Heroes of Marvel



However, Lin Rui, who went home with Thor, did not see that in his next door, there was another sight besides Uncle Mike watching him. That was Tom, who had been back home for more than a month.

“Jackson, you’re still doing what you love.” Standing by the window of his room on the second floor and watching Lin Rui’s home, Tom’s eyes were dim as he whispered in the darkness.

Since Lin Rui rescued Tom more than a month ago, he has been suspended from school until today. Although Tom’s family was very happy about his return, they are also very confused about what happened to Tom.

The missing Tom has not only undergone tremendous changes in his body, but he also has a change in his personality. The former Tom was a sunny and cheerful child, but now Tom hides in his room all day long without going out or going to school.

For Tom’s change, Tom’s family also wanted to clarify these things. They asked Tom more than once about what happened during his disappearance, but Tom never answered their questions.

And his family did not dare to force him to answer. After all, Tom’s eyes would show a very painful look in them whenever they asked these questions. Tom’s family also guessed that Tom must have experienced some very bad things when he disappeared to make him like this.

Therefore, even if the current Tom had become like this, and even if he doesn’t go out all day and he doesn’t communicate much with others. His family still cares about him and they are hoping that Tom will recover to his normal self someday.

However, they didn’t know what happened to Tom. His current state is not because of any horrible things he has suffered, but because he can no longer adapt to the life of this ordinary person.


Staring at the location of Lin Rui’s house, Tom heard the sound of metal cracking in his hand and he saw that he had pinched a metal ball in his hand, but now he had directly crushed it with great strength.

Tom, who has successfully become Hydra’s latest Winter Soldier, is now stronger than the missing older generation Winter Soldier Bucky.

The metal ball in his hand was crushed and Tom’s eyes slowly returned to his normal self. Looking down at the broken metal ball in his hand, Tom didn’t know what to think.


“After experiencing those things, how can I return to a normal and safe life?” Tom thought silently while throwing the broken metal ball into the trash can.

Although Lin Rui used special means to take some risks to remind Tom of what happened before he was transformed into a Winter Soldier, he did not have the ability to eliminate all the memories that Tom experienced after being captured by Hydra.

Therefore, Tom knows very well in his heart what this world is really like, and he also knows what kind of person his best friend who grew up playing with him is.

If Tom wants to return to normal life then it’s not impossible. In the period of time when Hydra has been destroyed, Tom has become much more mature than his peers.

Tom can hide his differences pretty well if he wants to go back to school. But he didn’t want to go back and look like an ordinary person again. After all, Tom was far from the same as before.

“League of Defenders? SHIELD? X-Men? Perhaps this kind of world would be the most exciting.” Tom murmured softly as he stretched out his fingers and traced a pattern on the table.


“Jackson, if you don’t want to risk me becoming one of you. Maybe...I can do it myself...” A finger poked silently into the table, and Tom’s eyes lit up as he whispered.


In the living room of Lin Rui’s home, Lin Rui’s father, Lin Hai is busy walking around. His genius son has finally returned home and Lin Hai made a lot of dishes that Lin Rui loved.

“Haha! Come on, Thor, right? Jackson doesn’t have many friends, and even fewer of them come to the house, so you must be a close friend.” The food was already served and Lin Hai quickly said to Thor who had not yet taken his seat.

“Uh... then I’ll sit here.” Embarrassed by Lin Hai’s warm reception, Thor sits down at the table.

Lin Rui silently rolls his eyes when he saw Thor unceremoniously sitting down. Thor, who had just attacked him at the door when he was out in the open, had the nerve to sit down and eat a meal specially prepared for him by his father.


Lin Rui also sat down at the table while feeling grumpy.

“Thor, you don’t look like a student, how old are you? Do you also work in Stark Industries?” Lin Hai, who was sitting in the main seat, looked very happy and asked Thor in front of him.

“I am not a student, this year... er... I am 26 years old this year. I also don’t work in the Stark Industries. I work in a home for stray dogs and take care of them.” Hearing Lin Hai’s question, Thor let go the chopsticks in his hand answered.

Fortunately, Thor had some intelligence, otherwise, he would have reported his real age.

“Oh~ then you...” Hearing Thor’s answer, Lin Hai obviously has other things to ask.

Since Lin Rui became Mirage Knight and got into a partnership with Tony, Lin Hai has become more and more ignorant of him and now he finally got to meet a friend of his son so Lin Hai, of course, has to find more out.

“Dad, Thor is the friend I met during my internship in New Mexico last time. He came to work in New York some time ago. We kept in touch and he couldn’t get in touch with me some time ago, so he was a little worried. You don’t need to ask a lot of questions. He will feel embarrassed too.” Lin Rui helplessly explained as he knew of his father’s thoughts.

“Haha, then I won’t talk a lot, eat. Thor, can you use chopsticks? Wai a little, I will give you a knife and a fork.” Lin Hai smiled awkwardly when he heard his son’s words and he finally asked Thor if he could use chopsticks.

“No problem, Jackson has taught me to use chopsticks since I came to ...... New York.” Thor replied with a smile after demonstrating a few times with chopsticks.

Then, Thor had a great lunch for the first time at Lin Rui’s house. And after lunch was over, Lin Hai did not ask Lin Rui to help clean up and wash the dishes but let him and Thor go out for a stroll.

After all, Lin Hai could see that Thor had something to say to Lin Rui. So, after the meal, Lin Rui took Thor out for a stroll around his own neighborhood.

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