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“Hey! This is not where you should be, kid! Outside the New York Lisbon Hotel, a journalist said to the young man next to him in a rather bad tone.

“But I don’t think so!” The young man did not hesitate to retort and in doing so the sign hanging in front of his chest was shown.

“Oh! Intern reporter? “The Daily Bugle”? If you want to take some photos of Tony Stark to get the money, you’ve got the wrong place. He’s not going to attend this boring meeting today.” Glancing at the younger man who had taken his place, the reporter reminded him with a chuckle. How could Tony come here with his lazy personality? Staying here will gain this young man nothing.

“I’m not here to shoot Tony. My goal is just Miss Pepper.” Without answering the words of his predecessor, Lin Rui thought quietly in his heart, holding his camera steadily.

New York Lisbon Hotel, as a standard six-star hotel, many business negotiations or meetings will be held here. Today, there is an important meeting of Stark Industries at the Lisbon Hotel. It’s not a secret on the Internet, so Lin Rui came early and squatted down, looking for every possible opportunity to approach Miss Pepper, Tony Stark’s close secretary.


Raising his hand and looking at the phantom wristband camouflage watch, the meeting should be over, which means Miss Pepper is about to come out. Lin Rui has to think about how to stand out among the many reporters at the door and successfully attract Miss Pepper’s attention to interview her.

“They are out! They have come out!”

“That is Mr. Willis, the Vice President of the Weiss Group! There is also Mr. Wright the CEO of Kiriu corporation!”

“Oh! That’s Mr. Ryan, Oscorp’s major shareholder. He’s next to Harry Osborn! It seems that Osborn’s son is really starting to move slowly into the upper echelons of the company! Quick! Take a few more pictures, there are many topics on it!!

“The Stark Industries representative is out! Miss Pepper and Mr. Ayers!”

When the door of the Lisbon Hotel was just opened, dozens of journalists blocked the door in an attempt to get photographs that would satisfy their editor-in-chief. Lin Rui, who had been preparing for it, was stunned because he saw a very familiar figure: Harry Osborn! Although he may only be a bystander today, he also represented Oscorp at the just concluded meeting.

At the next moment, the stunned Lin Rui has rushed out, with strong physical qualities to the front. Anyway, Harry already knows what happened to him as an intern journalist. It would be no surprise if he saw him. Maybe he would help him.

“Hello! Mr. Ryan! Today’s participants are all core members of various corporate groups. Why did you bring Harry Osborn, who just went to high school, to the meeting? Is there something important about the occasion? Just as Lin Rui squeezed in front of him, a tall journalist next to him had poked the microphone in front of Mr. Ryan, Oscorp’s major shareholder, and shouted loudly. Obviously, it’s a question that attracts enough attention, and it’s explosive enough, and the hidden information has allowed other journalists to point their cameras in this direction to see what Mr. Ryan wants to say.

“Ha-ha, what’s wrong with the occasion? Harry is one of the smart young men I’ve met who started attending Oscorp’s shareholder meetings months ago. Sooner or later, those of us will get old and Oscorp will be led by these young men. Mr. Ryan first asked the journalist a question with a laugh, then two simple sentences showed Harry’s location in Oscorp, which is not newsworthy of the blockade.


With Mr. Ryan’s reply, the reporters on the spot were in an uproar. Although they knew that Harry Osborn will run the Oscorp Industries after his father, they did not expect it to happen so soon.

Lin Rui, who stood just below Harry’s side, was shocked. Harry at his age had slowly begun to shoulder the burden of Oscorp, he must be under great pressure.

“So, Mr. Harry! Do you think attending meetings at this level is a pressure on you, or is it an Oscorp show? To Attract public attention with a young man who hasn’t even grown up yet? Rumor has it that your father’s health hasn’t been very good lately!” Although Mr. Ryan’s reply was very detailed, the reporter obviously didn’t want to let them go so easily, and the microphone was passed to Harry.


This time, there was a collective uproar among the journalists below and even the big guys of the companies and groups standing on the stairs changed their looks. Without consciously looking in Harry’s direction, they wanted to see how Osborn’s son would deal with this acute problem. After all, Norman Osborn’s physical condition is not known to the general staff.

“This fellow is deliberately trying to jam Harry up! I hope Harry can handle it. Lin Rui, standing below, looked at the situation in front of him and wondered how the average person would know Norman Osborn’s condition, this person has obviously came prepared.

“Actually, Uncle Ryan praised me so much just now. I came to today’s meeting mainly to learn. All of you here are my predecessors and my learning goal. As for your rumor, my father’s physical condition does not bother him. Just two weeks ago we went to a thrilling parachute jump together and my father was very happy. Faced with the reporter’s sharp questions below, Harry answered calmly with a smile on his face.

“That’s Good, Harry!” Lin Rui felt very good when he heard Harry’s answer. Obviously, Harry is ready for this situation.

“But Mr. Harry…” The reporter apparently didn’t want Harry to pass the situation so simply, holding the microphone closer and asking questions.

“Miss Pepper! Miss Pepper! Yesterday, Mr. Tony and Miss Carmel were photographed appearing at Henry Club together and disappearing together. Is that why Mr. Tony didn’t come to the meeting today?! Just as the journalist was trying to continue to embarrass Harry, a louder voice suddenly came from his side, directly overwhelming his question.

This is Lin Rui, who couldn’t let the journalist who was obviously targeting Harry to go on, so he rushed directly to Miss Pepper and shouted. He chose a seemingly rude but actually harmless question, and it was enough to attract attention. After all, Tony is a recognized playboy, and Pepper should have been familiar with this kind of problem for a long time.

“That’s… Jackson?!” Before Miss Pepper, who was standing on the steps, answered Lin Rui, Harry on the other side turned his eyes in surprise. He was sure that he had no illusions and that his good friend who went to the Daily Bugle internship was really here! And asked such a funny question!

“Oh, this young intern reporter seems very interested in Tony’s private life.” Without answering Lin Rui directly, Pepper, who swept her glance over his chest card laughed and said.

“I think I’m not the only one interested, Mr. Tony Stark can be said to be my idol!” Lin Rui continued cheekily.

Pepper wasn’t surprised to hear Lin Rui. For most teenagers in the United States, Tony, who graduated from MIT at the age of fifteen, really could become their idol.

“Tony didn’t come to today’s meeting because it wasn’t on his schedule. As for who he was with last night, I think it would be better for you to ask him himself. Pepper finally answered Lin Rui’s question, which was, of course, the most common official response.

“Is that right? Looks like I’m really going to block Mr. Stark!” Lin Rui, of course, would not talk half-jokingly and half-seriously about Pepper as the journalist did before.

“Then you’ll have to work hard. Tony’s sports car can’t be overtaken by the average person.” For a young intern journalist like Lin Rui, Pepper seems kind, but it’s not a hard question to answer anyway.



At the end of Lin Rui and Miss Pepper’s question and answer, there was a burst of laughter around him, apparently all very familiar with Mr. Tony Stark’s usual style. And in the laughter of the people around him, Lin Rui laughed back and his goal had been achieved. At least he made an impression on Miss Pepper and he will be closer to her later.

Next, the reporters around took photos and asked questions one by one, but there were no sharp questions from the former reporter. There are many things about Tony Stark, but they also focus on his latest research trends. The same news is not their focus.

Lin Rui, who retreated to the back, was also taking serious pictures, but his thoughts were deep in his mind. “System, someone was watching me in the dark just now. Can you find out where they are?”

Lin Rui, who has fully mastered the Beginner Insight Technique, has been interviewing Miss Pepper and found someone staring at them in the dark, but he was unable to find it at the time. But when his interview ended, the peeping that he felt before disappeared, so he asked for help from the system.

“How do you know that they are observing you? Perhaps their goal is someone else.” The system did not point Lin Rui to the secret lurking guys but reminded him of this.

“The target is someone else? You mean… Miss Pepper!!” Lin Rui suddenly reacted when he heard the system reminder. He felt peeped when interviewing Miss Pepper and there was no feeling before and after that. Then it is very likely that the target of those who are secretly watching them is actually Miss Pepper and when he interviewed her, he noticed them!

“Is it someone bad who are planning to harm Miss Pepper? Or is it the bodyguard that Tony arranged for Miss Pepper?” Lin Rui, who had determined this conjecture in his mind, could not help thinking that both situations were possible.

“It’s up to you to judge that yourself. That’s all I can remind you of.” The system said faintly and then went silent.


And just as Lin Rui chatted with the system in his mind, the interview was over and the big guys of the major groups got on their cars and left the Lisbon Hotel and Miss Pepper was among them.

“Forget it! Let’s assume the worst case!” Watching Miss Pepper’s car slowly pull out of the hotel door, Lin Rui muttered and ran after her.

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