Heroes of Marvel



Professor Charles, who had made the final decision, turned to look at Rogers beside him. At this time, he finally didn’t intend to let his allies continue to watch the show.

“Captain Rogers, you can make your move!”

“Although we only have a little time left, there is still a lot we can do. Let’s go!” Hearing Professor Charles’ words, Rogers said with a serious look on his face, and then he waved his hand and ordered the team that had been standing behind him to rush out.


In the next moment, the Special Team belonging to SHIELD, which was already ready to go, quickly rushed towards the chaotic battlefield ahead.

While rushing out, their equipment was also taken out one by one. It can be seen that the equipment of this SHIELD Special Team is beyond the world’s current technologies.

“Mr. Stark, it’s time for you to take action. Storm would be able to contain Magneto for the time being. Please be sure to join Captain Rogers to take care of the others as soon as possible.” As SHIELD took the initiative to move out. Professor Charles’s voice suddenly came in Tony’s mind.

“Finally need me to fight? I still have confidence in dealing with those ordinary soldiers!” Hearing Professor Charles’ telepathic response, Tony thought.

“Make a move, JARVIS, the Military is almost here, we can’t just watch the show while they’re come here and take everything!” Then, Tony had asked JARVIS to control Iron Man to strike.

“Yes, sir.”


In the next moment, dozens of Iron Mans on Tony’s side had all rushed out, leaving only two Iron Mans in place, one armed by Tony himself and one spare.

“The battlefield data connection has been completed with the SHIELDk Special Team, and now we are starting to conduct joint strikes.” After the Iron Mans rushed into the battlefield, JARVIS’s voice continued.

“Then, let’s take care of that big guy first. Isn’t he resistant to beating? Let’s see how much beating can he take.” Scanning the battlefield, Tony’s first target was the Fortress, who was fighting Colossus.

“Okay, sir.” Hearing Tony’s words, the Iron Mans, who had rushed to the center of the battlefield, almost all gathered to the battle site of the two big men under the control of JARVIS.



Pū Pū!

In an area, two giant-looking Mutants who were more than two meters high were punching each other without a care in the world. The strength behind their punches was enough to put a hole in an elephant.

However, this kind of powerful fist only caused a rippling sensation on the skin of these two giants, and they could not defeat each other as neither one has a higher hand.

For opponents like Colossus and Fortress, it would be difficult to find the winner or loser unless one side completly loses the strength to fight.

However, the two of them have fought until now, and Fortress and Colossus have a number of injuries on their bodies.

Fortress has a few obvious fist marks on his face, and the corners of his mouth are bleeding. Colossus has no obvious injuries, but there are small pits on his all-metallic body showing that he was also injured.


After evading two straight punches from the Fortress in a row, Colossus was about to seize the opportunity to give a counterattack when the metal eyebrows suddenly moved. Then, Colossus, who had a chance to counterattack, moved his feet and his entire body quickly retreated two meters away.

“Eh?!” Seeing Colossus’ retreat, the Fortress was obviously a bit puzzled.


Just when the Fortress thought that Colossus was going to escape and was about to chase after him, several laser beams shot at him from all directions in the air and directly hit him. The unguarded and unprepared figure of Fortress was directly hit by these laser beams, but they could not completely break his defense.

“Roar!” The Fortress lying on the ground stared at the Iron Man’s laser beam attack and roared to get up, but more and more laser beams rained down on him from mid-air.

Boom Boom Boom!

“Roar...” The combined laser beams were getting stronger and stronger, and Fortress’s roaring voice had revealed that he was gradually losing his strength.

Chi Chi Chi Chi ~

Finally, after three seconds of resisting these combined laser strikes, the defense on the Fortress’s body was finally broken, and the arms above his head had already begun to appear scorched.

If this continues, the Fortress will definitely fall under these attacks.


“Let me do it!” And just when the Fortress was about to be unable to hold on, Colossus who avoided the attacks suddenly roared and rushed over.

Call! Boom!

After Fortress had expended too much strength from resisting the laser beam strikes from Iron Man’s team-up, Colossus gave him a fierce punch to the head. In order for this punch to have an effect, Colossus did not hold back at all, it was a full-force punch.

So, after Colossus’ punch hit Fortress’s head, he was directly blown away and finally fell helplessly to the ground.

Squeak, Squeak~

Colossus, who had blown away Fortress, stood in place and looked at his opponent for a few moments to make sure he was completely unconscious, he then squeezed his fist and looked in the other direction of the battlefield.

The Iron Man in mid-air also withdrew their laser beam strike after Colossus struck, and by this time, they had also rushed to the rest of the battlefield.

Since X-Men doesn’t want Fortress to die then Tony won’t do anything out of the ordinary, and he doesn’t want to get Magneto’s attention anyway.


When Colossus defeated Fortress with the help of Iron Mans, SHIELD’s Team was already fighting with the Shockwave Woman and the Young Man.

Although the Young Man next to the Shockwave Girl is a Psychic Mutants but with Professor Charles in the rear, his ability was useless. Therefore, he can only continue to retreat with the help of the Shockwave Girl.


The encircled Shockwave Woman released three powerful shock waves in succession, but the expression on her face was not very good.

Because her shock waves which were powerful enough to blast a building couldn’t even blast the SHIELD team’s joint defense.

Because of the equipment on the SHIELD K-Team, whenever the Shockwave Women release a shock wave at them, the K-Team will release a Special Force Field from their equipment. This force field can cancel the shock waves, making her biggest ability useless.

The other means of attack of the Shockwave Woman is extremely fast as her speed can almost reach the speed of the shockwave she released.

However, whenever Shockwave Women wanted to use her speed to defeat the K-Team, she would find that the K-Team would always release a continuous stream of electric current from their bodies using some kind of equipment.

This current surrounds the body of each person in the K-Team like a protective shield of electric arcs. After suffering a loss, the Shockwave Woman did not dare to continue the attack.

Therefore, under the cooperation of the K-Team, which is far more numerous than her own, the Shockwave Women can only lead the Young Man to flee continuously with rapid speed.

However, they were gradually surrounded. During the encirclement of the K-Team, the special force field combined with the scattered arcs of electricity has enveloped this area as they have to ensure that these two people cannot escape.

Chi Chi!

Finally, in the process of avoiding the two power grid attacks, the figure of the Shockwave Women was caught by another arc.

Pū Pū!

Then, two more people fell to the ground.

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