Hide in the Banished Palace and Level Up To A Big Boss

Chapter 42 - A Sneak Attack

Chapter 42: A Sneak Attack

Down the mountain, Li Mu stared at the surprising weather in the distance.

He was still worried that he would not be able to find the location of the Xuan Sect. In fact, he never expected the Xuan Sect to leave themselves exposed.

“A third level Perfected Person?”

Out of the six auras, one stood out prominently.

Li Mu felt threatened by this aura alone.

He had never considered that the Xuan Sect would have a third level Perfected Person.

Even after he trained for many years, he still couldn’t break through to the second level.

Each level of the Perfected Person was more difficult to achieve than the previous one.

Sure enough, the Xuan Sect lived up to its reputation.

But he wasn’t afraid!

If he could not kill them, he would just flee!

After he had fought with the Xuan Sectmaster for a few days, he had learned that the Xuan Sect’s lightness skill was rather average.

Li Mu immediately used his Shenfeng Footwork to go straight to the top of the mountain.

In the snowstorm, this technique his was best chance at escape.

He wouldn’t reveal this skill to the Xuan Sect, not until the very last moment at least, so that they would be caught off guard.

Li Mu concealed himself and waited by a path near the foot of the mountain.

After half a day had passed, a disciple of the Xuan Sect finally walked passed him as he made his way up the mountain.

Li Mu’s sword flashed, and the disciple’s head rolled to the ground.

“I knew he was up to no good!”

The slain disciple was wearing a bunch of gold and silver jewelry. They were all different from those worn by martial arts practitioners.

Why did he have so much money on him?

And why was he wearing so much beautiful jewelry?

The valuables were all women’s jewelry.

Was a warrior stealing from ordinary people?

Li Mu was left with a poor impression of the Xuan Sect’s disciples.

They were so overbearing!

After a while, another Xuan Sect disciple came down the mountain.


There was another dead body at the foot of the mountain.

“A Perfected Person is coming.”

Before long, a strong aura swept down the mountain.

Two hundred meters away, Li Mu’s eyes narrowed and he launched forward with his sword.

As a second level Perfected Person, he easily and successfully sneaked an attack on the first level Perfected Person.

The long sword pierced the chest of the first level Perfected Person.

In his moment of death, the Grand Elder of the Xuan Sect was extremely shocked.

He never would have thought that there would be someone hiding at the foot of Xuan Sect Mountain, waiting to kill him.

And even more unexpectedly, the person who attacked him was more capable than him.

If he was so skillful, why did he need to launch a sneak attack?

Shouldn’t he at least reveal himself and fight in the open?

In the Hall of Soul Flickers, another soul flicker in the front row went out.

Another person had just died.

Behind him, Li Mu sensed a second strong aura. He quickly flicked his sword.


Another soul flicker in the Hall of Soul Flickers was extinguished.

In the Hall of Soul Flickers, Zhao Wu’s mouth was agape as he stared at the two extinguished soul flickers.

He hadn’t even recovered from the shock of the the first flicker going out before the second flicker went out too.

Something very bad was about to happen!

“What? Two Grand Elders are dead! How is this possible? The Grand Elders have just gone down the mountain to look for the attacker.”

Elder Tianshu only heard the news after a while.

He didn’t believe what was happening at first.

But after seeing the extinguished soul flickers, his expression changed sharply.

“Oh no. That person has almost reached the Xuan Sect. Hurry up and ring the alarm!”

When he came to his senses, Elder Tianshu’s face turned anxiously pale.

At this time, the four Grand Elders were about two hundred miles away in the forest.

A green shadow followed behind one of the second level Perfected Person Grand Elders.

A Perfected Person mostly stayed in retreat, but today, two of them were heading down the mountain.

Even a fool would realize that something was off. Li Mu was suspicious.

Sure enough, he quickly discovered that the Perfected Persons had left Xuan Sect using a different path.

It was too late for him to set up an ambush, so he used his Shenfeng Footwork and followed them quietly.

After a short while, Li Mu caught up to this person and sneaked behind him.


The silver sword pierced through his chest.

The second level Perfected Person turned and looked at Li Mu with eyes that were full of surprise, disbelief, and anger.

Evidently, he was very puzzled and was full of confusion.

“Sword Twenty-Three! Just like your Sectmaster, you have been killed by my Saint Spirit Sword Technique!”


“Oh, you want to know who I am! I’m the one you have been trying to kill!”

“How did you…sneak an attack…”


His lifeless body collapsed onto the ground.

Li Mu shook his head, and then ran off after the other person.


In the distance, bells sounded from the Xuan Sect Mountain.

Li Mu stopped and looked back in the direction of Xuan Sect.

Alarm bells were ringing?

“I have been discovered!”

On the mountain, outside the Hall of Soul Flickers, several elders stared at the soul flickers in silence.

Just like that, three more soul flickers were extinguished.

This represented the deaths of three Grand Elders.

Whoever was attacking was just too powerful!

The Xuan Sect had never suffered such a huge loss before.

This person must be very dangerous!

“Elder Tianshu, all the Grand Elders have left. If they turn back along the way and meet the attacker, wouldn’t it be…”


The elders suddenly raised their heads in hope.

It was then that they thought of a potential problem.

“The three Grand Elders were killed as soon as they left the Sect, indicating that this person was lying in ambush not far from the Xuan Sect. Three people were killed in rapid succession without a single trace of fighting. Either the opponent is very skillful, or they are very sneaky. If the Grand Elders come back now, will they meet this attacker along the way?”

If they met the attacker, the Grand Elders might also die.

“Quick! Warn the Grand Elders not to return.”

“It’s too late! We can only hope that the Grand Elders are together with the Senior Grand Elder.”

It was indeed too late.

Hearing the bell, Li Mu ran towards the Xuan Sect.

At the same time, hundreds of miles away, the three Perfected Persons from Xuan Sect also turned and ran back.

Even though they didn’t know what was happening in the Sect, the alarm bells ringing meant that the Xuan Sect was in trouble.

Li Mu stared at the three people in the distance.

Li Mu ignored the first level Perfected Person and fixed his gaze on the second level Perfected Person.

After killing him, there would only be a single third level Perfected Person and one first level Perfected Person left.

The first level Perfected Person would not be an issue. He only had to care about fighting the third level Perfected Person now.

After looking around, Li Mu found a place where the second level Perfected Person would walk past and he lay in ambush!

The returning second level Perfected Person was extremely anxious.

Just as he was about to return to the Xuan Sect…


A sword flashed right in front of him.

At this point, it was too late to fight back.

The opponent’s sword was too fast!

“Ah!” He let out a scream so loud it caused the ground around him to tremble.

In front of the Hall of Soul Flickers, a group of Xuan Sect elders stared at the soul flicker.


What they were afraid of had indeed come true.

Li Mu’s sneak attack had succeeded.

Unexpectedly, the Xuan Sect Grand Elder managed to send out a warning signal right before he died.

“Who is so bold as to kill the people of the Xuan Sect in our own home?” There was a raging roar in the distance. Following which, a powerful aura flew towards Li Mu.

Li Mu turned around and fled.

However, the mysterious person didn’t intend to let Li Mu escape so easily, so he and followed Li Mu in hot pursuit.

After a few steps, Li Mu changed direction and ran around the Xuan Sect Mountain instead.

“I haven’t checked in at the Xuan Sect yet!”

Besides that, there were still many masters in the Xuan Sect.

Even though he could easily escape, what would happen if the Xuan Sect decided to launch an attack on the Great Xia Imperial Palace?

The only solution was for him to go back to Xuan Sect and fight this old man.

Hopefully, killing a few masters of the Xuan Sect would scare them off.

“How dare you!”

Seeing Li Mu heading to the Xuan Sect, the Senior Grand Elder immediately knew what he was going to do.

He planned to attack and kill other disciples of the Xuan Sect.

If he chased after him, the huge battle that followed might destroy the Xuan Sect.

But if he didn’t chase after him, all of his disciples would be killed!

He couldn’t let that happen!

The Senior Grand Elder face was flushed red.

This was an urgent matter.

Li Mu’s lightness skill was very powerful, and in the blink of an eye, he reached the gate.

“Checking in!”

Passing through the gate, Li Mu silently read, “Congratulations to the host for signing in successfully at the Xuan Sect. You are rewarded with the Supreme Xuan Pill.”

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