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Chapter 1108 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (8)

Chapter 1108: Loving and Doting You with My Life (8)

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Su Ya cried out, “Aun-tie, please-hear-me-out!”

 Right now, she had to speak in pauses.

 “Hear you out? What more is there for you to say? Are you saying that you didn’t make use of my daughter? If it wasn’t for you, my daughter wouldn’t have bullied Mo Feifei and those things wouldn’t have happened. It was all because of you, because of you…” As Mrs. Yang said her sentiments, she pounced forward to hit Su Ya.

Yang Chifeng stopped Mrs. Yang, however, her hand still managed to scratch Su Ya’s face and her face immediately had a few more wounds.

 She knew that her son would not allow her to hit Su Ya because of their old accounts. Mrs. Yang glared at her son and cursed while crying. “Why are you still siding with her? Are you still feeling sorry for this shameless whore? When she killed Shi Guang’s parents, she instigated your sister to bully Mo Feifei and that had caused Mo Feifei to jump off the building, and it was all in order to prevent her identity from getting exposed! Your sister did so many bad things because of this devil. I even heard from the police that this woman also killed another woman who bullied Mo Feifei with her. This woman is so vicious, why are you still helping her?”

While she said all of that, her fists landed on Yang Chifeng’s body.

 Yang Chifeng held a terrible expression on his face and just held Mrs. Yang as he willingly allowed himself to get hit.

 Su Ya originally did not want to clash with Mrs. Yang since other than Yang Chifeng, there wasn’t anyone willing to take care of her.

 However, the usually elegant Mrs. Yang actually changed temperament and hit and scolded her like a shrew. Su Ya could no longer control her temper as her heart was filled with vengeance and hate.

With her eyes brimming with tears, she clenched her teeth and said, “Your-daugh-ter-took-it-u-pon-her-self, how-does-it-con-cern-me…”

 Mrs. Yang looked at Su Ya before harshly scolding, “We were mistaken for treating you like a treasure. We treated so well and yet were actually an evil villain and heartless witch. If it wasn’t for you, my daughter would definitely not bully Mo Feifei…”

With that said, she pushed Yang Chifeng away and went forward to slap Su Ya.

 Su Ya’s vision suddenly turned black after a few slaps. She was already disfigured, to begin with, and after a few more slaps, her face already looked as ugly as a pig.

 Even the onlookers outside felt pain upon seeing the slaps. However, they did not pity her. Instead, they despised her and her actions had disgusted them.

Shi Guang, who was standing in the crowd watched Mrs. Yang taught Su Ya a lesson and thought that bad deeds would indeed come back to haunt you.

It was Su Ya’s karma, but then again, Yang Sitong was also not a good person either. Mrs. Yang should not have pushed all the blame on Su Ya.

 Both of them harbored evil designs.

 Even if Su Ya wasn’t in the picture, in order to hide the truth of her being a life savior, Yang Sitong would most probably still bully her older sister.

 They simply hit it off well.

 However, they were inside the premises of a hospital, and that meant they should not carry on arguing. Since Su Ya was now a prime crime suspect, the police rushed over as well.

The crowd dispersed and Yang Chifeng brought Mrs. Yang out. He did not expect to see Shi Guang in the hallway, and he instinctively stopped.

 Mrs. Yang froze before a shimmer of hope flashed through her eyes. And to Shi Guang, she pleaded, “Now that the truth has come to light and the real mastermind is Su Ya, please ask Lu Yanchen to let Sitong off.”

Shi Guang’s forehead creased.

 She ignored them and continued to walk forward.

 When she passed by Yang Chifeng, his face full of sorrow. “…”

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