Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 282 - Get Shot

Chapter 282 Get Shot

The bullets come continuously. Yi Yunrui looks at Xia Ning decisively and sincerely!

Xia Ning feels a warm flow go from her heart to her whole body. At the moment, she believes that it is enough for her all the life as long as Yi Yunrui stays with her!

The rock is not very big. Anyway, it can still provide the space for them to hide and take a break temporarily.

“Rui, these men must have been ambushing here in advance. Do you know who they are?” Xia Ning asks in a low voice.

Yi Yunrui thinks for a while, “They are a group of gangsters.”

There are many people who want to kill him.

However, he can’t tell her wife frankly. It may scare her.

He has got the answer in his heart.

The man does what he did last time. Seemingly, he has never changed his purpose.

A group of gangsters?

Xia Ning doesn’t agree!

Yi Yunrui is the commander of C military region. Which kind of gangsters can find out the trace of the commander of a military region?

In addition, Yi Yunrui comes in a motorcycle. It is totally a sudden action. Can these gangsters be the bandit in the mountain area? Do they just happen to encounter Yi Yunrui here?

Or, is Yi Yunrui hiding anything?

Xia Ning opens her mouth and wants to tell what she thinks. However, when she looks at Yi Yunrui’s serious eyes, she understands at once what Yi Yunrui means…

He doesn’t want her to worry!

Yes, he doesn’t want her to worry.

Xia Ning feels moved. Under this circumstance, what Yi Yunrui puts first is how she feels…

“Then, what should we do now?” Xia Ning hears the bullets hitting on the rock continuously. She feels guilty that she is not a practical agent and she only drags Yi Yunrui behind when she stays by him.

Yi Yunrui thinks for a while. He listens carefully about what happens behind, “There are fifteen men. The weapons they use are a sniper gun, a rifle, a pistol and a shotgun.”

Xia Ning is shocked. It is obviously a terrorist attack!

“Ning, don’t be afraid. I am here with you.” Yi Yunrui strokes his wife’s hair. He looks at her tenderly, “Don’t worry. We will leave here safely.”

“I am not afraid!” Xia Ning says decisively, “I am really not afraid.”

Yi Yunrui is here. She is not afraid!

What she worried about is that she may become a burden to him and he may be hurt!

Yi Yunrui softens his eyes. He gently hugs her into his embrace, “You will need to cooperate with me.”

“Hum.” Xia Ning nods, “What do you want me to do?”

“You lie in my embrace and sleep quietly.” Yi Yunrui says and lightly pats on her.

The fifteen men are not quite a threat to Yi Yunrui!

He listens to the bullets and is clear about the positions of the fifteen men. His pistol will get rid of at least half of them.

The rest is nothing for him.

However, his wife is here. He can’t take the risks.

He doesn’t allow any hurt to happen to her. That will simply kill him!

He can almost be killed because of heartbreak!

Xia Ning is a little confused, not understanding what Yi Yunrui means.

Suddenly, she feels Yi Yunrui’s arm holding her more tightly!

Then, he rushes forwards as fast as an arrow. He runs fast in a curve on the mountain road.

He is holding her and is avoiding the bullets.

Xia Ning sees the bullets falling down on the path behind them. She feels her heart has jumped up to her throat.

It is… a machine gun!

God. Pistol, sniper gun, rifle, machine gun, shotgun…They really get all they have here.

It looks that they are simply trying to kill Yi Yunrui!

Xia Ning leans on Yi Yunrui’s chest. She tries her best to calm down herself. She sees that Yi Yunrui has no protection on his back. She holds out her hands and holds him with her palms open to provide the most protection for his back.

Even if he is to be shot in the back, she may help to reduce the hurt.

How can Yi Yunrui not understand what his wife is doing?

He feels moved. He says in a low voice, “Get your hands back!”

Xia Ning shakes her head.

Yi Yunrui frowns. His wife is being stubborn!

“Be obedient. Get your hands back. You are disturbing my actions.” Yi Yunrui lies.

Xia Ning hears that she is disturbing him. She tightens her heart and puts her hands back at once.

Yi Yunrui slightly lifts his lips with satisfaction.

Then, Xia Ning feels the bullets reducing. Seemingly, Yi Yunrui has been some distance away from the people following them. She lifts to glances at Yi Yunrui. He looks serious and decisive. At the moment, she feels her heart trembling.

She is not heavy, but yet she is almost 50 kilos. Commander Yi takes an object of 50 kilos and still runs so fast, while it is not flat ground.

It takes about fifteen minutes for Yi Yunrui to run the way. He keeps running and doesn’t even gasp heavily. Xia Ning really admires his quick and strong body.

Yi Yunrui of the C military region is an existing god!

At the time, she finds that the sound of the stream becomes shockingly loud. She looks forward and sees a waterfall right in front of them.


Well. There is a waterfall in C City. Seemingly, they are in Gufen Mountain.

Gufen Mountain, just like what it means in Chinese, is the place for tombs.

There are many horror stories about the Gufen Mountain and people seldom come here.

The Gufen Mountain is very far away from the downtown of C City. Seemingly, it took Zheng Xiaoruo quite a lot of effort to send her here and bury her.

It couldn’t be a sudden plan for Zheng Xiaoruo to bury her alive.

It is not surprising that when she met Zheng Xiaoruo, she found him weird. It turns out that he was deliberately avoiding her eyes. He was afraid that she might find out anything about his plan!

She was stupid to regard Zheng Xiaoruo as an innocent and pure boy.

What a damn misunderstanding!

Zheng Xiaoruo had been a pimp in the nightclub for two years!

How could she be so naïve?

Just as what An Zeyou had said, she was cheated. She was cheated by Zheng Xiaoruo’s appearance.

Yi Yunrui suddenly stops!

Xia Ning is worried, “What…”

Yi Yunrui lowers his head. He looks at her gently, “Ning, hold me tightly. We are jumping.”

Xia Ning looks forwards. The waterfall is right ahead!

By estimation, the height is about ten to twenty meters!

If it is a building, a jump from this height will definitely end up dead or seriously injured!

It is a pond down there. But it is unsure whether there are rocks below the water…

Xia Ning feels her heart tightened. The name Gufen Mountain makes her feel it ominous!

“Ning, don’t be afraid. I am with you.” Yi Yunrui is aware of her fear. He comforts her in a gentle voice, “Someone will come to save us soon. Listen to me. Hold me tightly.”

Someone will come to save them…

Xia Ning curls her lips. She nods and holds Yi Yunrui tightly.

If only she had eight paws.

Yi Yunrui smiles. He holds her tightly and glances at the waterfall.

Based on the speed of the water flow and the strength of the shock, there are no rocks down in the water.

If he jumps down, he can get away from the fierce attack from those following them. And, Zhang Hai may arrive soon.

Yi Yunrui makes up his mind. He holds his lovely wife and jumps to the waterfall.

The wind blows by her ears. She feels the centrifugal force. Consciously, Xia Ning holds Yi Yunrui more tightly!

They are so close to each other. She can hear clearly his strong and forcefully heartbeats. She can also feel him tightening his body. When they fall down on the water, Yi Yunrui deliberately rolls his body to get his back into the water first to reduce the shock for Xia Ning.

Xia Ning doesn’t know whether it is her illusion. She feels when they fall into the water, his body gives a sudden tremble!

Then, water comes to them from all directions and she feels cold all over.

In an instant, all sounds become vague except that the water flows.

She is sinking…

However, she sinks only for a while and then suddenly her body is held forcefully by an arm. She floats up to the surface of the water.

Once she finds herself coming back to fresh air, Xia Ning opens her mouth and breathes greedily.

She almost doesn’t need to push the water. Yi Yunrui holds her and goes forwards. The stream flows fast. However, it makes no impact on Commander Yi. Soon, they are on the shore.

Again, Xia Ning has to admire what a brave and strong soldier Yi Yunrui is!

Yi Yunrui “picks” her up from the water. Xia Ning feels her feet go off the ground and she is hugged into his wide embrace.

“Do you feel cold?”

His voice is deep and gentle. It is as warm as the flame in a stove, which drives the chill away from Xia Ning’s body at once.

“No.” Xia Ning responds decisively.

She doesn’t feel cold. She has her husband here with her.

She doesn’t feel cold. Instead, she feels warm in her heart.

Yi Yunrui smiles and gives a sigh of relief.

Xia Ning is going to say something. But she smells blood in the air. She consciously tightens her nerves!

She feels the water in her hand…kind of strange!

Xia Ning lowers her head to have a look at it and she widens her eyes at once!

Her hand … is covered with blood!

Blood comes out from Yi Yunrui’s chest. Her hand and his white clothes are red!

As if she is shocked by thunder, Xia Ning looks at the wound in Yi Yunrui’s chest. She feels as if her heart is stabbed by thousands of arrows!


God. He is shot!

When they were falling, he took a shot for her!

Xia Ning looks at the red blood. She feels her brain blank. She hurriedly covers his chest. At the moment, Xia Ning forgets breathing.

“You Silly…” Yi Yunrui sounds a little hoarse. He holds her hand with one hand and strokes her face with the other, “It is fine. It is not serious. It doesn’t hurt vital parts…ugh!”

Yi Yunrui has not finished his words when blood comes out of his mouth. Xia Ning sees it. Tears come out from her eyes like a flood from a collapsed dam.

“No. You gotta be OK. No.” She looks at the flood from his chest and feels as painful as if her heart is cut.

Damn it! Why it is not her who gets injured!

Yi Yunrui feels his heart aching to see his wife crying sadly. He takes a breath and grits his teeth to sit up.

Xia Ning is shocked. She holds him at once, “What do you want to do?”

Yi Yunrui takes off his blouse and squeezes the water out. However, he twitches the wound and frowns.

Xia Ning sees it. She grabs the blouse from Yi Yunrui, “Don’t move. Let me do it!”

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