Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 13 - FANS


It was almost three o’clock in the morning when Lin Rui climbed up the window of his bedroom again. Lin Rui who took Phantom Suit in bed was very tired but at the same time, he was very excited.

Lin Rui did not expect such a great harvest from the temporary action tonight. Looking at the mainline quest in his mind, which has reached 25/100 completion, Lin Rui feels that a few more repetitions of tonight’s actions will complete the quest. Of course, he happened to meet the Jeston Gang and picked them up one by one otherwise Lin Rui would not have such a big harvest.

“System, if this Quest is finished, what will you reward me?” Lin Rui, who lay awake for a while in bed, asked in his mind that tonight’s action was over and that the system could come out and chat with him.

“I don’t know. It’s not up to me.” As before, the system does not seem to have any control over Lin Rui’s main line Quest, it was just a proxy for issuing Quest and Reward.

“Oh? But I don’t think it will be bad. After all, the initial reward was quite good and I think this quest to become a vigilante will give me some good things as a reward, when the system couldn’t answer him, Lin Rui answered himself.

“Well, yes.” The system responded faintly.

Sensing that the tone of the system seemed to be somewhat wrong, Lin Rui looked back from his fantasy and said, “Hey? Are you okay? There seems to be something wrong with you since I turned down your quest. You aren’t angry with me, are you?

“No.” The tone of the system has not changed at all, but Lin Rui can feel the change as the tone of the system has become a little more indifferent.

“Or, you are planning to give me some quest. The same kind of little Quest as before, don’t you like tossing me around the most? Although he doesn’t know why the system has changed, Lin Rui decided to coax it first. For the system, Lin Rui loves and hates it and Lin Rui has taken it as part of his body.

“You already have a mainline quest and I don’t need to publish any more meaningless little Quests. What’s more, the Reward points of those dozens of points don’t matter much to you now. As for tossing you around, more than a decade has been enough.” Without the release of the little quest as Lin Rui had hoped, the system really seemed to have decided not to toss Lin Rui anymore.

“Ah! you can’t say that, Mosquito legs are made of meat, no matter how small they are!  Besides, how bored my childhood would have been without your little Quests!” Seeing the system is getting more and more serious, Lin Rui is starting to get a little nervous.

“Oh, bored, but wasn’t that the life you always wanted.” The system seems to have heard a big joke as it replied with a light laugh.

“System, are you really okay?” Lin Rui couldn’t help but ask again.

However, the system did not answer this time. In Lin Rui’s mind, the bright white light that represents the system flashed for a few moments and disappeared deep in his mind.

“System! System!” No matter how much Lin Rui shouted in his mind, the light no longer appeared. It seems that the system did not intend to talk to him anymore.

“Systems, what’s wrong with you?” Looking at the disappearance of the light, Lin Rui was puzzled.

Then, thinking about the changes in the system, Lin Rui went to sleep slowly while practicing Soaring Dragon Art as usual. Because Lin Rui can practice cultivation technique in his sleep, which ensures that he has enough spirit during the day, which he could not do before. He only started doing that after the system suggests that Lin Rui take the road of cultivation technique to strengthen himself, which is very suitable for him.

The next day, when Lin Rui came to school on his bicycle, he found that his classmates were talking about something in the group of twos and threes.

“Hey! Tom, what are you guys talking about?” Sitting in his seat, Lin Rui pulled Tom, who was having a good chat with one of their classmates and asked directly.

“Jackson, here you are!” Tom, pulled over by Lin Rui, laughed and greeted him.

“Well, tell me what you guys were talking about.” Lin Rui asked curiously. He felt that the things they were discussing seemed to have some slight relationship with himself. It was a strange psychological hint.

“You still don’t know? We seem to have another Vigilante on the streets of New York!” Suprised by Lin Rui’s question, Tom answered earnestly.

“The new Vigilante?! It won’t be…” Hearing this, Lin Rui’s heart moved. They couldn’t be talking about him, are they?!

“Yes, this new Vigilante only appeared last week. It seems that he only appears in the evening, attacking some robbers and thieves as well as street gangsters who do evil things. But he seemed to have done a great job last night!” At this point, Tom suddenly got excited.

“What did he do?” Although it was confirmed that Tom was talking about him, Lin Rui was curious as to what they had learned.

“He actually dealt with a dozen of gangsters and those gangsters belonged Jeston Gang! They belong to the Frankenstein Family which is the biggest underworld family of New York! He is strong enough to go against them alone. His courage is very admirable!” Tom said that with admiration on his face, this mysterious Vigilante will always get extra attention from ordinary people.

“Oh, okay.” Shaking his head, Lin Rui said modestly.

“What okay!? You probably don’t even know what Jeston Gang and Frankenstein Family are!” See Lin Rui’s lack of interest in his new favorite Vigilante, Tom said with some displeasure.

“Oh… well, I admit, he is very good!” He didn’t expect that one day he would be attacked by his friends because of himself, Lin Rui thought helplessly.

“That’s right!” With a satisfied nod, Tom went back to talk with his classmates about the glorious story of the mysterious Vigilante.

Lin Rui, on the other hand, sat in his seat and watched his classmates turn into fans. It wasn’t until Peter and Harry entered the classroom that Lin Rui thought he might be able to talk to someone about something normal. But when Lin Rui saw Peter walking directly into Tom’s circle, he was completely fossilized. Spiderman has also become a little fan of his own and this is a kind of thing that can be used later.

“Hey! Jackson, have you heard about the new Vigilante thing?” Peter went to Tom on their side, but Harry came to Lin Rui and asked him with a smile.

“I don’t know, but look at them.” With a helpless smile, Lin Rui pointed to Tom and Peter.

“Vigilante always gets some attention and this is someone who provoked the Frankenstein Family.” When it comes to the underworld family, even young master of Oscorp’s tone has to be cautious.

“Oh, maybe he is just not afraid of death. However, Jeston Gang was troubled by him. Will they publicize it? And how would they determine who beat up their members last night? How would they know who he is?” Li Rui talked to him more calmly.

Lin Rui’s original fame was not very big and only some of the guys who have been saved or caught by him know that he exists. However, last night he had trouble with Jeston Gang and the next morning he is known to all of his schoolmates, which was obviously abnormal.

“It is said that last night a tramp witnessed the entire battle, Someone was hiding in the dark wearing a black skin suit, making concealed and rapid movements and having a strong melee strength. These descriptions are easy to relate to the guy who appeared to attack the gangsters at night and can be determined by a little association.

“However, I believe that Jeston Gang themselves released this news. There are not a lot of shady people in that area and I don’t think anyone would dare to pay attention to a fierce gunfight.” After answering Lin Rui’s two questions, Harry’s perspective is obviously different from those of Peter’s fans.

Hearing Harry’s words, Lin Rui was thinking quickly. He can confirm that there were no tramps around when he fought last night, so the probability of Jeston Gang releasing the news is very high. Lin Rui didn’t expect the news from the two drug gangs last night, but they didn’t escape at all last night. Lin Rui didn’t believe Jeston Gang would let them go.

“What’s the point of doing that? Apart from raising the reputation of this Vigilante?” Although Lin Rui thinks Harry’s analysis is correct, he still can’t figure out why Jeston Gang did it.

“I don’t know. Maybe they just want to expose this guy who has the courage to trouble them? Who knows?” Shaking his head, Harry obviously won’t spend much time on this issue. A new Vigilante, even if it had something to do with Frankenstein Family, would not get Harry’s attention too much.

“Is that right? It’s possible, however, that a passively exposed Vigilante will find it difficult to remain mysterious. Once the mystery is not maintained, the chances of being targeted are high. Although Harry just said it casually, Lin Rui thought the probability was high.

“I didn’t expect you were so interested in Vigilante.” See Lin Rui carefully analyzing the matter, Harry said with a laugh.

“Ha ha! It’s just a little interesting.” With a wave of his hand, Lin Rui said he was not a fans.

And when Lin Rui and Harry finished talking, the bell finally rang. The classmates who gathered together to talk about Lin Rui also returned to their seats. Lin Rui looked at Tom and Peter with excitement on their faces, but what was with the weird triumph in their hearts?

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