Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 12 - TROUBLE PART 2



Bang bang!

In the darkness, a light flashed from time to time, accompanied by sporadic gunfire. There were five Jeston Gang members running into the alley, each with a pistol. The person who escaped into the alley could only run like hell, shooting so fast as the chasing man in the back approached. But after a few shots, he had no bullets left. If he could not run away, he would really die here.

“Here!” Just as the escaped man rested on the wall for a little while, there was a sudden cry behind him apparently, he was found.


Then a bullet came flying his way and he was hit in the calf before he could escape.

“Ah!” With a muffled hum, the man did not turn around and dragged his injured body into the street next to him. Nevertheless, he knew that he could only delay his death for a few more seconds at most and that the guys chasing him would soon catch up.



“Be careful!”

However, just as the man dragged his injured leg against the wall and struggled to move, the Jeston Gang members who were supposed to come after him did not appear. Instead, there were several screams which means that something has happened to them. Hearing the noise behind him, the man’s heart moved slightly as he did not know what had happened. But he didn’t look back and once again he picked up his strength and fled quickly.

The reason why the Jeston Gang members didn’t catch up was that they were attacked. Just when they found out that the man who was running and shooting at them, several black cylinders dropped on their heads. Then came the hot-eyed smoke from the pavement. What fell from the top of the building and on their heads was several tear gas bombs!

Needless to say, this is Lin Rui’s masterpiece. Anyway, it’s all about fighting criminals. Lin Rui won’t let Jeston Gang go. Moreover, Lin Rui’s original goal was them. In addition, he also needs the front guy to attract some more people’s attention and not die so early.

Lin Rui, who had been secretly following them, waited until the five men were separated and decisively bought several tear gas bombs from System Shop. In reality, the price offered by System Shop is very low and Lin Rui only had to pay three Reward points for a single bomb.

After throwing the tear gas bomb, Lin Rui jumped down from the roof directly. Phantom Suit’s mask automatically filtered the pungent smog. The practice of Soaring Dragon Art also made him see clearly in the smoke. The next thing is relatively simple. They would not dare to casually shoot when the enemy is invisible. Lin Rui knocked them out one by one with an alloy baseball bat and soon defeated two people.

“Cough, cough! Damn! Who is it?! Cough! ” A guy who was far away from the smoke bomb, quickly retreated outside, squinting his irritated eyes and shouting angrily.


“Of course I am here to take the trash out!” The smoke stirred in front of the man and Lin Rui rushed out, answering that man’s question with his baseball bat.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, just as Lin Rui waved the baseball bat towards the man, the man who couldn’t open his eyes suddenly raised his hand and instantly fired three shots in the direction of Lin Rui! The bullet ejected from the muzzle carried the threat of death and directly hit the figure in front of the man! It turned out that he had been waiting for this moment and If it hadn’t been for Lin Rui to rush out in front of him, he would not have been able to do it.

“Huh! Take out the trash?!! Let’s turn you into a dead man!” Hearing the sound of the bullet hitting the object, the man who had been leaning against the wall finally got out of the shadow and looked forward fiercely.

However, he did not notice that the sound of the bullet hit was a little different. And when he looked ahead, there was nothing in front of him.

“Where did you go?” With blood red eyes spurred by the smoke bombs, the man quickly shook his gun with his hand.


“Are you looking for me?”



Just as the man was nervously searching around, a faint voice came from behind him. Then, before he turned around, a bat had hit him on the head. This time, Lin Rui almost used his full power. Just by the sound of broken bones, the men’s living status is unclear.

Looking at the bloody and comatose enemy on the ground, Lin Rui felt a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t feel guilty. Lin Rui was not a Virgin Mary, not to mention that he was completing a quest. Those guys who were wounded or killed by him were not good guys. Every single one of them has taken several lives.

“I can’t be too careless! It seems I need to take some practical training in the future. Lin Rui’s muttered helplessly as the last exchange with the man has become somewhat dangerous.

After Lin Rui defeated the man, the smoke in front had gradually dispersed, revealing the two Jeston Gang guys lying on the ground. Lin Rui simply swept his eyes and headed for the direction in which the former gunman fled. He had to fight for a little more tonight.

Whirl ~

Lin Rui, dressed in Phantom Suit, is like a civet cat in the dark, tracking its prey quickly and quietly, approaching slowly, and then killing. Following the movement of the gunman from all over the alley, Lin Rui identified the remaining two members of the Jeston Gang was chasing the injured gunman and they were already catching up with him.

This time, Lin Rui didn’t plan to use the smoke bomb. Although it was cheap, it still cost some points. Lin Rui has learned through his actions that his own strength is enough to completely crush any ordinary person. So, holding the alloy baseball bat in hand, Lin Rui directly jumped from the roof of the building. While jumping down, Lin Rui has thrown out his baseball bat, aiming at one of the men below.



Without the slightest preparation, the man in front of him was struck on the back of his head by a baseball bat falling from the sky and fell dizzily on the spot. And his partner behind him suddenly responded quickly to the accident, turned around and looked up at the same time, but he did not shoot and instead took out a short knife nearly twenty centimeters long. It seems that he understands that the hasty shooting rate is extremely low and that it is better to use a knife to deal with the coming opponents.

Almost at the same time as the baseball bat landed, Lin Rui’s figure squatted down as soon as he landed on the ground because the enemy in front of him had already struck it with a knife. Although there were some surprises about the man’s reaction speed, Lin Rui was not worried.


Lin Rui, who had escaped from the knife, was like a leopard who rushed towards its prey and immediately bounced from the ground and rushed straight into the man’s arms. Then, his left hand stretched out like lightning and grabbed the man’s right arm, which he wanted to wave. His right hand had already punched him in the chest. With such a quick close-up fight, the man had no time to shoot.


“Ah-hoo!” Two muffled sounds echoed which included the sound of broken bones.

Although his chest was hit hard, this person was obviously trained in combat and he was not affected by his own blood. His right hand was clutched by Lin Rui and his left hand had quickly grasped Lin Rui’s right fist which had not yet been recovered.

“Ah!” The man roared and Lin Rui, who had been strengthened by Intermediate Fighting Technique and Soaring Dragon Art did not manage to break free of control for the first time and he could only watch as the man hit his knee fiercely towards his waist and abdomen.

Lin Rui, who was caught in a passive moment had to lift his right knee up and down as quickly as he could to defend against the coming knee attack. At the same time, his hand holding the right arm of the man slammed hard and the man’s right arm twisted and dislocated.


“Er!! ~” After a hard fight, Lin Rui won this round. The man snorted and let go of Lin Rui’s right fist and retreated.

“Want to go now? It’s a little late!” Seeing the man pulling back and pulling out his pistol, Lin Rui rushed towards him.



A heavy elbow struck at the man’s temple and then a figure fell flat on the ground in the darkness without uttering a scream.

Bang bang!

Lin Rui, who defeated another thug disappeared in a trance and avoided several rounds of bullets from the side. The man who had been knocked unconscious by a baseball bat woke up. Fortunately, Lin Rui was mindful of his surroundings and was able to avoid the bullets.



Without hesitation, Lin Rui appeared again behind the man and kicked him right in the back of his head. This time, he wouldn’t be able to wake up so soon.


Picking up the baseball bat that rolled aside, Lin Rui picked it up and launched several attacks on the two unconscious man making their injuries worse. Lin Rui did not hesitate to kill the gang members with guns. Although he did not intentionally kill them, he is going to leave them half-dead.


Then Lin Rui disappeared into the lane with a baseball bat as there was a wounded bait not far ahead that he needed to deal with. Although the bait was an indirect help to him by attracting other thugs attention or something, Lin Rui wasn’t that grateful to leave him be.


The unknown gang member was shot in the calf and he wasn’t able to run too far and he had already lost a lot of blood, At this time he just weakly sat in the shadow of the wall and didn’t make any sound. He did not know what had happened to those who were chasing him, but he was certain that they are not here to rescue him.

Da Da ~

As the man’s consciousness grew dim, a rhythmic footstep came from the lane he had just escaped from. Lowering his breath, the man struggled to lift a bullet-free pistol to deter the coming person somehow. However, he did not notice that the severe blood loss had made his hands tremble and he would not hit any target even if there were bullets in the gun.

Da Da ~

At last, a figure appeared in the lane ahead. The figure was standing in the shadow so the injured man could not see him clearly but he can see that the man was slowly approaching him.


Staring at the close figure in front of him, the man leaning against the wall wanted to scare him by pointing his gun at him, But his eyes were completely blurred. At the next moment, his pistol was thrown down powerlessly and he fell to the ground powerlessly. He passed out directly.

“Eh? Was there too much bleeding and shock? Lin Rui, who came over, saw the situation and whispered a little.

“But, did it count as me defeating him?” Lin Rui looked toward his quest completion rate and sure enough, it did not grow.

“Ah! I should have come early” Lin Rui couldn’t help but lament in pity.

So far, Lin Rui has defeated six gangsters in this dark lane and the completion of the main line quest has increased a little. While Lin Rui was standing there taking a little rest, there was a sound of footsteps in the street beside him.

In the darkness, Lin Rui disappeared again.

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