Heroes of Marvel



Seemingly happy to see Lin Rui, who was not much at home, Uncle Mike put down the hose he was holding to water the lawn and walked over to Lin Rui’s yard.

“I heard you’ve been working with Tony Stark as an assistant again, are you back on vacation this time?” Uncle Mike looked at Lin Rui and asked with a smile, while his eyes were reluctantly withdrawn from the super cool car behind Lin Rui.

Ever since Lin Rui and Tony started working together, Lin Rui has been pretty squarely out of school and not spending much time at home.

And the neighborhood and what not have stopped treating Lin Rui as an ordinary high school student, now Lin Rui is the kid next door and his performance had nearly crushed the entire youth group.

If you look at the entire United States, how many people can follow Tony Stark’s side to do experiments?

“En! Mr. Stark also knows that I haven’t been home for a long time, so he gave me a vacation this time.” Hearing Uncle Mike’s words, Lin Rui replied with the same smile. Lin Rui was already very skilled in dealing with such greetings from the neighbors.

“Haha, it seems Mr. Stark cares about you too! That, little Jackson, my son is going to graduate from MIT this year, and he has won scholarships for two years in a row, you see ......” Hearing Lin Rui’s answer, Uncle Mike continued with a smile on his face.

The neighbor’s kid has spotted Tony Stark and Lin Rui and Lin Rui comes home in a different Sports Car every time. Lin Rui’s parents face many requests from their neighbors for help in introducing their children to Tony Stark or his company.

They push and drag when they can as they can’t bother their son and Tony.

This time, Lin Rui was able to come home for once, and after being bumped into by Uncle Mike, how could he give up such an opportunity.

Uncle Mike’s son is also a very good talent, at least he is in MIT which is quite good and he is also an outstanding talent.

After knowing that one of his neighbors’ high school students is working with Tony Stark, Uncle Mike’s son also begged his dad to help him and to see if he could get on the line and let him go to work for Stark Industries’ core areas.

However, Uncle Mike is obviously going to be disappointed. Based on the relationship between Lin Rui and Tony, Lin Rui can help with such a small favor but he will not do so. If he helped someone today then some other people will come to his home the next day and soon, the door of his house will be blocked by many people.

“Uh ...... that, Uncle Mike, my friend has been waiting for me for a long time, I’m going home first!” Without letting Uncle Mike finish his sentence, Lin Rui waved his hand and already walked towards his yard.

“Hey! Jackson, you...” Seeing Lin Rui leaving, Uncle Mike followed and shouted a few words.

However, the next second, Uncle Mike suddenly closed his mouth because he saw a sturdy figure walking out from Lin Rui’s house and that person’s body unintentionally revealed an aura that made chills crawl up Uncle Mike’s body.

Then, Uncle Mike muttered something for some time and then packed up the hose and went home.


“Hi! Thor! It’s been a long time!” After bypassing Uncle Mike, Lin Rui smiled and waved as he looked at Thor, who was walking towards him.

However, Thor did not give Lin Rui any response. Moreover, looking at his face, it seems that his mood did not get better because of Lin Rui’s quick return.


Just when Lin Rui walked two meters away from Thor, Thor suddenly raised his right hand and cupped it into a fist, and blasted it at Lin Rui.

Zi la ~

“Damn! No way! This is the door of my house! There are many SHIELD agents nearby! Although I don’t care about hiding my identity now, it’s a bit unnatural for you to do this!” Lin Rui thought helplessly as he saw the traces of electric arcs flashing on Thor’s fist.

After all, Lin Rui has been using Tony as a cover, but his behavior is so similar to that of Mirage Knight that Shield will know sooner or later that he is Mirage Knight.

Now that League of Defenders has allied with Shield, Lin Rui is not so concerned about when his identity will be revealed. But even if he does reveal himself as Mirage Knight, Lin Rui has to make a choice. He doesn’t want to be identified in such a passive situation.

Therefore, in the face of Thor’s blow with the power of thunder, Lin Rui just built an invisible internal energy defense in front of him, and then abruptly accepted Thor’s blow.


After a soft sound, Lin Rui’s protective body internal energy was directly crushed by Thor’s fist.

Then Thor’s fist hit Lin Rui’s chest. Feeling the power of thunder and lightning rushing into his body, Lin Rui had a hard smile on his face and it seemed this was a normal way to greet a good friend.

“It’s really been a long time since I saw you.” Thor, who punched Lin Rui quickly retracted his fist, then looked at Lin Rui and smiled.

“Haha, since you are so enthusiastic the I also have to express my feelings!” Although he suffered a small loss just now, Lin Rui didn’t plan to not do anything as he also wanted to give Thor one back.

While talking, Lin Rui also stretched out his fist and blasted it towards Thor’s chest. In the eyes of outsiders, this is Lin Rui’s normal reaction after seeing a good friend. However, Lin Rui accumulated a violent Internal Energy on his fist and just blasted in towards Thor.

“Oh, no, we’d better go in first, your father is cooking your favorite dish.” Seeing Lin Rui’s fist, Thor quickly turned around and retreated while quickly saying.


After Thor turned and walked away, Lin Rui’s punch hit the empty space in front of him. In order to prevent the secret agents from seeing anything, Lin Rui had to withdraw his fist at the last moment, which also made Lin Rui panic for a while.

“Thor, wait for me! “Lin Rui looked at Thor’s back and muttered helplessly in his heart.

Then Lin Rui followed Thor back home. In the past, Lin Rui would contact his family at least every day when he left home. This time, after losing contact for so many days, his family was quite worried.

Therefore, when Lin Rui came home this time, Lin Hai made a table of good dishes by himself. And Thor was also happy about it as he can’t eat such authentic Chinese food outside.

And after Lin Rui and Thor’s figures disappeared in the doorway, several eyes in the dark also silently retracted.

Just now Lin Rui and Thor’s subtle exchange of words did go unnoticed by anyone, even these few agents who were secretly protecting Lin Rui’s family did not see it.

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