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Chapter 1547 - Chapter 1547: Chapter 17: secret

Chapter 1547: Chapter 17: secret

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He was clearly talking about a major event, but the young master of the Lu family showed an indifferent expression.

“Due to some reasons, I’m also paying attention to medical information regarding heart transplants,” he said calmly. There was an authoritative heart expert in the M Nation who had been funded by the torch group. I’ve received news that he has secretly arrived in S country.”

An authoritative expert in the field of Cardiovascular Surgery had secretly arrived in S country.

There was enough information in this sentence.

Even an authoritative expert in the heart had come to S country. Did that mean that the frail Zhan Jia ‘er had also returned to the country?

The appearance of cardiologists meant that they still needed fresh matching hearts.

That’s right. If he killed her and obtained her heart, he would be able to save that girl called Zhan Jia ‘er.

They were both daughters, but she and her sister were as lowly as grass, while Zhan Jia ‘er was a treasure.

For the first time, ruan Mengmeng’s lips curled up in such a cold and mocking manner.

thank you, I know. I’ll be on guard. The mocking smile on ruan Mengmeng’s lips disappeared, and she gave the young master of the Lu family a genuine smile.

She saw little young master Lu’s gaze sweep past the little cutie behind her and was about to introduce her to the two.

“Young Madam, Mrs. Tang is here. She’s here to pick up the child,” Ling bei suddenly said.

The little cutie’s mother had been found!

Ruan Mengmeng quickly picked up the little cutie and said goodbye to Lu


In the room next door, ruan Mengmeng saw a lady dressed in an unusually conservative manner.

She was the little cutie’s mother, Madam Tang. She had almond-shaped eyes like ruan Mengmeng, but her peach-shaped eyes were different from Tang Xinluo’s.

After the two of them exchanged pleasantries, ruan Mengmeng took the business card from the other party.

“Mrs. Tang, your full name is Zhenzhen, Qin Fang?” Ruan Mengmeng was dumbfounded.

Mrs. Tang held Tang Xinluo’s hand and nodded her head. “Yes, I’m Qin Fang,

Feifei. Young Madam Li, you seem to have heard of my name before?”

“No, no, I just know someone with the same name. However, that person’s temperament and attire are completely different from Mrs. Tang’s. She’s an acquaintance from S country.”

Mrs. Tang was Chinese and had the same name. She was different from the evil woman in S country.

Tang Xinluo’s mother laughed. that’s true. There are many people with the same name in this world. However, everyone’s personality is different. Young Madam li, no matter how I thank you for taking care of luo luo for me. Luo luo, quickly thank young Madam li.”

pretty Auntie, thank you, Momo, ” the little cutie, Tang Xinluo, blinked her pretty peach eyes and said to ruan Mengmeng.

After that, Mrs. Tang wanted to take her away.

However, just as the little guy and his mother reached the door, he suddenly broke free from Mrs. Tang’s grasp and ran back.

“What’s wrong, little cutie?” Ruan Mengmeng was curious and squatted down.

The little girl took the opportunity to wrap her arms around ruan Mengmeng’s neck. Her soft little mouth came close to ruan Mengmeng’s face, and she gave her a kiss.

pretty Auntie, let me tell you a little secret, Yueyue. the little girl’s mouth moved closer to ruan Mengmeng’s ear.

A few seconds later, ruan Mengmeng finished listening and was speechless.

The little cutie replied,’really, luo luo doesn’t lie. Pretty Auntie, bye-bye,


After saying that, the little guy let go of his chubby little hand and ran back to the door.

The little cutie had left, and so had the Lu family’s young master. Now, only ruan Mengmeng and Li junyu were left in the Presidential Suite.

When she walked into the study room and told li junyu about the information provided by the young master of the Lu family …

Ruan Mengmeng suddenly sat on li junyu’s lap and wrapped her little hands around his neck. She blinked and said, ” “Hubby, get someone to buy a pregnancy test. ”

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