Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 281 - The Ambush

Chapter 281 The Ambush

Forty minutes later.

The car stops in the suburban area. Zheng Xiaoruo opens the door and takes out a shovel from the back of the car.

Zheng Xiaoruo takes the shovel and looks around at a bush. Then, he stops at the place he left a mark and starts to dig the soil.

When he knew that Xia Ning is going to have an exclusive interview with him, he dug the hole. He buried Xia Ning alive here. No one knows.

After quite a while, he touches a corner of the box. Xiaoruo speeds up.

The box is specially designed. It can provide some oxygen to last for a whole day. In his plan, Xia Ning will suffer the horror and go dead slowly.

But, now, he can’t wait so long.

He is afraid that he will soften his heart.

Xia Ning has to die. She has to die!

Zheng Xiaoruo curls his lips tightly. He uses more force. Soon, the box is right in front of him.

Zheng Xiaoruo Looks at the black box. He freezes his face. He drops the shovel away and takes out a gun. He aims the gun at the top of the box.

He may pull the trigger and the woman inside will die at once!

Xia Ning is aware of the sounds outside. She tightens her heart.

Is there anyone helping her?

But…it doesn’t feel right!

If someone is trying to save her, why there is no voice?

The sound of digging is heard and nothing else.

If someone finds her, it can’t be so quiet!

If it is not to save her, what does the sound mean?

She has a very bad feeling as if a huge disaster is approaching. Xia Ning breathes faster. However, her hands are tied and her mouth is sealed. She can’t do anything to resist!

It is silent around. She hears nothing but her breath…Wait, she hears some vague sounds of a stream.

A stream?

Zheng Xiaoruo points the gun at the top of the box. He takes some deep breaths.

It is the first time for him to kill a human being.

He knows that he can’t make a delay, but he just can’t calm down himself!

Damn it!

He said that he would protect Yin Jingsi. He said that he would do anything for her. Now, he is doing it, but he is simply useless!

No, he doesn’t want Yin Jingsi to look down upon him!

Thinking about this, he supports his hand holding the gun with the other hand. He closes his eyes to take a deep breath. When he opens his eyes, his eyes are red.

Yes, he can do anything for Yin Jingsi. He can kill anyone for her!

Three years ago, Yin Jingsi met him in a nightclub. She gave him the opportunity for another life. He was moved. He had always been bullied by other people. Yin Jingsi was the only person who treated him truly kindly.

He got along with Yin Jingsi all these years. She brought him the happiness he had never experienced. He knew he couldn’t get away from her.

He couldn’t get away from her all his life.

Xia Ning…How dare you hurt Jingsi?

Those who hurt Jingsi have to die!

Zheng Xiaoruo grits his teeth. He pulls the trigger.


A shot is heard around the bush and a lot of birds are scared to fly away…

Blood sprays out!

A crash is heard and the gun is dropped onto the ground.

Zheng Xiaoruo widens his eyes to look unbelievably at the wound in his hand and the spraying blood. He is shocked blankly.

How can that happen…?


There is another shot. Zheng Xiaoruo is scared. He turns to look.

Not far away from him, there is a tall man. His face is as handsome as if it is carved. He naturally gives out the overbearing force. He stands there. His overwhelming manner makes Zheng Xiaoruo almost fail to breathe!

On the ground, there lies a motorcycle.

Based on the position of the motorcycle, the man drives very fast and hurriedly!

He carries a gun, aiming at Zheng Xiaoruo.

Zheng Xiaoruo is frightened. He feels his legs softened and unconsciously he takes a step backward.

He wants to escape. But he can’t.

Zheng Xiaoruo feels a sense of great horror. He doesn’t have any strength to escape!

The tall and powerful man walks to him rapidly. Zheng Xiaoruo feels as if death is approaching him…

“Be honest, what is inside?” The man asks coldly with no emotions on his face.

Zheng Xiaoruo is so frightened that he collapses onto the ground. His body trembles. He gasps and can’t speak a word for quite a while.

“Answer me!”

The man shouts loudly, which draws Zheng Xiaoruo’s soul back. Zheng Xiaoruo shivers, “It is…a woman…”

The man looks coldly at him. His eyes gleam with the intention of killing, “Open it!”

One of Zheng Xiaoruo’s hands is injured. He withstands the pain and opens the box with the other hand.

When it comes to this moment, Zheng Xiaoruo realizes how great it is to live.

He is clear. The man in front of him can kill him easily. But at this moment, Zheng Xiaoruo doesn’t want to die.

He really doesn’t want to die.

Zheng Xiaoruo grits his teeth. He trembles his hands to open the box slowly…

Xia Ning feels shocked by the sudden light. She is just going to close her eyes while a big hand is put in front of her eyes to block the light.

The hand is the most familiar one to her!

She feels great happiness. At this moment, she feels safe at once.

It is Yi Yunrui!

Xia Ning wants to greet Yi Yunrui, but her mouth is sealed. She can’t but murmur.

“Ning, don’t move.” Yi Yunrui comforts her. He turns to look at Zheng Xiaoruo who stands beside him.

Yi Yunrui’s eyes look deadly cold. Zheng Xiaoruo feels as if his body is being cut piece by piece. He feels his brain blank!

“You. How dare you!”

Yi Yunrui says coldly. He lifts his hand and hits Zheng Xiaoruo’s head!

In less than a second, Zheng Xiaoruo loses his consciousness.

Yi Yunrui holds out his hand to lift Zheng Xiaoruo from and ground and casually throws him away.

It is so powerful that Zheng Xiaoruo’s body rolls on the floor when it falls.

Yi Yunrui puts his gun aside. He turns to look at Xia Ning tenderly.

Carefully, he holds Xia Ning from the box and embraces her. He gives her a forceful kiss on her forehead.

“Sorry, I am late.” He puts her on his chest. He feels his heart aching. But he feels a great relief.

Xia Ning shakes her head. Her mouth is still sealed. She holds out her hand and wants to take down the tape on her mouth.

“Wait!” Yi Yunrui anxiously stops her, “This is a strong adhesive tape. You will hurt to take it down in this way.”

Xia Ning pauses.

Yi Yunrui holds out his hand to practically take down the taps on Xia Ning’s mouth. He is very considerate, afraid that he may hurt her by anyway.

He looks at his wife’s lip, which is a little red. He feels stuck. Consciously, he wants to shoot Zheng Xiaoruo into a sieve.

The useless loser. He may die a thousand times and still can’t make up for the hurt he brought to Ning!

Yi Yunrui takes out a saber. He cuts the rope on Xia Ning’s hand. Then, he hugs her tightly.

He finally finds her!

It is lucky…

If he came one second later, he would never see her again!

Yi Yunrui remembers the scene that Zheng Xiaoruo aimed his gun at Xia Ning’s head. He feels his heart aching. He hugs Xia Ning more forcefully.

“Rui…be gentler. You hold me too tight.”

Xia Ning is hugged so tightly that she can hardly breathe. She cries gently.

Yi Yunrui is surprised. Then, he turns to hold her gentler and gives a sigh of relief. He pats Xia Ning on her back, “I finally find you. You are fine. It is good…”

What he says seems to comfort Xia Ning. Actually, he is comforting himself.

He has never feared anything no matter when he is faced with the rain of bullets or death. What he fears is that she is not with him. He fears that he may never see her again!

He doesn’t have the time to think about anything. He holds her at the moment and realizes he feared deadly.

Held by Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning feels the sense of safety. She feels warm. She holds his neck and kisses him on his face, “Hum. I am fine. I am fine. Rui, don’t worry. Don’t worry…”

Yi Yunrui hears his wife comfort him like comforting a kid. He is shocked and then he laughs happily.

At this moment, it should be him comforting her. On the contrary, she is comforting him. He feels a little shy.

“Let’s go home.” He gives her a passionate kiss and holds her to walk towards the motorcycle.

Xia Ning glances at the motorcycle. She imagines the scene that Yi Yunrui drove the motorcycle and rushed here. That was awesome…She can’t help blushing.

At the time, there is a crash of metal onto the ground and a small metal ball is dropped near the motorcycle.

Yi Yunrui sees the metal ball. He freezes his eyes and crouches onto the ground at once.


There is a huge explosion. It is so powerful that the earth seems to shake.

The sound and the smell of the powder shock Xia Ning. Yi Yunrui protects her safely from that. Xia Ning feels her heart tightened!

That is a hand grenade.

Someone drops a hand grenade in this wild mountain area!

Xia Ning hasn’t collected herself when Yi Yunrui has carried her up and holds her to run towards someplace to hide. Then, she hears continuous shooting.

It is shooting!

Shooting from all directions!

Xia Ning takes a cold breath!

“Rui, put me down. I will run. You will get hurt if you hold me.” Xia Ning says anxiously.

“Don’t move!” Yi Yunrui responds in a deep voice. He quickly avoiding the bullets and walks to the rock in front of them.

Xia Ning is afraid that she may bring trouble to Yi Yunrui. She doesn’t dare move. She holds Yi Yunrui tightly.

She takes up her courage and glances at the bush behind Yi Yunrui. There are people there and bullets shine like silver, coming to them like raindrops.

Besides the bullets, Xia Ning hears the sound of the stream more and more clearly…

Xia Ning widens her eyes!

It is an ambush!

How can there be so many people in the wild mountain? Let alone the weapons. Based on the situation, it must be a planned ambush!

That is bad!

It is a trap. The target is Yi Yunrui!

Xia Ning feels a chill on her back. Someone wants to make use of her to get rid of Yi Yunrui!

Soon, Yi Yunrui holds Xia Ning and hides behind the rock. They are temporarily safe.

“Rui, put me down.” Xia Ning says in a low voice.

Xia Ning hears bullets at the back of the rock. She feels as if her heart has jumped to her throat.

Yi Yunrui spares one hand to take out a gun. But he holds Xia Ning tightly with the other hand.

“Rui, let go of me. You will get hurt…”

“Ning.” Yi Yunrui speaks. His bright eyes look decisive, “I won’t let go all my life.”

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