Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality

Chapter 7

The Truth Is Out

There were surveillance cameras installed in the school corridors, but this equipment was usually useless.

Without the permission of a higher authority, it would be impossible for ordinary students and teachers to access the footage.


From the beginning to the end, Mi Min thought that her plan was flawless and had never thought that somebody would ask to check the footage.

After all, if people were to see a girl in disheveled clothes and meeting a boy in the changing room privately with the addition of a text message invitation, anyone could imagine the whole story.

Moreover, Dean Zheng, who held great power, was known to be stubborn and arrogant. As long as she perceived a student negatively in her heart, she did not need solid proof whatsoever.

As for now…

“Mi Min, you left five minutes just before Liu Qichen entered the changing room, and Xia Bohe hasn’t left the changing room for half an hour. Her phone was probably already in the stairway at that time.”

Her face pale, Mi Min pointed at her hurrying figure in the surveillance footage. “Dean Zheng, that’s because I just changed into my costume for rehearsal. The timing was just a coincidence. Later on, I realized that I had forgotten my script, that’s why I came back!”

Zheng Qingshan narrowed her eyes.

She had enough time to think through the matter when walking from the changing room to the surveillance control room, and after seeing the surveillance footage.

“Then tell me, how did Xia Bohe make an appointment with Liu Qichen when she didn’t have a phone? How could she be sure that you must have left by that time? Only you can grasp this timing, Mi Min, what exactly are you hiding!”

“Dean Zheng, are you suspecting me?” Mi Min took a step back.

She crashed into a row of cabinets in the control room.

Amidst the banging sound, her expression became extremely ghastly.

“Everyone knows that the rehearsal time is fixed. I was almost late when I went just now. Dean Zheng, you can’t think it’s my fault just because I happened to be there.”

Mi Min had felt that her plan was foolproof, and in a moment she was about to sling this pile of mud onto Xia Bohe’s head.

Why had it changed to aim at herself now?!

Mi Min looked at the cold and handsome man standing by the window with a pitiful plea in her eyes.

“Director Luo, please be fair. I am innocent. I don’t know what happened in the changing room after I left. I don’t know anything at all.”

However, without hesitation, the man stepped backward in disgust and avoided her gaze.

Mi Min’s face turned pale. She knew she was not as beautiful as Xia Bohe.

However, she was also considered pretty, and there were usually many boys chasing after her.

How could this be!

It was obvious that when Xia Bohe acted pitiful just now, Director Luo had listened to her and asked to check the monitors for her sake.

Why did he look disgusted when it came to herself?

The next moment, she heard a voice cold enough to push her into hell.

“Where is the rehearsal hall in the building?”

Mi Min suddenly felt numbness in her hands and feet, as if a basin of ice-cold water had been poured over her head, and her whole body began to tremble!

Xia Bohe, who had been standing beside her and desperately holding onto the [Endearingly Pitiful Level 1] skill, raised her small face, a ray of light flashing through her eyes.

Show them, man!

In the footage, Mi Min left the changing room and turned left, seemingly heading toward the rehearsal room.

Later on, when she appeared on the screen again, she hurriedly came out from the corridor corner which was to the left of the changing room and then ran into Zheng Qingshan at the door.

“Mi Min, your rehearsal room is on the same floor as the girls’ changing room! Why did you come out from the stairwell? You went up or down from the elevator on the right, came back through the emergency staircase, and waited in the stairwell for the fourth witness to come, which ended up being me?”

After thinking for a while, Zheng Qingshan quickly realized the crux of the matter and instantly became furious!

“Was that what happened!?”

Mi Min shook her head helplessly. “No, it’s not… I, I just…”

A cold voice interrupted her again mercilessly.

“There is still an hour left before the annual play. Was Dean Zheng going to watch the last rehearsal?”

One question was enough to make Mi Min fall onto the security chair behind.

Her legs were too weak to stand.

Every year, Zheng Qingshan would assess the quality of the students’ performances at the final rehearsal.

It would usually be about an hour in advance.

“Mi Min, Liu Qichen, explain clearly to me what is going on!” Zheng Qingshan was enraged.

She understood her own habits best.

At this moment, in front of the school director, as the Dean of the Performing Arts Faculty, she had been set up by a female student and played in the palm of her hand, and had also almost punished another innocent student by mistake. It was a complete embarrassment.

“Both of you, come to my office now!”

When Xia Bohe heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She had survived this first-class crisis, right?

Now that everything was okay, could she leave?

“Since the truth has been revealed, I’ll let Dean Zheng take care of the rest. President Cui is still waiting for me in his office.”

Under the dazzling sunlight, the man’s dark eyes were bottomless like a pool of ice. He looked at the petite woman who was about to step out of the control room.

“Can this female student please show me the way?”

Xia Bohe, “!”

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