Heroes of Marvel



After casting a spell to trap a few Hulk-like Giants, Jack took a few steps back. In the previous battle with Magneto, Jack had consumed a lot of stamina, and now he made a move to trap those Green Giants with enormous strength.

He was almost unable to release a single piece of magic now. Therefore, Jack couldn’t intervene in Rogers’s battle.

Shout! Bang Bang!

When Jack trapped a few Green Giants, not too far away from him, SHIELD’s K team was fighting against those Green Giants. Various Lasers and Force Fields weapons were fired on the small battlefield from time to time.

And Rogers just threw the Shield in his hand at a rushing Green Giant, and the high-speed rotating shield smashed the Green Giant with Rogers’ full strength.


However, the shield which held enough power to cut through a wall made a clear sound when it hit the Green Giant’s head. The huge power of the shield only made him slightly tilt his head, and he then continued to leap towards Rogers.

It seems that Rogers’ attack irritated the Green Giant more than it hurt him. And Rogers’ shield flew back towards him after being ejected in midair for half a circle.


“Stark, are you seeing this?” Rogers suddenly said when he reached out and caught the shield that was flying faster than the Green Giant.


Pū Pū Pū!

After Rogers spoke, dozens of white laser beams were suddenly shot down from mid-air. These laser beams avoided Rogers and the members of the K-Team accurately.

The targets of these Laser Beams were the Green Giants. Behind those laser beam strikes, dozens of Iron Mans had already rushed down from the mid-air.

“Haven’t I already struck? Do you still expect me to personally go into battle? There have been enough surprises today.” Then, Tony’s voice came through Rogers’ earpiece.

Rogers frowned helplessly when he heard Tony’s words, and said nothing in the end. Today’s situation has indeed exceeded their expectations too much, but weren’t they here to deal with these unexpected situations?

The Mutants’ abilities on the battlefield are now suppressed now, which is not necessarily a bad thing for Rogers. At least, Magneto, who alone can cause the greatest harm to Washington wouldn’t be able to make another move.

Moreover, as long as they take care of these Green Giants then Rogers will be able to stabilize the situation today. Most of the members of the Mutants Brotherhood have been captured and Magneto’s ability was also suppressed.

Although all of Stryker’s reformed Mutants were destroyed by Magneto, at least he was not dead.

Although the Military’s Soldiers have been killed by Magneto, they were still able to suppress Magneto and they now have the ability to kill him.

However, Rogers didn’t want the military’s Experimented Green Giants to kill Magneto as it wouldn’t put an end to this and the Mutants Brotherhood will launch an all-out attack that will take many innocent lives.

“Cooperate with Iron Man and delay for some time, these Green Giants will not stay in this state for too long!” While thinking about the matter in his mind, Rogers also shouted loudly to the K Team next to him.

No matter how the Military intends to deal with Magneto, he won’t let these Green Giants run amok among his people.

Rogers could also guess in his heart that the Military released these Green Giants not only to deal with Magneto but they most likely trying to give him a warning.

However, how could Rogers be such an easy person to be frightened? Although he is an “Old Man” who has just escaped from the ice, he has seen a lot of things in these days.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Then, Rogers led the K Team and they cooperated with the dozens of Iron Man and fought against the Green Giants in front of him.



When Rogers was already fighting with the Green Giants, Magneto, who was alone opposite them, was looking calmly at the two Green Giants rushing in front of him.

Facing two Green Giants, Magneto’s hands dangling beside him trembled slightly. But the metal, which was normally so easily controlled, could not move even a tiny bit around him.

“I didn’t know the army had secretly developed a weapon against Mutants. I knew they hadn’t given up on ridding the world of us! “Feeling his Mutant Ability being suppressed in his body, Magneto thought angrily.


The Green Giant rushing to the front was less than 50 meters away from Magneto. At this time, Magneto’s heart became calmer and calmer.

“Charles, even if you have changed, can you really reverse our position in this world?” In the last moment of life and death, Magneto looked across to Charles and whispered to himself.

Even if he is to die at the hands of the Green Giants in the next moment, Magneto is still Magneto, and he will not be afraid of death. However, he still has many regrets in his heart.

At this moment, his biggest regret was not being able to see his son and daughter with his own eyes. Moreover, Magneto had fought all his life for Mutants’ position in the world, and at the last moment, he did not see the hope of Mutants’ future, and he was very upset in his heart.


“I hope Wanda and Pietro can live out their lives in peace, I hope Charles can really help Mutants win a bright future.” When the fist of the Green Giant that rushed in front of him was already less than five meters away from him, Magneto slowly closed his eyes and thought in his heart.

Brush! Boom!

However, just when Magneto could already feel the wind of the fist coming from the surface, the sharp pain that should have followed in the next moment did not come.

And Magneto’s slightly narrowed eyes seemed to see a silver figure flashing in front of him, and after that silver figure flashed, the two Green Giants who had pounced on him flew backward at such a high speed.

When he opened his eyes again, Magneto saw a vague silver figure blinking quickly in front of him. The silver figure would pass by the two Green Giants every time he blinks and the two Green Giants were constantly hit by the silver figure.

Because they couldn’t keep up with the speed of the silver figure, the two Green Giants with amazing defensive power could only be constantly repelled. Although they kept roaring, they still couldn’t do anything to the silver figure.

“That’s...who?!” Magneto said to himself with a trembling tone as he stared at the silver figure.

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