Heroes of Marvel



At Lin Rui’s house in Queen, New York, he was lying in his bed and resting with his eyes closed. Of course, this is what he looks like on the surface. In fact, he is chatting with the system in his mind at this time.

“System, are you sure that you haven’t missed anything else?” The E Grade hero training card floated in his mind, Lin Rui asked seriously to the system.

The scene of the last abuse of the training card is still vivid in his memory and Lin Rui doesn’t want to go through it again. Last night’s action also let Lin Rui know that his strength is not strong enough and the two Mutants almost defeated him and he won because he was lucky. He urgently needs to improve his strength quickly and using the E Grade Hero Training Card is his best choice now.

“You just asked so much in detail, I really have nothing to say.” The system replied lazily.

“That’s good, who do you think I should choose as an opponent this time?” After making sure that he already knows how to use the E Grade hero training card, Lin Rui thinks about the training goal.

“It’s still best to start from the beginning. If you can’t even beat Daredevil, you won’t amount to much as a Superhero?” Hearing Lin Rui’s question, the system ruthlessly said.

“Oh… well, I think I should not be abused again today. After all, I have grown strong this last few days.” Under the suggestion of the system, Lin Rui was a bit embarrassed and forced himself to take the fight.

“Well, let’s get started now. Make sure you use the E Grade Hero Training Card!” With a little thought in mind, Lin Rui whispered in his mind.

Like the first time, the E Grade hero training card floating in Lin Rui’s mind instantly turned into white light to cover his whole mind and began to build a training space.

“The E Grade hero training space has been built. Please select the training type.”

“Close combat.”

“Training type confirmation, please select training target.”

“Daredevil, Matt Murdoch.”

“The training target has been created and the training officially begins.”

As soon as the unique empty voice of the training space was over, a familiar figure appeared in front of Lin Rui and then rushed directly towards Lin Rui.

“The training space likes to make a surprise attack, but this time I am already prepared!” Seeing Matt, who had rushed to his front, Lin Rui squinted. Then he stamped his feet on the ground and hit the figure straight. With his Speed and body strength? He’s not afraid of Matt now!


In the marginal training space, the two sharply hedged figures collided in the next moment and the violent collision made a loud noise.

The two figures in the center of the fight, Lin Rui and Matt’s fists are connected against each other, during which the power of the explosion instantaneously headed for more than 500 kilograms.

“Give Up!” With a roar of anger, Lin Rui mobilized the internal energy inside his body to rush into his fists.



A muffled sound came out of the two matching figures, and then the figure representing Matt flew straight back.


Teng Teng!

Matt regained his footing after a series of steps back on the ground. This time, he was suppressed in the front by Lin Rui. It also shows that Lin Rui’s body strengthened by practicing Soaring Dragon Art is stronger than Matt’s body limit developed since childhood.

Nevertheless, although he falls into a disadvantageous position in this fight, training is training, and “Matt” will not stop until it is completely defeated. So Matt, standing on the ground, has rushed towards Lin Rui again in the next second. This time, his offense has changed dramatically, and it is no longer a blow. Matt gave full play to his body’s agility and quickly circled around Lin Rui.

“Come on! You aren’t even as fast as Worm!” Seeing that Matt had once again rushed towards him, Lin Rui took the lead and rushed towards him too.

Puff Puff!

Lin Rui’s successive shots were blocked by Matt, but he couldn’t make any more effective attacks. Compared with Lin Rui, who was abused a few days ago, Lin Rui’s physical control has improved a lot. By practicing Soaring Dragon Art, Lin Rui has made great progress.



Avoiding Lin Rui’s foot as he swept across his chest, Matt instantly put his left hand on Lin Rui’s ankle and with a great effort made Lin Rui’s body unstable. Then Matt quickly pressed himself against his calf and approached Lin Rui with a punch towards his heart.


Lin Rui, leans forward, it seemed like he is receiving a fist to his face. However, just before the fist hit Lin Rui, his body magically sided away most of the fist, just letting it slip past his shoulder.


In the next moment, Lin Rui’s left hand has seized Matt’s right fist, which he just slipped past. At the next moment, Lin Rui took off with his left foot and made a quick half-turn in mid-air with Matt’s grasp of his right foot.


A fragile crack of bone followed by a more muffled thud and in the next moment, Matt and Lin Rui separated again. However, this time Matt did not stand on the ground as calmly as before. Instead, he knelt more awkwardly, and his drooping right arm was apparently broken.

This time, Lin Rui finally defeated Matt in a close-up match, a Vigilante famous for his powerful body control.

“Hoo Hoo!” Opposite to Matt, Lin Rui, who had just landed, was breathless as it was obviously not easy for him to do that.

“It seems that I can defeat Matt now.” Glancing at Matt, who slowly rose from the ground opposite, Lin Rui muttered.

“Let’s end this! Daredevil!” Although Matt in the training space won’t stop as long as he doesn’t completely mutilate or kill, it’s clear that he’s not much more challenging to Lin Rui at this time.

Bang bang bang!

Ten seconds later, the shadow disappeared and Lin Rui was left alone in the training space again.

“Training target lost its mobility, this training is over.” After Matt’s figure dissipated, the empty system sound reappeared.

“Aha!” Lin Rui was delighted to have successfully completed a training session.

“Remaining time: 23 minutes. Do you want to continue training?” Just when Lin Rui was feeling proud, the voice in the space sounded again.

“Eh? It took me less than seven minutes to defeat Matt. It’s really… That’s terrific!” Hearing the reminder of the training space, Lin Rui had to praise himself again because there seemed to be no system here.

“The remaining time of this E Grade hero training card: 23 minutes, Do you want to continue training.” Just as Lin Rui was intoxicated with himself, the training space reminded him again.

“Er! ~, Of course, go on!” Lin Rui, who didn’t want to waste such precious training time, shouted after he responded after completely understanding that there were still 23 minutes left for him to do a lot of things.

“Please choose the type of training.”

“Close combat.”

“Please choose training Target.”

“Mutant: Humanoid Tank. Mutant: Worm.” With twenty-three minutes remaining, Lin Rui decisively chose the most difficult opponent he had encountered so far as a training target.

Brush ~ brush!

The training space was really powerful. Just after Lin Rui chose the target, there was a high and a short figure in front of him. They were obviously the humanoid tank and Worm he met yesterday.

“The training target has been created and the training officially begins.”




As soon as the sound of the training space was over, the tank across from him rushed forward with heavy steps and he seemed even more powerful than Lin Rui felt last night. As for Worm, he disappeared as early as the tank took its first step. Instead of using his own bone spur to attack remotely, he used the haste ability directly.

“Flowing Flame Blade!” Faced with the two Mutants again, Lin Rui reached out with his right hand and gave a low cry.

Buzz! ~

A wave of volatilization quickly condensed in his right hand and then the long blade with a beautiful fire pattern appeared in the hands of Lin Rui. This is one of the features of the E Grade Hero Training Card that he knows after carefully asking about the system. It can support and create any weapon he can use. At this stage, Lin Rui certainly took out the Flowing Flame Blade and he is ready to copy the battle last night. Perhaps this time it will be easier?




“Cough! Bah! ” Lin Rui, lying on the ground, coughed twice and finally spit blood on the smooth ground of the training space. It seems that Lin Rui is wrong. Even if he chooses the same opponent, the battle may not be the same.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Across from him, the humanoid tank grew by almost half and Lin Rui’s ordinary attacks hurt him almost as much as itching. Although Soaring Dragon Art’s internal energy combined with Flowing Flame Blade did hurt him, Lin Rui did not have enough internal energy to kill him now. After all, the humanoid tank in training space won’t miss as much as it did last night. Every time Lin Rui attacked his head, it was blocked.

As for Worm, he is even more difficult. In the training space, his ability to mutate seems to have been enhanced. The speed and power of the bone spurs are a little higher than last night’s. And his momentary surge brought enough trouble to Lin Rui, who was no longer as confused as he was last night but still had to defend himself.

Damn it! Why are they strengthened in the training space?! Lin Rui, who had spit out the blood, stood up quickly and moved quickly. Lin Rui, of course, does not know that in the training space, the training goal will be the best state of the target and there will be no human error, of course, this time the targets are stronger than the normal.

Several more bone spurs were coming from another direction. Lin Rui was once again stunned. He was almost powerless to wield Flowing Flame Blade to defend himself.

The black shadow flashed and Lin Rui quickly slashed his blade and Worm’s sneak attack failed again. However, Lin Rui’s head has been covered with a large shadow and the two fists of the humanoid tank, which are really as big as sandbags, have been coming towards Lin Rui’s head.

“Traning Paused!” Lin Rui shouted out these words when he was in a situation that he couldn’t resolve.


In an instant, the humanoid tank had fallen to a halt with his fist and Worm, who was waiting for his chance, was fixed as if it had been pressed the pause button. This is one of the benefits of learning about the training space. Lin Rui can choose to suspend training at any time so that he can avoid being hurt or killed.

“It seems that I still have a lot of trouble dealing with these two Mutants at the same time now!” Sitting on the ground, Lin Rui gasped and commented.


“This training time has ended and the training space is about to disappear.” When Lin Rui paused to rest, the empty voice of the training space reappeared, announcing the end of the training.

One-vs-two, Lin Rui has been fighting for more than twenty minutes unconsciously. The next second, Lin Rui, sitting on the ground, disappeared in white light.

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