Heroes of Marvel



Originally, Magneto was ready to be punched and die in the hands of the Green Giant, but he didn’t expect to be rescued at the last moment.

Moreover, looking at the silver figure in front of him who was constantly attacking the Green Giants without being clearly seen, Magneto felt a sense of familiarity in his heart, even though he had never seen him before.



Just when Magneto looked at the silver figure in his heart thinking about who he was, why he came to save himself, and what was this magical familiarity in his heart, the Green Giant fighting against the Silver Figure suddenly roared and then waved his hand violently.

In the next moment, that silver figure seems to have not dodged this attack and he was slapped away in front of Magneto’s somewhat worried eyes.


Crossing a parabola in the air, the silver figure fell into some ruins. At this time, Magneto can clearly see what the person who saved him looks like.

It was a young man who looked less than thirty years old, with silver hairs and a determined face somewhat similar to Magneto.

“Cough!...Bah!” Quicksilver coughed twice while supporting his body with his hand and he then spits a little dusty saliva on the ground.

That’s right, the young man who appeared to save Magneto at the last minute was Quicksilver, Magneto’s son. Although no one knows why he appeared here at this time and saved Magneto, the timing of his appearance is really very coincidental.

If he had arrived early then he also would have been attacked by the Military’s secret weapon and his Mutant Ability would have been suppressed. If he had arrived late then Magneto would have died.

“He! ... his appearance!” Magneto, who had been staring at him, cried out when Quicksilver fell to the ground and showed his face.

If Magneto just felt a familier sense with that Silver figure who had saved him then after seeing the appearance of Quicksilver, that familiar sense in his heart became clearer.

Combined with the previous images of his childrens, Magneto’s heart had sprung up a very surprising guess for him.

“He is Pietro! My son!” Finally, after staring at Quicksilver for a few seconds, Magneto called out excitedly.

Magneto is almost sure that the young man who saved him is his own son Pietro, and Magneto walked towards Quicksilver with a look of excitement regardless of the current dangerous situation.

Magneto didn’t hesitate to venture to find Stryker today to find his own children, right now. his son is probably right in front of him, how could he not be excited.

Bang! Bang!

“Roar!” However, just when Magneto guessed that Quicksilver was his son, the two Green Giants that had just been repelled by Quicksilver had roared and pounced again. This time, their target was Quicksilver who had fallen to the ground.

“Watch out! “Seeing those two Green Giants pouncing on the fallen Quicksilver, Magneto shouted with a worried look on his face.


While loudly reminding Quicksilver to rush to dodge, Magneto also did not hesitate to force the use of his suppressed ability at the consequence of getting himself seriously injured.

In Magneto’s slightly trembling hands, the surrounding metallic substances are once again under his control and are slowly converging at this time.

However, even though Magneto has broken through his limits, there is still no way for him to have his original strength. So, he could only extend his hand towards Quicksilver’s side.


When the two Green Giants jumped in front of Quicksilver, a metal wall quickly erected in front of Quicksilver and stopped in front of Quicksilver. With his mutant ability being suppressed, Magneto can only do this at this time.

Bang Bang! Ka~

After two loud noises, the metal wall blocking Quicksilver has directly smashed apart. At the same time when the metal wall was smashed, Magneto weakly put down his trembling hands.

“Damn that Weapon of the military! If something happens to my son then I will definitely erase you from existence!” Magneto could no longer release even a trace of power and he could only stare at Quicksilver’s side and swore loudly in his heart.


Breaking through the metal wall that Magneto had made with all his strength, the two Green Giants rushed in front of Quicksilver the next moment, and their front fist was less than one meter away from Quicksilver.

Quicksilver, who had fallen on the ground and hadn’t fully recovered, reflected the enlarging green fist in his eyes, but his eyes didn’t show much fear. However, when the metal wall appeared just now, a strange look flashed in his eyes.


Just when Magneto wanted to break through his limit again to save Quicksilver, a light red light suddenly swept from behind Quicksilver.

This reddish light passed through Quicksilver and then touched the two Green Giants. In the next moment, the Green Giants who were about to smash Quicksilver into the ground were set in place as if their bodies had locked up.

Their fists were still trying hard to attack Quicksilver not far in front of them, but they could no longer move in the pale red light.


After anchoring the two Green Giants, the light red light surrounding them circulated again. In the next moment, these two huge Green Giant were thrown away by an inexplicable force.

And after the two Green Giant were thrown away, Quicksilver, who had fallen on the ground just now, patted the dust on his body and slowly climbed up.

Although he was caught off-guard by the green giant just now, it was only scratched on the edge and he was only injured a bit. Standing up, Quicksilver glanced at Magneto and finally turned to look behind him.


When Quicksilver turned his head, a red figure was flying down from mid-air, and soon landed next to Quicksilver.

The figure that landed next to Quicksilver was a beautiful girl with red hair that was the exact opposite of Quicksilver’s silver hair. Needless to say, the girl who saved Quicksilver’s life is Magneto’s daughter: Scarlet Witch, Wanda.

“I told you to be careful, you didn’t listen and now you are injured!” Scarlet Witch, who fell beside Quicksilver, looked at the injured Quicksilver and said with a tone of worry and reproach.

While speaking, Scarlet Witch’s eyes also drifted towards Magneto unconsciously.

“Don’t be anxious? I am fine.” Quicksilver said with a smile upon hearing Scarlet Witch’s words.

Then, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch both turned their attention to Magneto.

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