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Chapter 1546 - Chapter 1546: Chapter 16: the key evidence of the car accident

Chapter 1546: Chapter 16: the key evidence of the car accident

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Ruan Mengmeng’s soft almond-shaped eyes suddenly narrowed.”How did you know about my relationship with Zhan Bao?”

She had thought that it was a coincidence that the young master of the Lu family had suddenly mentioned his background to her just to gain her sympathy.

But now, it seemed that this young man’s thoughts were deep, and he had done it on purpose.

“I’m sorry, young Madam li, for taking advantage of your kindness.” The young man’s eyes were deep and calm, and he did not explain his actions.

“As a multinational corporation, Fenghuo group is ambitious. It’s not only developing in M but also trying to reach out to Hua.

Our Lu family is one of the top families in China, Zhan Bao would naturally win my father over. But now, Lu huanting had been removed from the board by his grandfather, and his influence was also affected.

Don’t worry, young Madam li. Since I, Lu Yuchen, am indebted to you, I will never work with the Fenghuo group.”

Ruan Mengmeng thought to herself, ‘that was close.’

It turned out that Zhan Bao had a close personal relationship with Lu huanting, the scumbag father of the Lu family’s young master.

He didn’t expect that his simple act of kindness would not only weaken Zhan Bao’s support, but also win over the Lu family in China.

Was this what the old man always said about good people being rewarded?

However, ruan Mengmeng was still suspicious even though she heard young master Lu’s words.

She couldn’t help but ask, “my identity hasn’t been exposed. Even if Lu huanting is related to the Fenghuo group, you shouldn’t know me.” How did you know about my connection with the torch group?”

This point was too suspicious.

“It’s simple.” The young man’s eyes darkened. because we both have a cruel father. Ruan Shishi is your sister.”

“You know my sister?” ruan Mengmeng asked.

Little Lu Qianqian replied, ‘in order to move young master Li, I’ve sent someone

to check on young Madam Li’s identity. After looking through the information, I found out that the girl who my father accepted a generous gift from the

Fenghuo group and killed by faking a car accident was your sister.”

“What?” Ruan Mengmeng’s eyes widened, and she was almost instantly attracted by the young man’s words. what did you say? say it again.

The young man’s expression did not change as he repeated.

“The war record can’t return to S country, so I asked Lu huanting to help him. The Lu family didn’t know about this at first. It was Grandpa who dealt with the aftermath and found out that Lu huanting was colluding with Zhan Bao. Zhan Bao had a daughter called Zhan Jia ‘er, who had undergone heart transplant surgery, but the results were not ideal.

They found your sister and wanted her heart. After all, they’re blood relatives even though they’re from different mothers. The probability of rejection in such a heart is lower than that of ordinary people.”

As if he had noticed the change in ruan Mengmeng’s eyes, the Lu family’s young master said, ” “Don’t worry, young Madam li. Outsiders don’t know about this. My grandfather only found out about it after interrogating one of

Lu huanting’s trusted aides. I have the evidence from the scene of the accident. I’ll have someone send it over later.”

“You have evidence of the car accident?” Ruan Mengmeng’s eyes wavered, and a deeper doubt flashed through her eyes.

“Since you already have evidence, why didn’t you show it? If my husband sees this, he won’t stop you.”

He had been rejected so many times. If he had taken it out in exchange earlier, li junyu would definitely have cooperated with him.

The young man’s lips curved into a cold arc. “No need. I only help those who are worthy of my help.”

If ruan Mengmeng had not been ruan Mengmeng, but had been an arrogant lady, the young man would definitely not have taken out the item in his hand.

At this point, the Lu family’s young master’s expression suddenly darkened. “By the way, there’s one more thing that young Madam li should be careful about. The Fenghuo group is ready to make a move on you.”

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