Hide in the Banished Palace and Level Up To A Big Boss

Chapter 43 - A Huge Battle

Chapter 43: A Huge Battle


And a supreme-level pill, no less.

It was one level higher than the Marrow Cleansing Pill he had obtained back then.

He popped the pill into his mouth, and a warm feeling rushed through his body filling his meridians with powerful vitality.

“Ah!” Li Mu shouted in satisfaction as he felt a sense of comfort.


Finally, he wouldn’t draw in a fight anymore.

“I got such a good reward at the start. This is great news!”

Originally, he assumed that he would have to fight in the Xuan Sect for three days and three nights.

After checking in four times, there must have been a way for him to kill this third level Perfected Person.

But he hadn’t expected to get such a good reward on his first try.

Before absorbing the remaining power of the Supreme Xuan Pill, Li Mu rushed into the depths of Xuan Sect.

Now, he wasn’t afraid of that old guy.

It would be very difficult for that old man to hurt him, let alone kill him.


“Sword Five!”

His sword flashed, and the head of a disciple from the Xuan Sect fell to the ground.

“You must be looking to die,” the Senior Grand Elder said angrily as he rushed forward.

His hand gripped his sword and trembled slightly.

He couldn’t wait to kill Li Mu with a single stroke.

But with the Xuan Sect’s disciples so near Li Mu, he was afraid that he might hurt them instead.

“Sword Three!”


The heads of another two disciples rolled.

“Stop him!” The Senior Grand Elder shouted behind him.

At the entrance of Xuan Sect, the first level Perfected Person Grand Elder stuffed two pills into his mouth as he panted heavily.

They were just too fast!

He couldn’t keep up with the speed of the Senior Grand Elder and that attacker.

When he heard the Senior Grand Elder yelling, the Grand Elder smiled wryly.

If you couldn’t keep up with that guy, how can I stop him?

After swallowing the pill, he ran towards the door.

By then, Li Mu had already rushed into the core of the Xuan Sect.

“Sword Twelve!”

With a flash of his sword, the Xuan Sect’s personal disciples were all obliterated!

“How dare you!” The Senior Grand Elder followed behind him, eyes welling up with tears.

Personal disciples were the foundation of a sect.

If one died, the future of a sect would be seriously affected.

The Senior Grand Elder let out a long howl to warn them.

However, Li Mu moved much faster than his howl.

No matter how loudly he yelled, Li Mu couldn’t hear him.

The masters in the Xuan Sect never got the warning that Li Mu had arrived.

By the time they heard the Senior Grand Elder’s howl, Li Mu had already beheaded over 20 disciples.

And five of them were personal disciples.

“Stop him!”

Elder Tianshu quickly reacted and rushed towards Li Mu from the side.

He just wanted to delay Li Mu and buy some time for the Senior Grand Elder to get here.


As the swords hit each other, Tianshu was sent flying backwards.

Li Mu barely even moved.

“Go and die!”

Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Tianshu ran towards Li Mu again.


This time, Tianshu was not so lucky.

Li Mu had swiftly punched his head.

“You’re only half a Perfected Person. You don’t even understand the field. And you still think you can stop me?” Li Mu spat.

“Damn you. You’re immoral. How can you use the field for killing?” The Senior Grand Elder was so angry that he launched himself toward him.

However, his lightness skill was not as good as Li Mu’s, and he could only watch as another Xuan Sect disciple was killed.

“As long they die, who cares?”

“I don’t share the same view as you bastard!”


More and more people died under Li Mu’s sword.


Senior Grand Elder’s tears fell from his cheeks onto the ground.

“I’ll fight you to the death! Broken Soul Technique!”

A sword will flew over, causing a chill to run down Li Mu’s spine.

“Sword Twenty Three! Destruction Without Self Technique.”

This Sword Twenty Three was the reincarnated Sword Thirteen of the Dugu Jian.


Two swords fought each other as the sword will rose to the sky.

Around them, all of the buildings and plants were torn apart by sword will.

In a moment, everything within a radius of one kilometer radius was left in ruins.

Several of the Xuan Sect disciples who didn’t have the time to escape were dismembered in an instant.

“You…” Senior Grand Elder’s eyes turned red.

Many of the disciples died tragically.

He was surprised that Li Mu managed to counter this sword attack.

The swordsmanship of this man was beyond his imagination.

He started to feel anxious!

So many of his disciples had already died and yet, there was nothing he could do.

“Break The Gods!” The Senior Grand Elder swung his sword again.

“Sword Twenty Three, Kill Heaven And Earth!”

The two sword wills formed a hurricane where they intersected, leaving several ravines behind them.

“Break The Spirit!”

“Ten Thousand Swords!”

Countless sword wills flashed by.

Wherever their swords hit, the ground cracked and the boulders split apart, forming a large pit.

The battle continued on.

Li Mu and the Senior Grand Elder were still fighting in the Xuan Sect.

One day and one night had passed, and the entire Xuan Sect was filled with smoke and dust. The once glorious hall was now derelict.

Other than the corpses on the ground, there was no one left in the Xuan Sect.

The living Xuan Sect disciples had left long ago and were now scattered in the distant mountains, watching the battle from afar.

“Checking in!”

“Checked in successfully. You are rewarded with 200 years of skill!”

With this infusion of skill, Li Mu let out a sigh of relief.

All of his tiredness and injuries from fighting instantly faded away.

“Break The Spirit!”

“Sword Eighteen!”

Swords flew left, right and center as Li Mu continued fighting with increasing ease.

Yet another day passed by, and the Xuan Sect Hall had collapsed.

The cavern residence in the mountain had collapsed, and the Soul Lantern Hall had been burned to ruins long ago.

“Checked in successfully. You are rewarded with 50 years of skill!”

Four days passed and the Senior Grand Elder found himself getting increasingly more tired as he fought.

On the other hand, the more Li Mu fought, the stronger his cultivation became.

“Why? Why are you fighting against the Xuan Sect?” The Senior Grand Elder cried out.

He never expected that he would face a sword master with endless techniques and who was a third level Perfected Person.

It was impossible to kill this opponent.

If it continued on like this, he would probably die here.

Tears of helplessness started to fall down his face.

“You should ask the disciples of the Xuan Sect. I was forced into this.”

“Can you tell me the reason why?” The Senior Grand Elder asked, breathing heavily.

Until now, he didn’t even know why Li Mu wanted to destroy the Xuan Sect.

How pathetic!

“I’ll tell you while we fight.” Li Mu recounted the reasons for the two feuds. He only mentioned the important information.

“I didn’t think that that would happen! I shouldn’t have let the green robed disciples go down the mountain. As a result, they have provoked people they shouldn’t have offended.”

The Senior Grand Elder found it absurd.

Unexpectedly, the Xuan Sect, which had a long standing history in the South Continent, would now be destroyed.

The Senior Grand Elder knew that Xuan Sect wouldn’t be able recover from this. Because of that, he couldn’t allow this kid to succeed so easily.

Even if he couldn’t kill him, he wanted to injure him badly!

“Kill! Break The Sky!” The Senior Grand Elder’s gaze suddenly sharpened.


“Sword Twenty-Three!”


A wound appeared on the Senior Grand Elder’s body.

After many days of battle, this was the first time that the Senior Grand Elder was stabbed by Li Mu.


“Ten Thousand Swords!”

One day passed and Li Mu checked in again.

By now, the Senior Grand Elder of the Xuan Sect had sword wounds all over his body.

Li Mu however, had recovered fully after swallowing a pill.

The Senior Grand Elder Grand Elder was barely hanging on to life.

Half a day later, Li Mu succeeded in cutting the Senior Grand Elder’s hamstring on his upper right leg with a sword.

“Oh no!” In the distance, the expression of the first level Perfected Person suddenly changed.

“All of you, leave now and don’t come back. Take revenge for the Xuan Sect if you can in the future.” The Senior Grand Elder shouted loudly.

It was impossible to beat the master in front of him.

And there was no chance of escape left.

“Senior Grand Elder! Let’s leave together!” The remaining disciples of Xuan Sect cried loudly.

These disciples had been training here since they were young.

Seeing their Sect being destroyed brought a sense of pain and loss that filled their hearts.

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