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Chapter 1107 - Loving and Doting You with My Life (7)

Chapter 1107: Loving and Doting You with My Life (7)

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“How can this be? The Shang Family saved your life and you should return the favor, but you shouldn’t use yourself to return the favor. However, if you really like Mr. Shang, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to marry him…”

 When Mo Feifei was still Rong Mo, Shi Guang heard about Rong Mo and Mr. Shang’s love affair. She wasn’t sure if Shang Mo was the reason why her older sister did not want Rong Mo to appear in this world again.

 Mo Feifei became stiff.

 “I don’t like him.”

 Shi Guang acted cute in front of Mo Feifei while hugging her. “Then it’s okay, I don’t want you to get married so early, too. I want you to stay with me. Even if you can’t be with me forever, we can at least be together for a good two to three years.”

 Lu Yanchen walked over with a gloomy face and sat down on the sofa. He used his hand to hold his head before he snarled, “Didn’t you say you want to visit Su Ya?”

 Looking at Shi Guang’s cheerful face and how she relied on her sister just like a little kid, Lu Yanchen felt envious yet helpless at the same time.

 Stunned on her seat, Mo Feifei looked at Shi Guang and asked, “You will visit Su Ya?”

 “Yes, I am going to tell Su Wencheng’s situation to her. You don’t have to worry about me. She is now half paralyzed, she can’t harm me.”

 “I’ll go with you.” Mo Feifei was still worried and decided to go with Shi Guang.

 Shi Guang immediately agreed and held Rong Mo’s hand. They both walked away from Lu Yanchen’s side.

 Lu Yanchen sat on the sofa and watched the two sisters hold hands with one another with cold eyes. His stone-cold face had a trace of dissatisfaction.

 He was not being jealous, but Shi Guang was overly worried about her older sister… She took her sister for a delicate flower or perhaps it might be for the reason that her sister had been in a vegetative state for seven long years. And so, she was used to shielding and protecting her sister.

 However, he just wanted to say that although Mo Feifei looked very weak and delicate, she was a strong person. At least in terms of intelligence, her older sister was definitely smarter than her.

 She did not have to be so worried.


 Shi Guang and Mo Feifei walked to the floor Su Ya was in and saw there were many people crowding at the door of the ward. There were even curses and scoldings heard from within.

 “Su Ya, you despicable b*tch, it was you who harmed my family. If it wasn’t for you, my daughter wouldn’t be in jail now and my company wouldn’t have gone bankrupt!”

After that, they heard a harsh and loud slap. There were even the sounds of objects being thrown onto the ground.

Shi Guang dragged Mo Feifei to the front and cleaved their way through the crowd before seeing that Mrs. Yang and Yang Chifeng were also in the ward.

Meanwhile, Su Ya—in her hospital gown and whose head was wrapped in bandages—was sprawled on the ground. Five bloody red fingerprints were etched onto her face. With fear flashing through her eyes, she seemed to be in pain, and moreover, she looked terribly pathetic.

 Yang Chifeng wanted to help her up, however, Mrs. Yang had stopped her. She even casually hit Su Ya. “You evil witch, you will die a painful death for your sins.”

 Yang Chifeng helped Su Ya up to her bed before glancing over to Mrs. Yang with furrowed brows. “Mom, what are you doing? Are you done scolding?”

 At the same moment, the nurses and doctors walked in. “This lady over here, please leave.”

 “Do you have any idea what she has done?” Mrs. Yang couldn’t bear to raise her voice at her son and instead berated both the doctor and nurse. “She is a murderer!”

 The doctor and nurse wanted to stop Mrs. Yang at first. However, the words she had thrown stunned them.


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