Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 35 - ANGRY TONY



In the Advanced intensive care unit of Stark Industries Group Private Hospital, the door was roughly pushed open and a gloomy Tony Stark stepped in.

“I’m going to kill those guys!” Seeing Pepper being examined in the hospital bed, Stark did not hide his anger and shouted loudly.

Tony couldn’t stand anyone daring to shoot at Pepper. Although Tony has been associating with all kinds of beautiful women, he knows in his heart that his ultimate destination is Pepper. He couldn’t imagine what he would do if something really happened to Pepper.

“Tony, I’m all right! You don’t have to be so nervous!” Seeing Tony so angry about what happened to her, Pepper was warmhearted and said quickly. She couldn’t let a crazy Tony Stark go and find those guys. She didn’t know who was going to lose.

“Doctor, how is she?” Is she hurt?” A little calmed down, Tony looked at his personal doctor and asked.

“Miss Pepper is right, she is really fine. It’s just that barefoot runs on the ground for a while with some scratches, and the rest is okay. Hearing Tony’s inquiry, Dr. Weiss, who had completed the examination, answered with a laugh.

“Look! I’m right. I’m really okay. Those attackers didn’t touch me at all.” With the doctor’s support, Pepper’s words finally relaxed Tony.


Tony went to the bed and sat down and took Pepper’s hand. “Fortunately, you are fine, otherwise I really wouldn’t know what to do.”

People always remember to cherish something when they are about to lose something. Tony is such a mood at this time. One Hollywood actress after another, Pepper was the only one who never left. Maybe it’s time for Tony to see his heart.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” For the first time, when Tony showed such sincere feelings towards her, Pepper’s wall that she had been building around her heart slowly cracked.

“By the way, I have something to tell you.” Dr. Weiss had left the room with only Pepper and Tony when Tony sat by the bed and Pepper remembered the simple request of the young intern journalist who had saved himself.

“Eh? J.A.R.V.I.S., take over all the electronic systems in this room.” Hearing Pepper’s words, Tony’s eyes twinkled and he said to his AI.

“No problem, Mr. Stark,” J.A.R.V.I.S. responded quickly and has taken over all the electronic systems in this room.

“Well, what are you talking about? Is it related to those who attacked you today? When J.A.R.V.I.S. responded, Tony asked seriously as Pepper’s attack had to make him cautious.

“Well, it’s okay to say something about it. You know, the trained attackers were targeting me at first, and if it weren’t for Ron, I might not be here now.” She didn’t expect Tony to be so serious, Pepper said after sorting out her thoughts. Ron, the driver who fled with Pepper, is currently being treated in the intensive care unit, but his life is not threatened.

“I know, I’m going to give Ron a lot of medical insurance.” Nodding, Tony said earnestly. Except for a few people, Tony really doesn’t have much affection for others.

“But you know what? After I got out of the car, the attackers came to me, and just as I was about to be discovered, a young man appeared and helped me. Pepper shook her head when she heard Tony say he was going to give Ron a lot of money and then went on.

“Eh? A young man? You haven’t spoken to those policemen about that.” Tony got serious when he heard this.

“Yes, it was a young intern journalist who interviewed me after I attended today’s meeting. Of course, the interview is about your latest Hollywood actresses and so on. Pepper also looked at Tony.

“Heh heh! I just had dinner with her and we talked.” Tony was embarrassed to explain that, and of course, Pepper would not believe it.

“This young man seems to be your fans. He helped me lead the attackers into the alley and finally left before the police arrived. If it hadn’t been for his help, I would not have remained alive until the police arrived.” Briefly speaking about Lin Rui’s help to her, Pepper felt it necessary to thank the young man.

“My fan? I didn’t expect that I could have such a big impact on young people now!” Tony’s first reaction was not to believe Pepper’s words.

Tony didn’t believe Pepper’s words as he didn’t believe there would be such a coincidence. Pepper happened to be attacked and someone appeared to help her. There are too many doubts about the fact that the trained attackers have been diverted by the young man alone.

“Do you think that young man is untrustworthy?” Tony’s tone of voice tells her what is he thinking and Pepper asked with some displeasure. She didn’t think Lin Rui had any other purpose. The attackers tried so hard to catch themselves that there was no need to do it again.

“No, but don’t you think it’s too coincidental? You said he interviewed you at the end of your meeting, so how could he be right next to you when you were attacked? It’s not too far-fetched to say coincidence. I think that he has been following you all the time. Instead of directly saying that Lin Rui was untrustworthy, Tony pointed out the doubts in the matter.

“This…” Pepper was also surprised to hear Tony’s words. Was the young man really with the attackers, or was he already following her?

“Did he say he was my fans?” Seeing Pepper already thinking, Tony asked again.

“Well, he said he admired you very much and wanted me to introduce him to you. I promised him.” Pepper answered truthfully.

“Want to meet me? In that case… Maybe they’re not together.” Hearing this, Tony overturned the idea that Lin Rui and the attackers were a group.

Tony now feels that maybe that intern journalist represents another force, trying to connect with him through Pepper. Tony really deserves to be a genius as he soon came up with the main correct idea. Lin Rui really wants to approach Tony through Pepper, but he has no organization or influence behind him, he is the one who wants to meet him.

“By the way, he gave me a gift just before he left, like a little pendant or something like that.” Pepper suddenly remembered something and she released Tony’s hand and began to rummage around the bed.

“Eh? Did he give you something? What is it?! Hearing Pepper says that the man had given her something, Tony suddenly became nervous again as he was worried that something was wrong with it.

“Here it is!” After rummaging around the beg for a while, Pepper found the fantastic plant fabric in her changed clothes.

“That’s it. The young man gave it to me before he left. It looks like a pendant-style handicraft because the police had come and I put it away without looking at it carefully. As she spoke, Pepper handed the pendant to Tony.

“A simple plant handicraft? Why did he give you this as a gift? Tony muttered, puzzled, as he carefully observed the Freya Guardian Charm Lin Rui gave Pepper.

He’s not worried about the poison on the gift now, because Dr. Weiss has given Pepper a thorough examination, and if there are signs of poisoning, it will be found in the first place. Is it really just a fan of mine, or what is the implication of this gift? Tony pinched Freya’s talisman and thought to himself.

“Pepper, can I have this gift first? I’m going to check it. Tony, who could not think of it for a moment, told Pepper that as he could not rest if the matter was not clear.

“Of course, but I don’t think you can find anything on it. I still don’t believe the young man who saved me will be what you think. Maybe he’s really just a fan of yours?” Pepper agreed but expressed her trust in Lin Rui.

“I hope so, too. By the way, do you know what his name is? Although Tony feels that the guy probably hides his identity or uses a pseudonym, Tony may find something in it.

“Yes, I also know which newspaper he belongs to.” Hearing Tony’s words, Pepper quickly answered.

“Eh?” Tony was stunned again. Was he really not afraid to expose himself?

“His name is Jackson, an intern journalist for The Daily Bugle. Because he happened to be the first person to interview me at that time, and he looked very young, so I looked at his press card. That’s what it said. Pepper talked about what she knew.

“Jackson, The Daily Bugle? I’ll look into it. If he’s really just a fan of mine, I think I’ll be happy to meet him.” Keeping Pepper’s words in mind, Tony said with a smile.

“Really? I thought you were only passionate about beautiful female fans?” Pepper had a rare moment where she choked Tony with her words.

Tony: “…” I really should restrain myself in the future!


While Tony and Pepper were talking about the mysterious young man in the intensive care unit, a loud noise came from the CEO’s office in the Stark Industries Building, which belongs to Obadiah Stane, as if something had fallen to the ground.


“A bunch of useless things! They can’t even do something this simple!” Sitting down on the sofa with a gloomy face, Obadiah drank some water.

Obadiah just wanted Pepper to get hurt and not have time to get involved in the company’s business for the time being so that he could better arrange his own staff within the company and override Tony’s rights. But the guys he sent couldn’t even do that, because of his relationship with Tony, he knew that Pepper was not hurt at all.

“However, Tony gave Pepper a month off because of the attack. It’s not totally out of touch with the company, but at least it’s much better than it is now. Obadiah’s face slowly improved when he thought that his purpose was partly accomplished.

“Tony Stark, you won’t have such good luck next time!”

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