Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 34 - RESCUE


Bang Bang!

The door closed several times in succession, and several masked men came down quickly from the back of the car.

“Go and see!”


With guns in hand, several big men trotted ahead to the silver car that had been hit by a single-armed missile and toppled to the ground. Soon, the situation in the car had been grasped by them, but obviously, it was not good news.

“The target is gone!” After a careful inspection, a masked big man shouted backward.

“What?!” Hearing the words of his men, Rees, who was sitting in the car, jumped down. Along the way, the car was closely watched by them, and there was no possibility of the target leaving.

“Is it…” Rees squinted at the speed of the silver car they had just caught up with.

“Over there! Hurry up and search! Find the target!” Rees raised his hand to the side of the alley and shouted loudly.


The apparently well-trained team rushed into the roadside lane, carefully searching for the disappearing target.

Thirty seconds ago, a single-soldier tracking missile hit Pepper’s driver, and the power of the explosion knocked down Pepper, who had just hid in the alley. Just as Pepper got up dizzily, a slight footstep suddenly came from behind her.

Turning around quickly, Pepper already has a delicate lady pistol in her hand. As Tony’s private secretary, Pepper is not unarmed. However, when she saw the person in front of her, her face showed a particularly surprising expression.

“Miss Pepper! I’m here to help you!” Without waiting for Pepper to slow down, Lin Rui, who finally caught up, raised his hands and lowered his voice before saying.

“It’s you! That Intern journalist?!” After hearing Lin Rui’s words, Pepper was surprised and slowly lowered the gun but did not move the direction of the muzzle.

“Eh! It’s me. I’m here to help you. Spreading his hands to show that he is not really threatening, Lin Rui said seriously.

“How are you here? How did you know that I was attacked?” Although Pepper has come to believe that the young man in front of her is not the one who attacked her, she still has a lot of doubts. Her sixth sense tells her that the young man in front of her is not a simple Intern journalist.

“There is no time to explain! They have come in to search for you! Quick! Come this way!” Lin Rui had no time to explain things to Pepper and directly ignored the gun in Pepper’s hand and walked over and pulled her towards the back of the alley.


Hearing footsteps coming from the outside of the lane, Pepper had to let the strange young man lead her to the lane, and then she had to choose to believe him.

Huh ~

The bare-footed Pepper’s feet were struck on the hard concrete floor, she did not make a sound as she bit her teeth and the young man in front of her did not make a sound even though he was running.

Being pulled by Lin Rui, they ran through several alleys and finally stopped after turning a corner. In front of them was a dead end. But one of the previous intersections is two blocks away from here and they will probably not encounter someone who catches up when they look back.

“What are we going to do now?” Leaning against the wall for a little rest, Pepper asked, staring at the young man who said he would help her. In such a situation, she felt that he is the only one who will be able to help her.

“I’ll go out and lead them away. Miss Pepper, take the opportunity to run back and run to the other side from the turnout we turned in before. Once I leave, they’ll come to you. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Lin Rui didn’t realize that the direction he chose would be a dead end, so he had to go out and defeat those annoying followers.

“Are you sure?” Pepper looked at Lin Rui and asked, somewhat unexpectedly. Pepper could not understand why he was willing to save her with his own life, he just an intern journalist she never knew.

“Just think of me as one of Mr. Tony’s fans!” Lin Rui smiled at Pepper and rushed out.

Watching Lin Rui disappear in the back of the lane, Pepper feels strange: Is he really Tony’s fanatics?

Da da!


Bang bang bang!


Shortly after Lin Rui rushed out, Pepper, hiding in the dead alley, heard several exclamations from outside, apparently, Lin Rui was found. Hearing the gunfire that followed, Pepper was still unconsciously worried about the young man. The pistol, which had been collected, was taken out again and raised nervously towards the entrance of the alley.


Da da da!

“Be careful! He is not…ah!”

Da Da!


There were a constant outcry and gunfire, and it seemed that there was a fierce exchange of fire. The waiting Pepper began to wonder if the police had arrived, or was it the young man alone who had blocked the murderous attackers?

Finally, the battle outside seemed to be moving away from Pepper’s alley and in the opposite direction. Pepper settled down and grabbed the pistol and slowly moved to the entrance of the alley. There was no one outside, but there were a lot of empty shells scattered on the ground. It seems that there was a fierce gunfight here.

Without hesitation, Pepper padded off the dead end and ran to the position he had said before. If it was the young man who led the attackers away, then, of course, she could not fail his good intentions.

Bang bang bang!

“Ah!~ You are…”

“Be careful!……”

Da da da ~


As Pepper fled, there were still some gunshots and screams in the direction behind her, and she didn’t know what was going on there. But Pepper wouldn’t really care about that now.

Quickly running to the previous fork road, Pepper chooses another direction and gets into it, expecting that it’s not a dead end.


Just as Pepper was running along the lane for nearly a minute, there was a soft noise from the roof next to her and something seemed to fall on it.

Then, a figure fell from the sky, just beside Pepper and it was Lin Rui who had just defeated the pursuers.

“Hey! Are you all right?” Seeing the young intern jump flexibly from the roof, Pepper asked worriedly.

“Nothing! They all dumped me. The police are here. We just need to hide here and wait. Shaking his head, Lin Rui said he was okay. Outside the lane, there were piercing sirens and helicopters roaring overhead.

“Thank you!” Pepper was relieved to hear the voice of the police outside and the shadow of the explosion-proof helicopter overhead.

“Ha ha! You are welcome! I admire Mr. Tony Stark very much. I would appreciate it if you would introduce me to Mr. Tony.” Laughing, Lin Rui made a simple request to Pepper.

“You want to see Tony? It’s very simple. If he knew you saved his private secretary, I think he would be happy to meet you. Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Pepper was more certain that he was really one of Tony’s fans.

“Heh heh! That would be the best! You know I’m an intern journalist. What’s more exciting than interviewing my idol?! See Pepper for assurance, Lin Rui said happily.

It seems that Lin Rui’s plan for approaching Tony has taken a big step and it seems that Pepper is the right choice for the breakthrough. Perhaps he should thank those attackers today for giving Lin Rui such an excellent opportunity.

Da Da ~

Just as Lin Rui and Pepper were chatting in the lane, there was another sound of orderly footsteps outside. Pepper suddenly became nervous again, and the pistol was raised again. Fortunately, Lin Rui stopped her.

“Miss Pepper, it’s the police. We’re safe. But I don’t want to be taken to record my confession. My parents will be worried. Would you keep a secret for me? Before the police came in, Lin Rui wanted to leave.

“Well, don’t worry, I won’t say anything to anyone else. But what are you going to do?” With a nod, Pepper said as she understood.

The attack was clearly premeditated and she did not want to involve the young man in front of her. If he is taken back by the police, he will be exposed to the public and may be targeted. But the police have come. Can Lin Rui disappear from here?

Seeing Pepper promise, Lin Rui has climbed up the wall next to him. Lin Rui is leaving, and the police can’t stop him.

“By the way, Miss Pepper, this is my present for you!” Lin Rui, who climbed up the wall and was about to leave, suddenly remembered something and took a small thing out of his pocket and threw it at Pepper below.

Pepper reached for Lin Rui’s thrown gift, which looked like a small pendant woven from a special vine plant.

“Then I’ll leave first! Goodbye, Miss Pepper!” Then Lin Rui turned over and went up to the roof again and disappeared instantly.

After watching Lin Rui’s flexible walling away, Pepper slightly tidied herself up and collected the last gift Lin Rui gave her. She can’t be too embarrassed when she faces the police. She is Tony Stark’s Private Secretary for good or bad. She should keep calm even if she was just attacked.

Da Da!

A few seconds after Lin Rui disappeared, a dozen heavily armed special police officers rushed into Pepper’s alley.

“Miss Pepper! Are you all right?!”

“I am Fine!”


An hour later, when Lin Rui had returned home and was resting on his soft bed, the thrilling attack in the city was playing on the TV.

“… As you can see, the scene of the gun battle is in a mess, and there are obvious holes in the ground caused by the explosion…”

“It is reported that the target of the attacker is the Stark Industries convoy…”

“The identity of the attacker is not known for the time being, and no organization has declared itself responsible for the attack…”

“… New York City Police said they would make every effort to investigate the incident and ensure the safety of New York citizens.


“Sure enough, there is no news report about Miss Pepper, it seems that Tony or related personnel have suppressed the news, so no one should know that I exist.” Turning off the TV, Lin Rui muttered to himself.

Before, Lin Rui used Phantom Suit in order not to expose himself when he went out to attract the attackers. Even if the attackers eventually escaped, they could only find a new Vigilante on the streets of New York, not knowing that it was Lin Rui.

The gift Lin Rui gave Pepper before he finally left was actually a Freya guardian, a guardian of mysterious power. Wearing it can keep the body healthy, eliminate some of the negative effects of the body, treat some minor ailments and other minor injuries, Lin Rui’s parents also have one.

“Now let’s see when Mr. Tony Stark sees me. I hope everything goes well.” Turning off the TV, Lin Rui closed his eyes and whispered.

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