Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0544: The Peak Of The Divine Continen

Chapter 0544: The Peak Of The Divine Continen

Although Nangong Wei was outside the World Obliterating Furnace, she was well aware of all movements within it.

She was the only one left from the initial six.

After Wu Yu defeated Ji Lingshuang, he didn't stay to listen to her. Now he was resisting wave after wave of the hellish and tumbling golden lava.

Nangong Wei had used the World Obliterating Furnace on numerous opponents. However, she realized that the effects were the worse against Wu Yu.

The effects had barely restricted Wu Yu by 30%. Moreover, after such a prolonged period of burning, the damage to Wu Yu was insignificant!

Jiu Ying was burned for as long as Wu Yu and even his scale armor was almost burned through.

At this moment, Wu Yu's flesh was simply appearing a little more flushed.

At this moment, his attention landed on the endless and boundaryless sea of golden lava!


Wu Yu lifted the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and disappeared before the eyes of Ji Lingshuang. He had charged upwards.

"Young and brazen! However, he does have the capacity to do so. Perhaps I was too arrogant and therefore felt indignant when losing to someone of my age. However, I have to admit that Wu Yu has a good character and clearly knows what's right and wrong."

Having a change in thought, although Ji Lingshuang was defeated, she felt much better and no longer felt as much hatred. However, her defeat in the hands of Wu Yu had prompted her to set the goal of exceeding Wu Yu in the future.

At this moment, Wu Yu was silent and emotionless. Breaking through wave after wave of golden lava, he swung his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean savagely to decimate the numerous magma rocks that dared to obstruct his way. As a result, the entire World Obliterating Furnace shook violently.

Nangong Wei had felt his outburst from the very beginning as she controlled the World Obliterating Furnace.

He was right where the tip of the World Obliterating Furnace was.

The World Obliterating Furnace was silent previously and the crowd thought that Nangong Wei working together with Ji Lingshuang would stand a chance. The more time passed, more confident they got. However, at this very moment, the World Obliterating Furnace appeared to have exploded from within. It was as though a huge beast had awakened and started its rampage. The entire World Obliterating Furnace was shaking furiously.

Seeing the expression on the immortal beast phoenix turning more and more solemn, the crowd knew very well that Wu Yu had most likely defeated Ji Lingshuang.


At this moment, Wu Yu could already seen the top of the World Obliterating Furnace. There were all kinds of spirit designs over it, and they were circulating rapidly under the propulsion of Nangong Wei through her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy.

The symbols shifted rapidly, spewing endless scorching flames towards Wu Yu. Within the scorching flames, other forms of power also swept towards Wu Yu.

Outside the World Obliterating Furnace, the immortal beast phoenix exerted all her strength to stop and attack Wu Yu. For her, this might be the most critical moment.

However, Wu Yu still didn't just give in to her.

Violent Art!

As he was charging towards the top of the World Obliterating Furnace like a razor-sharp sword, all the muscles on his body bulked up. The Violent Art enabled him to gain exponential strength.

At the same time, his rampant and savage will reached a whole new level!

"Grand Sea Overturning Flame Design!"

This strike slammed towards the sky!

Wu Yu triggered the spirit design on the mystical dragon's reverse scale. Instantly, it was as though he was holding onto a dragon. A deafening dragon roar reverberated across as he ripped apart all the lava with the mystical dragon.

The next instant, he appeared at the top of the World Obliterating Furnace. With the strength of 10,000 men, he twisted his torso and swung his weapon towards the sky. Two different dao treasures clashed heavily at this moment.


Muffled sound waves reverberated throughout the entire World Obliterating Furnace, almost resulted in Ji Lingshuang losing her hearing.

She was within the World Obliterating Furnace initially. At this very moment, after the violent tremors, the golden lava separated from her body.

She stood on the ground, she lifted her head and saw the giant World Obliterating Furnace being smashed into the sky. If Nangong Wei had not controlled it towards the end, it would very likely have smashed into Di Yi's Warship.

The phoenix flapped her wings up high in the sky, immersed in flames of nine colors!

Cracks had even started to spread over her World Obliterating Furnace!

Although that could be restored, it would unlikely be serviceable in the near future. Wu Yu's heavy strike had taken out her dao treasure temporarily.

Now Wu Yu held on to the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean with a single hand as he leapt off from the ground. His eyes were burning like scorching flames, and golden flames erupted from all parts of his body.

He rose to stand face to face with Nangong Wei.

A phoenix being knocked back couldn't be considered as losing. When she was locked down by Wu Yu, perhaps she felt a little fear in her heart.

Regardless, she naturally wouldn't give up. She incited scorching flames of nine colors and flew up high into the sky before diving down!

"You are too slow!"

Using the Swift Art, Wu Yu arrived before her in an instant. Looking at the young girl before him, perhaps he had calmed himself substantially. All the anger and rage in him were mostly dispelled when he swung out with that strike that broke the World Obliterating Furnace.

After speaking, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean landed on her back. Wu Yu didn't use much force but still sent Nangong Wei smashing onto the ground. The giant phoenix raised towering dust clouds when she hit the ground.

In the blink of an eye, Wu Yu appeared above Nangong Wei.

Having taken the strike from Wu Yu, Nangong Wei suddenly realized that she was just like a fragile little bird before Wu Yu. In fact, she didn't even have the strength to maintain her immortal beast form, so she reverted back into human form.

Standing on the ground blankly and feeling a little lost, she looked at Wu Yu with a tinge of fear.

The battle had ended.

Wu Yu had also exhausted great strength. He reverted to his human form, put away the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, and descended before Nangong Wei.

It had been a long time since he had stood face to face with her and faced the dilemma before them together.

Stubbornness was still gleaming in her eyes. In addition, disgust for him could be seen, and other uncertain emotions were mixed within.

Although it might seem that they were no different from before, everything had changed.

Wu Yu had gradually calmed down as the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial came to an end.

He was in grave misery while being tortured by the demon in his heart that arose from the death of the Yan Huang City Lord. Now, the fight had given him some time to think through numerous things.

The death of the Yan Huang City Lord no longer seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle in his heart.

Life and death were predetermined.

The Yan Huang City Lord couldn't avoid it, but Wu Yu had not given up.

Before the survival of the divine continent and his great dao, he found Nangong Wei's mentality to be very childish. She had lots of extreme views and was impulsive. She was just like a rebellious girl. The moment she started hating something, she would never let it go.

"You must be feeling impressive. Do you think the world will bow down to you? Do you think that no one can ever compete with you and the future is yours to rule? There's no point in speaking of others. All I'm going to say now is just you wait. Things aren't over between us. I'll have revenge for Beishan Mo. Perhaps these words are boisterous. However, there will be a day that I'll defeat you! Wu Yu! I'll definitely defeat you!"

She was really stubborn.

Therefore, she appeared to be rather frenzied when she spoke. A strong and intense resolve gleamed in her eyes. Wu Yu was familiar with this look. This was just like him. It was intense and unyielding. Once she made up her mind on something, she would never change it.

Therefore, she was actually the same kind of person as Wu Yu. Both of them were like raging flames. It was also because of this that when they got closer together, they would torch the other party.

Wu Yu pursed his lips. Sometimes, he felt like he was more of an older brother when standing before Nangong Wei, just like how she once called him.

He had witnessed her growth. In her formative years, she had followed him.

With things developing as they were, one could say that it was fate.

If there weren't as many mishaps, they might have entered the Immortal Pair Hall. Perhaps they would have been a dao couple by now.

"Alright! I shall wait and see! To see what level you can reach. Now that you have become a phoenix, you have a bright future ahead. Be sure to make the best use of this talent and don't let me look down on you."

What could Wu Yu do for her?

He had finally found a way.

Rather than seeing her dispirited and never getting back on her feet after this blow, he might as well let her make him her target.

At the very least, she would be moving ahead. Wu Yu's goal was to become an immortal. If her goal was on him, perhaps there might be a day that she would embark on this path.

Strength wouldn't bring any cons to her.

Since he had already disappointed her, to the very best of his ability, he wanted to help her at least become a powerful individual so she could continue moving ahead and grow regardless of the circumstances.

Nangong Wei was infuriated upon hearing Wu Yu. She felt that Wu Yu was haughty and was making fun of her.

The desire to retaliate grew even stronger in her.

"Since you are waiting to see this sight, you better open your eyes! There will be a day that I won't even grant you the opportunity to beg for mercy! Wu Yu! Just you wait!"

Dense flames spewed out from her eyes. After she finished her words, she turned around and went decisively towards where the Shushan Immortal Sect was located without even turning back.

When Nangong Wei left, the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial finally came to an end.

At this time, Ji Lingshuang had also returned to the side of the Taixu Sage Master. Truthfully speaking, she wasn't convinced either. The brazen attitude of Wu Yu was truly infuriating.

"Seeing him as the goal is a great thing!" the Taixu Sage Master mumbled to himself, with the intention for Ji Lingshuang to overhear him.

At this time, he stepped forward. With a motivating voice, he announced loudly, "Now! Everyone must have seen clearly that Wu Yu didn't clinch the champion by defeating three opponents separately. Instead, he faced the siege of six people, emerged unscathed, and defeated everyone.

“Therefore, he's undoubtedly the champion for this Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial! I believe no one will object to this! If no one has any objections, let us cheer for the future of our divine continent!"

He wasn't just telling the crowd. He was also telling the entire divine continent that the future would belong to Wu Yu.

Wu Yu looked around him.

He had truly become the core of the divine continent. The time where he destroyed Emperor Yan's Hall could even have been attributed to a freak combination of luck and bravery, and despite being an achievement, it left space for doubt. However, this victory was clinched based on his strength.

In the eyes of the crowd and for the upcoming decades, the divine continent would enter a new era, one which belonged solely to Wu Yu.

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, Jiu Ying, Ji Lingshuang, Nangong Wei, Gusu Yudie, and others could only serve as complimentary pieces before Wu Yu!

He had risen from being a mortal and had now clinched the position of number one in the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial. Undoubtedly, his name would go down in history.

Therefore, what Wu Yu received right now were the cheers from the entire divine continent! At this very moment, he had reached the very peak of the divine continent!

This feeling was amazing.

"City Lord, you must have wanted to see me reach the position where I stand today. The only shame is that you can no longer see."

Wu Yu knew clearly.

When the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial came to an end, the Taigu Immortal Path was what mattered!

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