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The person who suddenly rushed into the Mutants Brotherhood was very fast and he almost looked like a ghost. However, just when the figure was about to touch Stryker who was lying on the ground, the Shockwave Girl standing behind Magneto also disappeared in place.


The next moment, a knocking sound was heard near Stryker and the figure rushing towards Stryker seemed to have been stopped by something, and it turned away and was about to leave.

When that figure was about to leave, the Shockwave Girl also appeared again. However, when she appeared this time, she was covered with a faint layer of ice.

“Huh! Do you think you can leave!?” It seemed that he had already seen who was attacking them, and Pyro had already attacked.


Then, a large flame appeared out of thin air, rushing towards the leaving figure under Pyro’s control. Feeling the flame chasing from behind, the figure abruptly stopped and made a sharp turn while a large amount of cold air rushed out of the figure and towards the flames.

That’s right, the one who was going to take Stryker away without Magneto’s attention was Iceman.

Boom! Rumble!

In the next second, Pyro’s flames and Iceman’s cold air blasted against each other in mid-air, and the violent energy collision caused a lot of water vapor in this area.

It was hot near the Mutants Brotherhood’s location, and it was cold near Professor Charles’s location. Pyro and Iceman were friends in their teenage years and they drifted apart over the years and became enemies. This is not the first time they have fought against each other.

Boom! ~ Boom! ~

After Iceman took the initiative, Colossus, who was originally standing behind Professor Charles, also rushed out with a huge stride.

Although Colossus would be completely restrained by Magneto, he would not give up attacking the Brotherhood. Moreover, his goal is not Magneto as someone else will deal with him.


Just when Magneto watched Colossus rushing over and preparing to reach out and restrain him, a thunder suddenly struck down from the sky, and the target was the location of the Mutants Brotherhood.

Moreover, the sky that was still clear a moment ago was already covered with dark clouds at this time, and it was obvious that Storm had made an all-out effort in her attack.


Facing the thunderbolt coming from the sky, the Mutant named Fortress straightened his chest and yelled at it.



In the next moment, the purple-colored thunder had already smashed on the big man’s body.

However, the Thunder, which was enough to blast a large hole in the ground could not even put a dent on the man’s body. The purple thunder wandered around him, enshrouding him like a god.

“Come On!!” While roaring, the Fortress opened his arms and rushed out.

Boom! Boom!

After taking a few steps, the Fortress had already collided against Colossus who was rushing over. Colossus, whose whole body was metalized, was unable to smash Fortress, but instead was pushed back by him for two steps.

However, without Magneto, how could Colossus be afraid of this opponent who is also physically strengthened like him! Therefore, the two of them fought against each other.

Bang Bang! Pū Pū!

In just a few minutes, a full-on war had been started between the X-Men and the Mutant Brotherhood.

The battle between Iceman and Pyro is like the fight between two opposite Elements, Hot Flames and Cold Ice are constantly smashing against each other and the land that has become ruins from the previous fight is now covered with scorched flames and ice.

Although the battle between Colossus and Fortress is simple and straightforward, but it looks even more heated. Both of them were of the same size as giants, and they were both physically enhanced Mutants.

They attacked each other from fist to fist, and whenever they attacked each other, it created a small tremor in the surrounding. However, both of them had a super-strong defense and it would be hard to pick a winner between them in a short time.

As for Magneto, even though the thunder strikes are constantly smashing down on his head but those thunder strikes couldn’t even touch him after he released his magnetic field.

However, Magneto obviously didn’t want to passively endure the attacks like this. Therefore, he flew into the air again and he wanted to create a magnetic field that absolutely prohibited Thunder strikes from coming at him!

“Shockwave Girl! Be careful!” Just when Magneto flew into the air to deal with Storm, the young man who stayed in place suddenly shouted to the girl beside him.


Just as the young man spoke, a blue figure suddenly appeared beside Stryker out of thin air. It was Nightcrawler who looked like a blue demon who was good at moving instantaneously!

He has been waiting for some opportunity, and Magneto’s departure is his best opportunity. And now, as long as he touches Stryker, he would be able to teleport away with him.

“Don’t even think about it!” Knowing that the Shockwave Girl would be too late to stop him, a Mental Shock wave swept away after the Young Man shouted.


However, Just when the Young Man’s Mental Shock Wave swept towards Nightcrawler’s side, it was suddenly blocked by another Psychic Power. In just such a moment, Nightcrawlers’s hand was already on Stryker’s body.

“Damn it!” The Young Man shouted with an ugly expression on his face, knowing that Professor Charles must have made a move. Although the Young Man’s Psychic Power is also very strong, he can only protect himself against Professor Charles and cannot attack him.

“Hey! Success, let’s go!” Knowing that Professor Charles had helped him stop the Mental Attack just now, Nightcrawler smiled and was about to teleport back again.


However, the expression on Nightcrawlers’s face changed in the next moment. Because he was still there, he couldn’t bring Stryker back to Professor Charles no matter how hard he tried.


Just when Nightcrawler was stunned, the Shockwave Girl had rushed over kicked him on his chest.

“Fortunately, Boss has activated his Magnetic Field to interfere with Teleporters in this area!” Seeing that Nightcrawler couldn’t teleport away with Stryker, the Young Man thought with a sigh of relief in his heart.

It is obvious that Magneto has released his Magnetic Field to be able to invalidate the teleporting ability. In order to get news of his children, Magneto is going all out against the X-Men today.


“Erik... You really~” Professor Charles, who was sitting in a wheelchair, whispered inexplicably while looking up at Magneto who used his domain to suppress Storm in the sky.

“Hey! Blink, save Nightcrawler.” Withdrawing his gaze, Professor Charles looked at the unable to teleport Nightcrawler enveloped in Magneto’s domain and said to Blink.


After Professor Charles finished speaking, Blink made a move, and Space Portal had appeared in front of her.

At the same time, a Space Portal appeared in Magneto’s domain, just behind Nightcrawler. In the next second, the embarrassed-looking figure of Nightcrawler who was getting chased by the Shockwave Girl was teleported away by the Space Portal.

“Then, I’ll let Erik take a good look at what the world has become today!” No longer thinking about saving Stryker, Professor Charles said in a serious tone while looking at Magneto in the sky.

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