betrayal because she had fallen in love with the novel’s hero… She had fallen in love with her own husband’s nephew.

Thinking of this, Xia Bohe felt like crying.

The original host was really digging her own grave.

Her husband was obviously more badass than the hero and was extremely handsome too. Why did she have to be suicidal?


Xia Bohe was still lamenting when she raised her head and hit the tip of her nose against the man’s chest.

The muscles under his suit were unexpectedly strong, making her tear up from the pain at once.

However, Luo Tianlin’s eyes became even colder. “You’re not yet awake? I thought you were awake enough when you threw your phone downstairs.”

Xia Bohe’s heart jumped.

Of course, he had found the phone in the flower bed!

“Once the play is over, get in the car at the back door and go home at once.”

The man’s tone was full of forbearance.

“Otherwise, I don’t mind personally investigating the relationship between that ‘Senior Liu’ and you.”

Xia Bohe opened her mouth, then closed it again silently.

Did [Endearingly Pitiful Level 1] really only worked for those over 50 years old…

This man was unaffected!

Was he made of steel?

However, the next second, the system notification sounded in her ears.

[Host needs detected; issuing new task.]

[Task Content: Even steel can break in front of a goddess. Please make this Man of Steel’s emotions fluctuate beyond the normal threshold.]

[Reward: 300 Goddess Experience Points.]

Xia Bohe, “WTF???”

Was such adaptability necessary?

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